JG_BlogHeaderThe first of June brings the first official day of winter here in Australia. After a couple of weeks of birthday celebrations for my son, daughter and my nephew, I always seem to hit the “winter SADS”. I’m not sure why this happens, whether it’s because I really don’t want to poke my nose out in the mornings from under the warm covers and then have to be the alarm clock for my children as they want to do exactly what I want to do and stay in bed and hibernate!  It may be because I’m already over the fact that the house ends up with clothes’ racks over every possible heating duct to try and keep on top of the washing (yes, I don’t have a clothes dryer) – and I’m wishing I could hang everything outside to dry. Or, it might just be the shorter days and the sun setting not long after 5pm on the shortest day of the year, which means that all the blinds get drawn to keep the house warm. It may be because I see so many fun summer layouts from all of the Northern Hemisphere p2P Peeps, and it makes me yearn for longer days of sunshine and warmer weather. It may be because some mornings, before I can reverse down the driveway, I have to scrape ice off the windows of the car – but I shouldn’t complain about that after seeing all the photos of snow covered cars overseas, which is something I never have to deal with. It might also be that instead of having fresh and clean summery salads that are quick and easy to put together, I crave slow cooked casseroles and soups that I have to put more effort into the thought of “what’s for dinner?”, which can sometimes seem like such a chore as I have to be more organised with the meals for the week and not just grab things out of the fridge and throw them together. (On the food side of things, it’s not helping that my oven has given its last gasp and needs to be replaced – oh why did I buy that couch all those weeks ago???)

Put all of these things together – and more – and I seem to go into a slump! My wheels literally just fall off, and I find myself leaving everything until the last minute. This last week I have found myself sitting in front of the computer with a blank screen staring at me and a long list in my notebook of things that I have to do that aren’t getting the “red tick” of satisfaction of being done. I have also struggled with taking my Photo A Day this last week for my Day2Day Project. The theme has been Silhouettes – and I haven’t taken one photo of a silhouette! I usually try and do at least a couple of photos from the weekly theme, but, as I said, my wheels fell off! All forward momentum seemed to stop these last 7 days – I even wanted to change my name to “Dad” as I was over the word “Muuuuuuuuum” and how often it seemed to be said with a request, demand or even the simplest of question after it.

Getting over this slump should be easy, I think …. just sit with a list and focus on one thing at a time and not look at the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing and so on that needed doing. If my eye strays too far down that list then it all just becomes overwhelming and my body just seems to want to crawl back into bed and snuggle under my winter weight doona! Maybe I need to start a new system in winter? Maybe, instead of having a loooooong list, I need to just write one thing at a time on a post-it-note and stack them on top of each other, so that I can just focus on one thing at a time! At the top of that stack today is writing this blog – because it is due to publish in just a few hours! How to achieve that, what should I write about? I had tried to think of subjects all week, but my brain just wasn’t functioning.

So … I opened up my 2013 Day2Day Project in Storybook and completed the next page I was up to – June 4-10! It was a pretty fun week with lots of happenings, good laughs with a dear friend, a long needed piece of new furniture arriving, and I was actually in two of the photos for the week (which is a very rare occurrence). As I was creating this page this morning, my brain started to click in to what I should write about for my blog that was due in just a few short hours. Why not write about how the wheels can fall off, that staring at a blank screen with no brain activity does happen sometimes? That it’s OK to feel like everything just gets too hard – after all, I am definitely far from perfect, I don’t think there is anyone that truly is perfect. That it’s OK to feel like I just want to hide under the covers and deal with everything ……….. later, just as long as that “later” isn’t “too late”!

Here it is, my page that I did this morning that put me back in a happy place, and inadvertently lead to me writing this blog. …. Now to take that first post it note and put it in the bin – done and dusted, and sort through the other notes to decide which item needs to be at the top of the list. One by one, that pile will grow smaller, get added to, and be removed and completed!















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9 Responses to Blog: When the Wheels Fall Off

  1. Tina Bruderer says:

    I know this feeling you are not alone.

  2. kmayster says:

    I love your “wheels falling off” analogy. This happens to me as well… just can’t get up the gumption to do anything.
    And I really like your post-it note idea. That must really help with focusing on just one thing.
    Glad your wheels got back on.

  3. Terry Vachowski says:

    Janice, you’ve had a bad week. Going into winter feels like that for those of us in the states too. All the extra things piled on in the last week or two make it even more difficult. Thanks for the reminders on rising above. Think I’ll try your sticky note pile too! Hang in there!

  4. sue says:

    Love your blog! I can totally relate to it at the moment. Just putting one foot infront of the other. But today the fog has lifted and the sun is shinning, the dog has been walked and the rest of the day Is mine. I love your idea of Post It notes to get jobs done will put it into practise.

  5. Kimberly Truxell says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I seem to be having those days where I just want to crawl back in bed even though it is summer here.

  6. Jennifer Langford says:

    thanks for the inspiration – my wheels seem to fall off regularly. 🙂

  7. inekeloux says:

    Janice – what a fun blog. Love your post-it to-do list idea also. I’m a big fan of post-its and tend to line them up on the bottom on my desktop monitor — but a pile is an interesting idea for sure. Your page is also very nice.

  8. Jan says:

    Good for you, Janice, to get the wheels back on! xx

  9. gayneal says:

    Janice, this is a great blog! I believe I will start using a post-it note pile when I have a to-do list and no motivation to get started!

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