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2013 has been a big year for our family in the birthday stakes.

My Dad turned 70 in May, our eldest daughter Chloe Jane turned 18  and  Dave’s Mum turned 80 in June and just this last week Dave turned 50!  It has been a big year (not to mention anything else that has been going on!)

I completely missed my Dad’s 70th Birthday party as I was traveling in the US!  I got home just two days before Chloe’s birthday and a dinner with our family and close friends.  We traveled to Sydney two weekends ago to have a family dinner for Dave’s mum and we decided to take a family holiday last week in Byron Bay (on the north coast of NSW) and be away somewhere nice and warm with good surf for Dave’s birthday!

The whirlwind continues 🙂

As part of these celebrations, I literally whipped up two albums – one for Dave’s Mum with photos and messages from her two boys, their wives, her 6 grandchildren and also photos of her two great grandchildren – they didn’t have much to say at 1 year old and 9 months!

I also made an album for my Dad of all the photos from the birthday party.  This was probably the easiest in one sense (I didn’t have to think about the photos, they were all in chronological order and edited and I literally just had to put them in and using mostly blueprints made it quick and simple.)  This was also the  hardest album to do as well.  When you miss an event that you really wanted to be part of,  for whatever reason, it’s hard to see it all unfolding in photos and the photos become a painful reminder of what you have missed out on.  On the last page, I added a photo of our family with a very personal message about how we all felt disappointed that we couldn’t make it and once completed it was a great gift to give.

This leaves me with two thoughts … you can’t do everything and “Wherever you are, be all there” – Jim Elliot (which is my current desktop and iPhone wallpaper thanks to the beautiful work of Ashley over at  thorn + sparrow

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5 Responses to Blog: A Year of Milestones

  1. mindys7 says:

    Oh what nice books for your loved ones!!!! They will be treasured by all forever!

  2. Jan says:

    I know you hated missing your Dad’s big day, but it sure was good to have you be “all here”! Your books are wonderful and I am sure they are treasures. I’m impressed that you got them done!

  3. Oh beautiful Justine – your family, your pages, and the sweet gifts you’ve given. I love that quote also, by the way. Thank your family again for sharing you with us in May! It truly was a gift and sometimes gifts come with sacrifice.

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