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This has been quite a special 5 weeks for the p2P team! Thanks to many of you, there have been 3 p2P Live Events, stretching from the beautiful gulf in Florida, to the lovely mountains in North Carolina, all the way up to the fabulous Mackinac Island in Michigan.

Two of our pixie team members have been to all 3 events.  Our Mothership Jan in her trusty blue Prius drove from Texas and Justine flew all the way from Australia to share her expert knowledge on photography.  Mary drove with Jan to my home state of Florida, Tameka flew from NYC to Michigan and I got to go to Lutheridge in the NC mountains. Juzzi experienced Florida seafood, Sonic tea breaks(don’t think she ever got sweet tea with lime), beignets at Café Du Monde in N’awlins, Tex/Mex in Texas, S’mores, a really BIG house and BBQ in NC, sitting backstage at a country western concert in Nashville, fudge, lilacs and horse drawn carriages in Mackinac, BBQ and a wooden quilt in Paducah (and hopefully a treat from Yesterdays), Memphis and then home. As I write this, Memphis is happening for Jan and Justine tomorrow – so no telling what special places Jan has in store for her. Graceland? Elvis sightings? More BBQ? All and all J and J have covered about 5000 miles on interstates but even better scenic back roads. Sigh . . . girl trips make my day!

Wow!! From all the comments – it looks like everyone who attended one of these events learned some new things, sharpened digital skills, and had fun meeting and making new friends.  You know that applied to us too!

This made me think about the s’mores we cooked in the old stone fireplace in Efird Hall at Lutheridge. We turned out all the lights and by the dim light of 23 monitors and the crackling fire we toasted marshmallows and enjoyed that yummy gooey chocolate delight!!! Talk about fun and fellowship! Thank you Liz for that special treat!

Our trip to Biltmore House was over the top! Goodness, those folks really knew how to live! 35 family and guest bedrooms and the staff to wash, dust and mop every one of them! No airconditioning in this massive home but if you’re not having to dust or press the curtains, the most you’d do is a little honeydewing. You all know about that, don’t you?

And just following our talented Aussie around was an eye-opener on how to take photos. She was down on the ground, peering over the balcony, shooting up at the roof, focusing on a tightly closed rosebud, and spying a turn of turtles basking on a log. She was most always first to see something special that needed photographing. I was pretty much happy standing or sitting to get the shot but Juzzi was often seen lying down, kneeling  on the grass, standing on a bench, or squatting over a flower.  It was almost as much fun photographing the photographers as the scenery!

We want to see the photos that you took at these 3 events. So please post your completed pages on the pixels2Pages Facebook Page!

Happy Memory Making,


Papers: Shutter Bug DK

Font: Anchor Jack, Love Ya Like A Sister

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7 Responses to Blog: It’s All About the Shot!

  1. Justine says:

    Thank you Anne for capturing so many fabulous “action” images! What wonderful memories you have here … thanks so much for sharing, you have given me a good laugh and I’m still smiling 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Oh, Anne – your blog brings it all back for me! It was just the other day, and already life is trying to crowd out my wonderful memories! Thank goodness for photos and blogs! It was so good to see my Pixie friends and peeps (and meet NEW p2P peeps) along the way. I got to see Mary, Justine, Anne, Carolyn, and Tameka all on this one trip – and my sister and some cousins and nieces and nephews and my kids! And let’s not forget the kindness of p2P peeps Kristin, Kim, Nicolle, Linda, Liz, and Kathleen who all hosted us or made special arrangements for us. I was able to reconnect with some of my former downline and teammates, as well as catch up with dear CM friends. In all, it was over 7200 miles on my car, which just turned one year old and has 27,000 miles on it. Thanks for the summary and oh, it was FUN!! And thanks for my birthday party!

  3. Anne, tell us about the leaves…are those yours that you created or from a kit? I love them!

  4. sistersunshine says:

    Dear Anne, Peace & joy. I am STILL downloading cameras from the p2P LIVE Photo Safari, and eager to get my books finished… quick question… when I click on your layout above it says 1 of 3, your header is 1, the Shot layout is 2, but there is just a spinning timer for 3… is there another layout that is supposed to appear (I’m thinking a layout of the many contortions of our dear Justine) I just wanted you to know that it’s not loading to the page if there is a 3rd image. *U* Kathleen

    • Anne says:

      Thanks for catching that Kathleen – I just noticed that too. Heading to work on it right now with my limited IT knowledge! Can’t wait to see more shots from Mackinac!

  5. Sheila Brauning says:

    Gorgeous page Anne! Love the DK you used and the fonts you chose!! The photos are simply stunning!!!

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