JG_BlogHeaderI have decided that when I get an idea in my head, that instead of it staying in my head for a “rainy day”, I need to act on it, and just do it! The first week of the July school holidays we just spent at home doing the odd thing or two, but nothing extra special. Well, Lauren and I did something a bit special – we had a “Harry Potter Fest”. Something we have been going to do at various other times, but this holidays we sat and watched all of the Harry Potter movies from first to last over several days – and it was great!

The second week of the school holidays Daniel was off away for a few days to Queensland, leaving Lauren & I to our own devices. I’d had a thought when organising Daniel’s trip, that Lauren & I should go on a road trip. A mother and daughter road trip – hopefully the first of many to come. In my head I wanted perfect weather, and a trip along the Great Ocean Road which Lauren had never done. So I procrastinated, and kept watching the weather reports during the first week of the school holidays. We had such unseasonal weather for July, with perfect sunny winter days that were really quite warm for the first week – surely that couldn’t last! But, it did!!! So, on the Monday I did some Googling (I love Google!), and found us accommodation for the Tuesday and then Wednesday night for our three day road trip. I was so excited to be heading off – but Lauren was a bit dubious, as she would really have preferred to go to Queensland too!

This trip was just about the two of us! We headed off and spent the first day in Geelong, walking all along the waterfront and taking photos of the famous bollards. Actually – I let Lauren take most of the photos. She has such a good eye for photography and all I wanted was just a few photos of her out and enjoying herself – even if she hates me taking photos of her! The next morning we were up and off for our drive along the Great Ocean Road. We stopped at Split Point Lighthouse, then on to Lorne for lunch at the Lorne Beach Pavillion, with a table outside right on the beach in the sunshine. I would never have thought we would be doing that in July, and not need coats! Then we headed off to The Twelve Apostles – with the thought that if we could, we’d go on a Helicopter ride over them. It is in my nature to always do the “what if” in my head. “What if” the weather was awful, “what if” it was too windy, “what if” there were too many people andJG_Blog_25July2013_3 we had to wait for hours, “what if” I backed out and decided it was too expensive. I don’t particularly like that side of me – the “what if’s” rattle around in my head all the time – not the positive ones, the negative ones.

We parked the car, headed straight to the 12 Apostles Helicopter Flights office and there was no queue at all! We could get on a flight in 10 minutes – and the weather was brilliant! Neither of us had been in a helicopter before, and pretty soon we were up in the air for the smoothest flight we’d ever been on. It was absolutely amazing, breathtaking, brilliant, awesome, spectacular, and so so special! To see the Apostles and coastline up in the air, over the water, looking back and along the coastline just took my breath away. We were so lucky to be seated right next to the pilot, at the front of the helicopter – with awesome views unfolding right in front of us. An experience we will always remember and have in our hearts as such a special moment in time.

The rest of our road trip was wonderful, with such a gorgeous coastline and spectacular views and the most precious thing – spending time together. It wasn’t long after we were back that I saw a layout on our Facebook Group by Fay Wilde with the perfect quote for this awesome experience …………. “Don’t ever save anything for a special day, EVERY DAY is a special occasion.” Just perfect for one of the many layouts I am working on for our mother and daughter road trip, and also great words to live by – thanks Fay!!!!



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18 Responses to Blog: A Special Day

  1. Joy Turner says:

    You brought back great memories. We did this exact helicopter ride in 2008. Thanks for reminding me how great it was.

  2. Connie Stone says:

    Beautiful story and layout ~ what a happy occasion for a mom/daughter date! 🙂

  3. Tina Bruderer says:

    i know this feeling i experienced something similar over the alps

  4. jsquare says:

    Here’s to “what if” Janice and a great blog. So love the mother daughter bonding. From “will wait til..”… Janet

  5. Anita Albritton says:

    What a delightful blog Janice! Fantastic photos of your fun mother daughter trip! I love seeing the beautiful images of your country!! 🙂

  6. Barbara says:

    How exciting and such gorgeous photos!

  7. Fay Wilde says:

    How “special” you made your day!!!! Love it !! So happy you enjoyed The quote I used. The page I used for that quote was a picture I took at an airport lay over while with my son and his wife the word art made it a special occasion!!

  8. Jenny says:

    You know you could always do a road trip this way, but make sure you allow more than 3 days… ok?
    Love helicopters. They are the best way to get a good view of the country. So glad you were able to do that with Lauren.

    • Janice says:

      We loved it Jenny – an absolute highlight in all the mother/daughter things we do!
      And … yes, I definitely need more than 3 days, and a whole heap of planning to come over your way on a road trip – plus, probably a better car to get me there too! I’m thinking you’ll make it to Melbourne first (fingers crossed!).

  9. Deanna Emmert says:

    Fabulous blog entry! Awesome photography! 🙂

  10. Justine says:

    What a wonderful experience and such fabulous photos! Good on you both 🙂 I think you need to make your next road trip in my direction!!!

  11. Alison Woof says:

    Janice that is awesome! Good on you for stepping out and doing it. Your pages are wonderful – what a breath-taking double spread photo! (Just a little typo in your word art – occasion only needs one s)

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