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You guys may think that the pixies just create cool stuff for the site.   We not only create, but we are always amazed at the new something cool that our team member has created.  Recently for me that has been the Tri-fold Card workshop.  I decided that the Tri-Fold Card would make the perfect Baby Shower invitation for a friend of mine.

For about a week we collaborated over how the invitation would look.  She doesn’t know if she is having a boy or a girl, so she opted to use Decepticon (Transformers) colors, since her husband is a huge Transformers fan.  We printed drafts and made sure the sizing was perfect – not that we had to because the worksheet that comes with the workshop does all the work for you.  We were all ready to go to final print.  At the last minute, I decided to deviate from the workshop and print each section as a 4×6 print which I would then cut out.  We ordered 400 prints and they came back looking perfect…that is until we cut them out and went to put the invite together.  Apparently my design was enlarged during printing, so the sections no longer fit in their place.  Urrrrrrgggggh.  What a frustrating experience.  Judy, Erica and I were all sitting around a table  all ready to get these invitations “banged out”, but we were at a stand still.  We had to improvise.  With a few measurement adjustments and a lot of extra work, I was able to come up with a solution.

I learned a lot during this process.


Second:  If you deviate from the instructions, you must test every single step. (I tested everything out on a local printer at full size, but didn’t test it out on my new project size.

Third:  When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.  I was very happy with my end results even though slightly different from the original.  It is okay to make a mistake, and more fun to fix that mistake at a table with the help of your friends.

Happy Cropping.




And here are the images from the back of my Tri-Fold Invites:Judy's invite - Page 004


 Judy's invite - Page 005

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10 Responses to Blog: Well you just have to improvise!

  1. Justine says:

    They’ve turned out fabulous Tameka! Instructions? Who’d have thought!!!!

  2. Jan says:

    Good onya, Meka. Follow the instructions…now there’s a novel thought. Maybe it should start with “READ” the instructions. And then follow them! Your invites are beautiful!

  3. Leslie says:

    What a wonderful story & outcome. I am proud of you and I appreciate you sharing. I think that is what I love about this site. All you Pixies are so real & willing to share. We can come to “know” you. Thank you.

  4. Katrina says:

    Wow, don’t know how much tweaking you had to do to correct the invite, however they are fantastic!

  5. Jean Young says:

    Improvising oh I hear you… and YES read the instructions over and over. I too have a wonderful friend who is always wiling to lend me a helping hand!! Your end results are beautiful!

  6. adakallen adakallen says:

    Been there…done that…understand your pain!

    They are beautiful…you did great!

  7. sistersunshine says:

    Dear Meka, peace & joy. I used the tri-fold to create a memorial card and printed 4×6 images on my picturemate… same problem… I now have made adjustments to my 4×6 masters so I don’t have to trim every card in the future… so know your frustrations. LOVE LOVE LOVE the workshop though… always fun to make a WOW card to gift others. *U* Kathleen

  8. Turned out really nice Tameka! Don’t you just love that workshop that Kim did on the tri-fold cards! You ladies are so clever!

  9. Jeannine says:

    So beautiful, Meka!! Step 1…Read instructions. haha!

  10. barbara dejmal barbara dejmal says:

    Those are beautiful. i am one to jump in and just glance at the instructions and say, I know how to do that only to end up…….

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