Rabbit, Rabbit

And Happy Canada Day!!!  I’m thinking that we all may need some extra doses of “Rabbit, Rabbit” this month!  These past couple of months have been times of uncertainty for Creative Memories Consultants and customers around the world, and while there are still more questions than answers, we do have one really big bit of good news.  At long last, effective today, pixels2Pages has GONE GLOBAL!  We are thrilled to invite our Australasian friends to become P2P members now!  From all of us, WELCOME!!  We look forward to seeing your pages and we hope you enjoy using actual Blueprints instead of having to recreate them!  Try not to OD on videos this week!  Oh, and as a special welcome to our Down Under friends, and in the spirit of the p2P LIVE event in Denver, and to help those of you in the US and Canada racing to beat the clock and get some projects completed before 21 August – please join us for our quarterly crop from 12 – 14 July.  Watch for details to come!

While I have no further updates (see NEWS posts below) on the future of SBC and MM as Creative Memories continues to wind down its business prior to closing the door, please know that we are doing what we can to ensure a smooth transition for digital scrapbookers who want to continue using these programs.  We are in communication with Panstoria, developers of StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager, as well as with other entities that may prove helpful to you.  We choose not to engage in speculation about what may or may not happen; instead, when there is something definitive to tell you, we will.  Please refrain from asking us and/or speculating about what might be happening; for now, our advice is to make sure EVERYTHING related to these programs is installed and backed up, and finish up any projects you want printed at Creative Memories.  They will be printing at least through 21 August 2013, and because of that, we also will not be discussing other printing sources until Creative Memories stops printing.

As we say hello to our new members (and potential new members), we are also bidding an official farewell to two of our charter pixels2Pages team members.  As mentioned a couple of months ago, two of our Pixie teammates have made the decision to leave the team.  We hope you will join us in giving Jenny MacKay and Carolyn Bodkin a rousing THANKS!! and a sincere farewell.  The contributions made by these two women made it possible for us even to have this website.  They were both integral in planning and providing much of the technical expertise needed to build our original website.  Jenny was our IT chair until she resigned, and Carolyn was our Curriculum chair, so it goes without saying that we will miss them dearly!  In addition to those contributions, Carolyn was the mastermind behind and developer of our Back2Basics membership, the author of our Journaling Tips, and she was our go-to badge person and often the planner for our crops.  Those of you who have followed us for a long time will miss Jenny’s excellent videos, both in SBC and MM, and her fantastic technical and Memory Manager tips.  Carolyn and Jenny both created some of our favorite Blueprints, too.  So, Carolyn and Jenny, we wish the best for the both of you and your families in your life beyond p2P.  And you know what they say about Pixies….  Mwah!

Now, with no further ado, let’s recap our June offerings:

Blueprints:  There were 11 spectacular Blueprints, brought to you by Tameka, Shelley, Kerrianne, Janice, Jan, and Kim.  Use all of these, and you’ll have 10 fantastic pages and one cool poster done, just like that! NOTE: Beginning in July, Day2Day Blueprints for the whole month will be presented in one post on the first Friday of the month.  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use the Day2Day Blueprints.  We’d love your feedback!

  • Ready2Roll: New York State of Mind, New Glasses, Day Dreaming, Riverside, My Heart, Submarine Voyage
  • Day2Day: Orient Point, A Grand Day, Corner Dates, Tooth Fairy
  • Back2Basics:  Cruise (poster)

Pixie Dust:  From phone calls to visits to the doctor; from more chalk drawings to ocean breezes, we’ve got you covered. These fabulous designs were created by Mary, Kerrianne, Justine, Kim, and Janice.  NOTE: Beginning in July, Day2Day Pixie Dust will be presented in one larger collection (instead of two small ones) on the first Friday of the month (instead of first and third Fridays).  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use the Day2Day Pixie Dust.  We’d love your feedback!

  • Ready2Roll: Call Me, Chalk It Up (Frames and Borders), Get Well, Ocean Breeze
  • Day2Day: Vintage Market

Challenges: Did you try something new?  You can thank Justine, Mary, Janice, and Kim for pushing you to do so.  If you haven’t already, post your completed Challenge pages on our Facebook page.  We love seeing your pages!

  • Ready2Roll: Layered Tags, Say It with a Song, Through the Looking Glass, Three to One

Tips: Wondering about how to use the Blended Edge Tool effectively?  Have you ever noticed the custom glow option? Would you like to stretch your content?  Want to make an easy ABC book?  Trying to wrap your head around the exposure triangle?  Got questions about backing up Memory Vaults and emptying Recycle Bins?  The answers to these questions and more can be found in this month’s tips!  Shelley, Anne, and Justine had some practical, ‘light bulb moment’ tips for you.  And did you notice?  We’ve added a BONUS Memory Manager Basic tip!

Videos: Lights, action, camera!  Once more, the creativity of our p2P team will astound you, and we’ll have you taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary! Not happy about working with two page spreads?  Want a new way to create a beautiful white on white page?  Got questions about glow, shape cutters, or fancy fonts?  Wonder how to restore damaged photos in MM?   Sit back and enjoy these videos by Tameka, Mary, Kim, and Jan.

  • Ready2Roll: White Washed (S2F), More Fun with Fancy Fonts (VT), Glow (VT), My 2 Cents on 2 Page Layouts (VT), Get in Shape (VT)
  • Snap2Share: Photo Restoration (VT)

Focus on the Fans Newsletterby Tameka and featuring p2P LIVE Naples and p2P LIVE Asheville

FREE TRIAL – Big changes are here!  In June, we began showcasing a standard, static sampling of each of the things we offer, including Blueprints, Pixie Dust, and B2B.  This Free Trial is open to anyone, does not require registration and may be viewed for as long as you want.  We’d love to hear what you think!

p2P LIVE!:  Registration for p2P LIVE Denver is open now.   If you are planning to be in or near the Denver area on July 12th, make sure you register in advance (it’s cheaper that way!) – hope to see you there!

