By now you may have heard the buzz about Creative Memories with regard to their branded digital software, StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager. In case you have not, this was posted on the Creative Memories Home Office Facebook page yesterday (24 June 2013):

“At this point, we can confirm that our digital software will not be a part of our business moving forward. We will not be supporting the software or printing past August. There may be options for getting software support elsewhere, but nothing has been confirmed or finalized.”

We realize this may cause you to have more questions than answers, and we want to do our best to keep you in the loop with regard to the future of StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager.  We will not be engaging in speculation here or on our Facebook page, and we encourage you to honor our position.  As with many things involving legal issues, there are things that simply cannot be said until permissions have been granted.

Creative Memories has given their permission for us to share this information with you:

Q. What is the future of StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager Software? And what is the overall plan for digital?

A. All along, Creative Memories has contracted with a company called Panstoria, who developed and owns the rights to StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager. So even though Creative Memories is transitioning out of the software, and the new company (Jan’s note: new company = whatever CM becomes) will not sell the software in the future, that doesn’t mean that StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager will not exist or be supported. We’re currently working with Panstoria and other digital vendors to define what the future looks like for the digital business.

We’re working hard to find an answer that supports digital customers, enables a great consumer experience, and is more pleasing than shutting it down. We’re taking a strong stand to find a way for the digital business to continue, so current and future digital customers can be supported. The best-case scenario is that we can find a backer for the digital business so existing software customers can order products uninterrupted through a different interface. Those conversations are in process, and we expect to have more to share with you in a month or so.

The new company simply can’t bring digital forward in its current condition. The new company will include digital; it will just be starting with a new foundation.”

While this doesn’t answer every question, I hope it will allay some of your fears. We want you to know pixels2Pages is (and has been) working diligently to be a part of the digital solution. It is our intent to continue training on digital scrapbooking software. We appreciate your support and concern during this time of uncertainty!

Because we want to comply with our license agreement with Creative Memories, we ask that you refrain from using or our pixels2Pages Facebook page as a forum for sharing information about other companies.  As posted above, Creative Memories is looking for solutions to offer you, and we will let you know when there is concrete information to share.

We understand that you may have many more questions about what might happen or what you will need to do; for now, other than making sure everything is backed up, the answer is finish up projects that you want to print at Creative Memories.  They will be honoring product credits through 21 August 2013, so get those books done – and don’t wait until the last minute!

Last, but certainly not least: I am VERY PLEASED to let you know that as of 1 July 2013, we happily invite Australasian residents to purchase p2P memberships!!!!  We can’t wait to have you join us!


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43 Responses to News: Regarding Creative Memories

  1. kmayster says:

    So glad I am a part of P2P. Can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks, Pixies!! I had not seen this, did not get it from CM or from my rep. Now, I’m in a little bit of a panic – I have a small fortune invested in SBC and MM. I’m not too worried about MM – it’s pretty self-contained. My concern is CBC and all the content. I have not found a single company that will print the CM format – Walgreen’s, Costco, Snapfish, etc. They all want you to do the books on their website with their templates.
    If they don’t find someone who can print the books, what are we to do? Scrap this investment? If so, I’m not likely to continue digital – while I love it, I can’t afford to start all over again with buying new content……
    Thanks for letting me vent a little bit…..very frustrating

  3. Carol says:

    Quick question regarding backing up SBC &MM to DVD

    if after August 21 how willl we be able to activate the programs from the dvd. I may have missed something.

    Also would it be wise to convert all my content to .jpeg formats

    • Shelley says:

      If you need to reinstall the program into your current computer, it will remember the activation and it won’t need activating. You will not be able to activate them on a new computer unless the digital center continues in some form.

      I would not be spending time converting my content to jpegs, until we know just what the future holds.

  4. Heather Nye says:

    Ok I have received the email from my CM consultant that SB and MM will no longer be supported after August. I have read you little notice, and here is my big question. I have several problems with computers and tend to have them crash at least two to three times a year and have to reload all my stuff every time. I have to go to the website and do a download of all my products that I have purchased, with is quite a few since I have been using the products since they first started. How will I need to upload these products after August, or will I be able to? Will I have to backup onto an external system (which my husband does, but I like the re-download much easier) and hope that it all works when I reload? I am a step by step simple and easy type of person so please help if you can because I am totally lost at this point and am about to cry since I have spent all this money on these products and now I might have to scrap it all because of the discontinuation of the product I love and rave to others about.

  5. Barbara Mitchell says:

    Thanks once again, Pixies! If it weren’t for you, I would not have known that CM would not be continuing the current digital content after August. I have been watching the CM site, but somehow missed this. I am so thankful that I have a membership with P2P!


