As MM3 and MM4 are no longer supported, we encourage everyone to upgrade to Historian software.  |If you are still using MM3, there are many new features in Historian and MM4 that you are missing out on, but all your old favorites are still there. When you are ready to make the move, here are the instructions for converting your existing Memory Vault to Historian.

Open Historian or MM4.

On the File Menu click Openconvert

Find the Memory Vault you wish to open. In my example, this was a Memory Vault I created for a trip to Europe several years ago. I haven’t opened it in quite a while since all my albums are completed. You can identify if a Memory Vault has not been converted as it has a slightly different icon. Click on the selected Memory Vault and click “Select Folder”


You will see the following message. It is important to know that this conversion cannot be undone. Once you open a Memory Vault in MM4 or Historian, you will no longer be able to open it in MM3, so don’t make the conversion until you are ready. When you are ready, click “Yes”.


You need to decide if you want to allow Face Recognition or not. If you choose not to allow Face Recognition at this stage, it can be turned on in the Properties settings at any stage.  Click “Yes” or “No”.


That’s all there is to it. Historian / MM4 will open the Memory Vault. Although some things will look a little different, all your photos will still be there, as will your organization. All your existing Sort Boxes will now be called Categories, and your Folders will be called Tags but they will have the same labels. Your star ratings, Print Track, Tell the Story and other item properties are unchanged. (In the following illustration, Historian  looks the same as MM4)



For more tips on getting started with Historian or MM4, click on the links labelled “Tagged With” below.


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19 Responses to Historian/MM4 Tip: Converting a Memory Vault from MM3 to MM4 or Historian

  1. leanneb999 leanneb999 says:

    Hi Pixies – Help !!!!! Just recently upgraded to Historian. There are a couple of vaults I cannot open. I know where they are located but the folder is not showing as the vault icon even though when I open the folder outside of Historian it shows the folders you would normally see.
    Fingers crossed you can help.

  2. Tracy Foley says:

    Please help as I cannot find info on this topic. I currently have MM3 with 17000 photos in my memory vault on a old computer. I need to move the content of MM3 to another computer into Historian but I do not know how to do that. Can you please help? Thank you!

  3. mindys7 says:

    Although I bought Historian ages ago I just downloaded and activated it. Wanted to play with a bit before I put my vault into it so just put a few pix in first. When I went to open my MM vault it gave me the warning that you cannot go back again…I do not see whether all of your albums will stay intact with this move to Historian in any of the information that I have read. This is VERY important to me as I have a ton of albums set up to make storybooks out of and many books are nearly or partially complete. Please reassure me that these albums will stay “as is” in Historian as I now have them in MM!
    Also if I pick to allow Facial Recognition when opening my MM vault in Historian do I already have to have the faces/tags in place first to have this happen with all of my 77K photos? I’m assuming that it will do facial recognition on my entire vault if I choose this option and it will probably take a loooong time but I would rather do it right away than to wait if that works. Thanks!

  4. Karen Warner says:

    I want to convert my MM3 vault to Historian. When I looked at the shadow vault on my EHD drive it shows Back up file with numbers 100-0001 thru 100-00008. But says it can’t open the file type. Then it shows an Items file with many numbered 00-63 and has my pictures all scrambled up in them. I tried to do a new shadow copy and it shows up as a .VAULTX file and says it can’t open this file.
    How am I supposed to transfer this vault to Historian. Your tutorial picture shows the vault looking organized by folders and sort boxes. But mine doesn’t look that way.
    How am I supposed to transfer this vault to Historian?

    • Shelley says:

      Karen, it sounds like you are digging too deep in the folders. Once you locate your Memory vault don’t double click it or try to open it. Just click on “Select Folder” and your vault should work (provided you haven’t deleted or moved anything inside those folders) The organization that you describe sounds exactly as it should be, You won’t see the categories and tags as in my illustration until after you have converted the memory vault. Also you won’t see that in the Windows folders, only inside Memory Manager.

  5. Jeanette Martinez says:

    Hello Pixies! Happy New Year! I am trying to convert from MM3 to Historian. When I went to open my memory vault in Historian, using the above instructions, I noticed that the memory vault did not have the vault icon. It shows a folder icon. All of my photos are still on MM3. I think that when I installed MM3 on a new laptop a few years ago and uploaded my memory vault, it never showed that vault icon, but I’ve never had any problems with my photos so I didn’t think much about it. Is it safe to open in Historian? I have a backup copy, but I am afraid to press that button and then not be able to open them in MM3 if something happens. Thank you so much for your help!

    • Shelley says:

      You should be fine Jeannette. Some of my Vaults don’t have the vault icon either, I’m not sure why, but they work the same (provided you’re sure it’s the correct folder!)

  6. Lisa Edwards says:

    Hi there. Today is 7-29-13, and I just now upgraded MM 3.0 to 4.0. Of course, when I go to open my vault, it takes me to the Folders where my vault MIGHT be. I have no idea where to find it. Or, if I go to “File” on the MM 4.0 screen, it talks about converting my MM3 vault to MM4. Is that what I’m trying to do? I’m sorry to be so dumb, but I know how to do what I can do, and anything new makes me panic. And I did get that screen about being sure because I can’t do it over. Please help–thank you so much!

  7. carolyn18 carolyn18 says:

    I have been reading/viewing the organizational information. All your information is great & helpful!! Love it! Now I am ready to convert my MM3 vaults to MM4 vault (I am going have only one). But I confess…I used dates on my folders in MM3 but will NOT in MM4. So do I convert my MM3 vaults to MM4 vaults then Merge the vaults into my one big MM4 vault? Is that the correct order? Will I be able to or should I create a tempory categories in my one big MM4 vault called old MM3 vault 1, old MM3 vault 2, etc.? Then all my photos will be in one place and I can organize over time. Ia better/easier/faster way to do this? If you have other ideas or suggestions, let me know. Thanks.

    • Shelley says:

      Ultimately you have to do what works best for you! There is a tip on Merging Memory Vaults that you might find helpful. I would recommend upgrading the MM3 vaults before doing the merge. You might want to back everything up first, in case of unexpected problems. What you could do is create a folder in the original MVs with a meaningful name, and put all the images in that vault in the new folder. When you upgrade, that folder will turn into a tag, and then when you merge the tag will be retained, so it will be easy to see which images belonged to which original MV.

  8. ConnieCox ConnieCox says:

    Works like a charm, Shelley!

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