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Last weekend I went on a little adventure. Not too far away, but to places I had never seen, nor even knew existed.

Melbourne is our capital city here in Victoria. I live about an hour drive right into the middle of the city. That’s why I caught the train! Actually, I got the bus on my corner to the train station and then caught the train to Melbourne. It’s cost efficient, very handy and very FUN! You know when you see the excitement on little kids faces when they are ‘going on the train’ –  well that’s me!! I do it often, but it is always a thrill. Once in Melbourne my mode of transport was a little pair of feet and trams. The tram system in Melbourne is sensational. It is easy to follow and very well run.

So, the weekend.

Melbourne hosted an Open House.

Take a look if you’d like to know all about it …

There were dozens of significant buildings all over the city that were Open for viewing that are not normally open to the public. We went to quite a few places, but by far my favourite tour was The Royal Melbourne Hospital. It was here we took part in the tunnels and towers tour. The RMH, built in 1939 is one of three critical / emergency hospitals in Melbourne and growing all the time. First we went down into the tunnels. Right underneath the hospital and road structures. They actually lead to two nearby hospitals and have been used for many things over the time including every facet of the electronic cabling to the patient / theatre transportation. The tour guide was very informative and he is one of the foremen of the site.

We went from old tunnels to newly built tunnels and the infrastructure was fascinating, as was the information being shared by our guide. Including the fact that 34 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of water are used a day at the hospital and they ‘flush’ and re-use a lot of that! (Amazing the facts I remember!!!)

After the tunnels tour, we went up to the 17th floor Emergency Helipad on the rooftop. It was a clear day. The view went on forever!! Over the city and out to sea. I could even see Geelong 🙂 I think we were up there for two tours to come through, it was just so spectacular!!

I can’t wait to go to the Open House next year. I will certainly add my ballot requests to get in to see some of the most sought after city sights that we missed out on this year.

If you get the chance to go see something close to home that you normally would not do – I highly recommend it!!

Royal Melbourne Hospital Page

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8 Responses to Blog: Open House History

  1. mindys7 says:

    FUN!!! My hubby and I just toured the Seattle Underground. It was so fascinating to hear the story of why the tunnels were made, what they were used for and to see them and the old store fronts that are under there.
    This just makes me want to visit you south globe people more! I’m an “old school” nurse so this would just awesome to see! Trying to get the hubby to book a trip for next winter (our time, summer your time.) Does this Melbourne tour happen the same time every year? This would be a must do except it is not the time of year I was planning to come and visit.
    Love how you incorporated the blue prints and pix from the past in your page! Thanks for sharing.

    • Kerrianne says:

      It was such a great thing to do. But it is only at this time of the year I am fairly certain. This was the 6th year. I do hope you get to visit here though, there are plenty of great things to see at any time.

  2. Jenny says:

    Isn’t it great to be a tourist in your own back yard! Good on you KA! Oh and if you have lessons on those slots… just sayin’ 😉

  3. Shirley Bennett says:

    Melbourne is our favourite city In Oz – we are coming three times in the next 7 months!!! LOVE the slots on the page – hope the lesson on “how to” – appears.

  4. shirley shingara says:

    Love the page and the tour details! Great use of the blueprint, but will there be a lesson on making the ‘slots’ as well? That would be a bonus jackpot!

  5. Jan says:

    My sister and I are doing a Tunnel Tour of Houston in a few weeks – can’t wait. Sounds like you had tons of fun!

  6. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I love the old blueprint as an addition to your page! And the “slots” for the corners of the photos is very effective! I will ask my Melbourne friends if they went to this Open House. If not, they will simply have to go next year!

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