  6. Robin says:

    Wow, I behind on info, I have not heard of this news. So, is CM being bought out by another company? Sorry, this news is new to me and I am just trying to understand exactly what is going on and happening.

  7. Diane Sconyers says:

    You have stated that “It is our intent to continue training on digital scrapbooking software”, but my question is will you continue with StoryBook Creator or will you be providing training on whatever CM comes out with to replace their current software. I have so much money invested in StoryBook Creator don’t think I can afford to change to new software at this time.

    • Jan says:

      Diane, the pixels2Pages team is proficient in the use of StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager and other similar programs, and like you, we have invested a lot of time and money in using them and learning to use them. We have no information regarding any new digital programs.

  8. Judy Willis says:

    I am needing to get a new laptop soon. All my SBC and MM programs have been downloaded from the website – I do not have them on CD/DVD except for the original version bought years ago. How can I transfer my programs to a new computer after August 21? The Memory Vault is of course the most important. Any advice?

    • Shelley says:

      We have some info on that topic Judy – click HERE and HERE.

      • Judy Willis says:

        Thank you – but this says it is for “members only”. I was a P2P beta tester a long time ago but am not currently a subscriber – went back to work and did not have time to get my money’s worth! However, I found some info on the Facebook page about download links – would that be it?

        • Jan says:

          Judy, I’m afraid I’m not understanding your question. Both of the recent News posts are open to the public. There are links within them that are for members only, as stated. The links on Facebook are to the recent News posts. The one posted TODAY contains download links. Thanks for your time as a beta tester – we’d love to have you back someday!

          • Judy Willis says:

            Thanks for your quick reply, Jan – I’ve been traveling and didn’t see this until now. I was referring to the two links that Shelley posted in her reply to me above (“click HERE and HERE”). Those two links took me to something that was for members only. However, I did see a post on the Facebook page that gave download links for the software – did not try them yet. (I hope to come back – I will have more time starting this fall! Hoping the best for SBC and the pixies!)

          • Shelley says:

            The detailed information for backing up is part of the service we offer our members. HERE is the link to the download files which are available to all.

  9. LindaIOSMe says:

    I am so glad to have Pixies on my side. I feel a lot better knowing you are defending my digital investment and addiction!

  10. nancy lang says:

    What should we be copying . I have my activation codes but I am not sure about the download links

    • Jan says:

      Nancy, as always, you should have everything important to you backed up – photos, memory vaults, projects, programs (if not on CD already), art packages, PAKs, Blueprints, Pixie Dust, etc. Having a list of your activation codes and product keys is essential, too. We have plenty of tips and videos about backing up on the website.

  11. barrieperrottino barrieperrottino says:

    Since it is stated that CM will not be printing past August- can you suggest some online companies that 1. produce a quality product. 2. are easy to use (some people have a hard time with the CM upload process so need a place that is intuitive. 3. Easy way to use the cover from the storybook.
    Would also love to see a blog post or tidbit on taking the storybook from SBC and making it ready to upload to an alternative site! Thanks for all you do and the support you provide. You provide a stable entity in an uncertain time! :o)

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for that acknowledgement, Barrie! It’s a stressful time for everyone. As long as Creative Memories is still printing, we will not be discussing alternative printing options on pixels2Pages.

  12. ConnieCox ConnieCox says:

    Thank you, Jan! It is comforting to have this digital information in one place. Working diligently to finish and order as many StoryBooks as possible between now and August…. really like the quality of the in-house printing we have had!
    Keeping good thoughts that all turns out the best for the most of us p2Pers!!

  13. Stacia says:

    If CM will no longer support Storybook past August, what does that mean for their digital content? Will their digital artwork they currently have still be available, or had we all better start purchasing and downloading like mad those kits that we don’t currently have?

  14. Fay Wilde says:

    Welcome Australasian People who have been awaiting this good news. Keep up the good work Jan, I love P2P and look forward to whatever the future brings for us in the digital world.

  15. inekeloux says:

    “It is our intent to continue training on digital scrapbooking software.” Pixies KNOW that this sentence is music to my ears! I have learned SO MUCH from you all, and did not even want to entertain the thought of anything happening to that training. Just sayin’

  16. Jennifer Langford says:

    I am so jumping up and down with excitement that all is not lost for the Aussie girls now as well as those people still involved in CM. Jan and the rest of you pixies…what legends! A piece of downunder advice – try to print every project in progress – if you need to, whack in some journalling card elements, purchase a story book pen and hand write in the finished book. You can also drag all your copleted challenge pages into a project and give it a name – mine is scraps of life vol 1 – which honours the expectation that in time I can complete a vol 2 – somehow.

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