Tameka's Blog Header Image 820x142It is amazing how far my crafting has come since I was first introduced to Creative Memories in 2003.  Up until that time, I considered myself a scrapbooker.  I used construction paper (which bled and faded) and regular ink pens in magnetic albums.  I knew absolutely nothing about photo safety, but I knew I wanted to tell my story, which would include the story of my family.

Right now, there is a bit of unrest in the scrapbooking community while Creative Memories goes through structural changes.   People are confused.  To be honest, so am I.  What I do know for sure is that I still want to tell my story.  Over the years, I have evolved from simply telling my story to using what I have learned from Creative Memories and all of my scrapbooking friends to enhance my experiences.  Creative Memories went from simply being the books that told my story to being a part of my life, my home, and my work place with all of the offerings they had.   I would be lying if I said that I was not a little bit scared about losing some of the awesome products that have been a part of my life.  Most recently, I gave my daughter a “Sweet Dreams” themed slumber party. Creative Memories was everywhere!  I used the traditional and digital Candy Shoppe Power Palettes to decorate and to create invitations, banners, and more.  Creative Memories made that event extra special for my family.  Here is a picture from the party:


I fully intend for Creative Memories (the old CM and the new company) to be a part of preserving my memories from this very special event.  I don’t know how.  It may simply be me using all I have learned about journaling and photo safety.    It is all uncertain.   For now I will wait and see how the new Creative Memories will fit into my life.  I choose to savor the excitement of “something new” instead of panicking and mourning the potential loss of some of my favorite products.   I know that all of the friendships I made because of Creative Memories will still be there.   I am very impatient and not a friend of waiting.  I don’t like change at all (See my blog Hold Up! Wait a Minute – A test of faith), but I will embrace the change that is coming my way.  For now I am going to remember my  “why”, keep calm, and scrapbook with my friends.   We may not like all the changes that come our way, but change is good.  You can’t grow without change.

Happy Cropping! Ta Ta for now.    Enjoy an old blog post of mine (below) and think about your why!

Below please find my blog from  April 2010: MY WHY!

If you are anything like me, you will find that more times than not, there aren’t many pictures of you at events because you are always behind the camera.  That being said….there are usually not a lot of pictures of me in my printed Storybooks.  My solution to this is to make the first page of every storybook my dedication page.  It doesn’t have to include a photo of you, but must have your “Spirit”.   Here is one of my many dedication pages entitled “They are my Why!”

People ask me “Why do you scrapbook?”; “Why are you a Creative Memories Consultant?”; “Why do you waste your time?”.  Well, let me formally introduce you to my “WHY”.   Life is both a blessing and a struggle.  I remember both from my own childhood.  However, the older I get, the more vague my recollection is.  The older I get, the more memories get pushed aside for new ones.  I am no longer a child.  As a matter of fact, I have my own children now.  Three beautiful blessings.  I feel time slipping away as they throw away their pacifiers, draw their first pictures, graduate from kindergarten, ride a two-wheeler and have their first crushes.  I remember how when I was a child I thought time was moving so slowly, and now that I am grown…I don’t have enough of it!  I see my kids check the calendar several times a day, only to realize that it is still today!  I sit back in a daze as they rush life’s precious moments by and realize, that one day soon (not so soon if they had to tell it) they will want to remember exactly how they lost that tooth or got that scar…and that they will revel in all the wonders of it all sitting at their own kitchen table with their own children.  That is when they will take out the countless albums I would have made for them and feel all the love I have inside for them every day.  It is then that they will realize that time indeed is flying by and they will want to slow time down a bit.   I choose Creative Memories because I trust that my memories are in good hands and will survive the test of time so that my children will have that opportunity.  None of this is a waste!  Why? you ask.  They are my why!  They are my legacy!  They are my everything! 

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12 Responses to Blog: Keep Calm and Scrapbook

  1. Tracie says:

    I love Storybook and feel confident that I will be using it well into the future. I just bought two kits from CM because I really love their products and wanted to make sure I have everything I need to complete my projects. Thanks for your comforting reminder, Tameka. You p2P gals rock! I think of you as my digi-scrapping family.<3

  2. debzz debzz says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words!
    I guess we have to remember we are NOT going through this transition alone. There are so many of us that love CM and Storybook Creator, we will do the “next chapter” as a scrapbook family. Thanks for all you do for us p2P!!!

  3. Tameka, your love for your family and celebrating them oozes through your pages and your posts. I’ve been blessed by your giftedness. Keep lovin’ on your family and telling their stories however that looks! My grandma made simple scrapbooks from the 1920’s using those old string bound black paper books, her photos, and a pen to document. I treasure what she did because it inspires what I do today! Yes, changes are coming, but the mission stays the same!

  4. Leslie says:

    Thank you so much for this Tameka – your positive outlook was just what I needed to hear. I am so grateful to have pixels 2 pages in my life, especially during this unsettling time. You guys are the best.

  5. Shirley Bennett says:

    Australasia has gone through the trauma that many of you must be feeling right now. One of the good things to come out of CM closing down is that we can now purchase from USA and p2P was opened up to us. We are able to print our SB via the company that printed for CM Australia. So I am purchasing the new digital whilst it is still available. I am sure that that like us there will be an alternative print your books and in the quality we so love. Thinking of you all. Keep calm and keep scrapbooking.

  6. Deana Warner says:

    Oops, I meant to say that I do want to buy more kits not don’t!

  7. Deana Warner says:

    Was comforting reading this and I love your page…..
    I have been in a rut since I heard all this and just don’t have the ambition to do it now or buy any more digital kits as I hate to waste my money now and not be able to use my software at all to print. Why buy if we can’t print our books… so very disappointed! I don’t still want so many kits but very hesitant……. Thank you for the inspiration, will try to use it toward a more positive outlook.

    • Tameka says:

      Deana… two things I know for sure…
      1. Your software that you purchased will continue to work after Creative Memories stops supporting it.
      2. There will always be a way to print your books. It may not be what you are accustomed to, but you will be able to print.

      Keep calm and keep scrapping while we await further information.

  8. Felisha says:

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the display for your baby’s birthday party!!!! I need to keep a great mental picture of this for my daughters birthday coming up in September… guess I better get scrapping… oh and I’d love to see more Hybrid videos!! Hint…Hint… 😉

  9. Felisha says:

    Thank you Tameka for reminding us all what it is really all about – “Telling our Story”!! I too got into Scrapbooking in 2003 – and you should see that first scrapbook! OOO Weeee!! LOL I’ve come a long, long way! But even before I discovered Creative Memories… I was making scrapbooks… not exactly what I have today…but I was making memories for myself and friends to look through in high school… I’ve taken thousands, upon thousands of photos… and I will continue to ‘Tell my Story’… I’ve grown from the construction paper and markers to acid free papers, and now into digital… and we’ll grow with this change too!

  10. Ruth Bell says:

    Tameka, I love your blog… especially the dedication you shared with us. I remember stumbling onto P2p years ago and just loving your video tips. This was when I first started digital scrapbooking and the learning curve was huge. I know that those of us connected to P2p will be guided as we make some transition in the very near future. It would be scary without you!

    • barbara dejmal barbara dejmal says:

      Tameka, thank you so much for sharing this. I love to hear your videos. You are very good at what you do. You look like you have a lovely family and thanks again. A job well done.

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