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Because I still have a few hours left to enjoy having my family here for the 4th of July holidays, today’s blog may be one of my shortest ever!  Who would have thought that a grandchild would make me a woman of few words?!?

The past four days have flown by – I’ve been lucky to have both of my kids, David and Kim here for the holidays.   Along with them were David’s wife, Markee, and their daughter, Elliot, and Kim’s boyfriend Blake.  How fun was it to have the house full, and especially with a little one visiting for the first time!  I know it was not easy for David and Markee to bring a four-month-old down for a visit, and I am so appreciative of the effort they made to get here.  David even got an unexpected chore as he had to change the flat tire we had on the way home from the airport Wednesday afternoon – that was not in the plans!!  Blake and Kim arrived later that night, and although Blake had to leave Saturday morning, we were glad to have him for part of the time.  It was the first time he had met Dave and Markee (and Elliot, of course!), so it meant a lot to me that he took time off from studying for the bar to come to Tiki.

As wonderful as it was to see the kids, it was even more fun to have plenty of time for cuddles with Elliot.  I will miss her sweet smiles and bright eyes when she is gone!  Here’s a quickly-done page using this week’s Blueprint, Submarine Voyage, and some of this month’s Pixie Dust, Day2Day Freedom and Ready2Roll Breezy Days, and starring Elliot.  Fonts used are 2 Peas 4th of July, CM Melton, and Aaargh.  I hope you had a fantastic week, too, whether you celebrated Canada Day, Independence Day, or winter holidays!

Happy Talk 4th of July


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5 Responses to Blog: Family Fun on the Fourth

  1. Alicia O'Bryant says:

    cute! cute!

  2. Anita Albritton says:

    Glad you had such fun on the 4th! That picture of you holding sweet Elliot is completely adorable!!

  3. Cathie Owens says:

    Everyone looks so happy and your page is GREAT! Oh the joy grandchildren bring into our lives. It is not easy having them so far away and you have to take every advantage you can to make an impression on their little lives. Ellie is so darn CUTE!!!!!

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