FAQs, Help! and NEWS:  If these sections aren’t the first places you go when you have a question, they should be!  Almost all of your questions about memberships and MUCH, MUCH MORE are answered here, and you won’t have to wait for us to answer your emails.  By the end of June, we were able to give some long-awaited updates to those of you wondering about the future of Creative Memories, StoryBook Creator, and Memory Manager software.  While we still don’t have all of the answers, here is what we do know:

Please have a look in our FAQs, especially if you have membership questions.

Back2Basics: We are loving seeing beginners and seasoned SBC users learning things in Back2Basics!  Even if you are a veteran digital scrapper, we encourage you to take time to review these lessons.  I can almost guarantee you will learn SOMETHING!  Keep in mind that if you are self-taught (or were, at the beginning) you may be doing something the hard way.  We found out we Pixies were doing lots of things the long way around!  If you are a Creative Memories Consultant, we hope you will be sure to offer a Back2Basics membership to all of your digital customers – and have a look at the comments on Lesson One!

RETIRING BLUEPRINTS and PIXIE DUST: All Blueprints posted prior to 1 March 2013 have been retired and are no longer available.  Please do not ask us for them if you neglected to download them, joined too late to get them, ran out of time, or lost them in a computer crash or other computer-related event.  There are plenty of Blueprints on the site, and more to come!  Remember to download your R2R Blueprint Checklists and D2D Blueprint Checklists so you don’t miss a thing.  And just a reminder – we no longer provide Pixie Dust checklists since switching to Pixie Dust Collections.

Each Blueprint is posted with a “RETIREMENT DATE” on it so that you will know how long it will be available on the website.  It is your responsibility to download Blueprints while they are available and back up your downloaded files.  We will not be sending missing Blueprints out later, so please be diligent about getting them while you can.  All Blueprints will be available for four months from the time they are posted.

And now, for your viewing and planning pleasure, here’s the calendar for July, brought to you by Tameka.  Click the image to download a high-res PDF.

Happy Canada Day, Happy 4th of July, and Happy Going Global!  And as our British friends would say, “Stay Calm and Keep Cropping!”



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20 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit – It’s July

  1. Alison Woof says:

    Jenny and Carolyn, you will be missed! Your contributions have helped make p2P the wonderful learning community it is. Thank you so much for all your hard work – especially the behind-the-scenes scrambling we peeps don’t see. I’ve loved getting to know you through p2P even though we’ve never met.

  2. Tina Bruderer says:

    Thank you for all you have done Ladies you will be missed and Jan if you ever consider new pixie team members i nominate my cm consultant cathie owens she is brilliant!(just in case)

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you so much Jenny and Carolyn. I have learned a lot as a pixie follower and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to “know you”, even if it was just through your pages and blogs. I hope that your future holds a lot of fun and adventure and that you will continue to share your stories with us on the p2P pages.
    As much as I want to play with everyone on the 12th-14th I will be traveling again with Girl Scouts to Savannah so will have to catch up with everyone after I get back. I’m quite certain I will have plenty of pictures to play with after I return home.
    Looking forward to playing with new friends on the p2P pages. Happy cropping.

  4. Viv says:

    Thanks Jenny and Carolyn, I have woken up to you most mornings having a sneak look to see what is happening. You have both inspired me and kept my love for photography and digital scrapbooking up to date. I have loved all you have shared and helped me with over the 3 years. All the best to you both and I hope we still see some of your work on FB.

  5. gayneal says:

    Thank you for the blueprint checklists. I try to be diligent about downloading the blueprints and Pixie Dust but it seems I usually have missed something.

    To Jenny and Carolyn, Thank you so much for all you have done to help design and build P2p. While I will miss seeing your initials on content, I love seeing your faces in your Facebook posts 🙂

  6. Carolyn says:

    Thanks to the whole team for a very nice send-off of special pages from each of you. I have loved laughing as we built our business. Best wishes as you continue without Jenny and me. Please know we’ll always be in your corner and wish you every success.

  7. Penny says:

    THANKS to Jenny and Carolyn! Wishing you all the best in your next adventures. BTW, here’s my feedback on releasing BP’s and Pixie Dust in larger chunks: Great idea! It will make it so much easier to keep up and not miss anything.

  8. Katrina says:

    So long Jenny and Carolyn, thank you very much. I truly appreciate and respect your talents! Your work in p2P made my digital world less stressful. Cheers to both of you, and a big hug!

  9. Jenny says:

    Mwah! back to you Jan. Thank you so much for inviting me 3 years ago to join the pixels2Pages team of very talented and inspiring women and to become officially known as a pixie. I gained so much knowledge and wonderful lifelong friendships, not just from the team, but our fans as well. Technology means that living in the ‘outback’ makes the world all that much smaller. I wish you all the best and to all those Aussie digital scrappers out there, enjoy! There is three years of blood sweat and tears on this site that will make you more awesome than you already are. It is a bitter sweet day that my wish of having my fellow countrymen be allowed to join us, has now come about as I left. This is not goodbye, I’m still here virtually, watching and wishing you all the best wherever digital training takes you. xxx

    • Jan says:

      The pleasure was mine, Jenny. Glad we always know where to find you in cyber space! xx

    • Already missed, Jenny, but you’ve left behind some great training and a very capable team of ladies to carry on! We’ve loved the journey you’ve taken us on and the things we’ve learned. Oh, and not to mention the journey you’ve taken us on with all your wonderful travels! Many blessings!

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