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For the past three summers, we’ve spent a good deal of time negotiating agreements and planning websites and determining membership plans here at pixels2Pages.  We were sure that this summer would different – it would be the one where we could actually sit back and be content with the status quo.  That’s what we get for thinking!  It’s been different, all right, but for reasons that are shaking the foundations of our digital scrapbooking world.  Unless you’ve been completely disconnected from the internet since April, you know that Creative Memories has been going through a Chapter 11 Reorganization, and they are in the final stages of operating as the company we have known and loved for the past two or more decades.  Last Chance Ordering ends at noon (CDT) tomorrow (Friday, 2 August), and this month, only what’s left of the WSL items and digital software, content, and output are available to order.

  • 21 August is the last day to order digital artwork
  • 23 September is the last day to download digital artwork (it must have been purchased previously),  to order from the CM Digital Center, and to use (unexpired) digital product credits
  • click HERE for more information from Creative Memories about what’s happening

All Creative Memories Consultant contracts will be terminated on 31 August 2013, and our license agreement with Creative Memories will end on 21 August 2013.  It’s a sad time for us – the end of an era – but like many of you, pixels2Pages is looking forward to what’s next for us!  As soon as we have all the details worked out and are able to share it, we will.  Just know that we intend to continue training on digital scrapbooking software, and if you love the programs you’re purchased from Creative Memories, you’ll have options.  Please do not panic or waste time fretting yet!

In honor of our long-term relationships with Creative Memories, our personal blog posts this month will have a theme.  We will be sharing our Creative Memories journeys with you – how we got started, our ‘why’, blessings we’ve received along the way, and more.  We encourage you to reflect on all of the good things that Creative Memories has brought to your life, and share your thoughts (preferably in the form of a page) with us and our Facebook fans.  If you are not a Facebook user but you have a page to share, please send it (save it as a 72 dpi .jpg) to jan@pixels2Pages.net.  We’ll close this chapter together on a grateful note!

Now, with no further ado, let’s recap our June offerings:

Blueprints:  There were 11 spectacular Blueprints, brought to you by Tameka, Shelley, Kerrianne, Mary, Janice, Justine and Kim.  Use all of these, and you’ll have a dozen quick pages done, just like that! NOTE: Day2Day Blueprints for the whole month will be presented in one post on the first Friday of the month.  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use the Day2Day Blueprints.  We’d love your feedback!

  • Ready2Roll: Grand Porch, Subway, African Fish Eagle, A Wicked Good Time, A Day at the Zoo, Pop and Eme, The Lake
  • Day2Day: Two Tabs (DPS), Lauder R, Pink Chickens
  • Back2Basics: ACMI

Pixie Dust:  Perfect for your patriotic pages (and more), these fabulous designs were created by Mary, Anne, Justine, Kim, and Janice.  NOTE: Day2Day Pixie Dust will be presented in one larger collection (instead of two small ones) on the first Friday of the month (instead of first and third Fridays).  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use the Day2Day Pixie Dust.  We’d love your feedback!

Challenges: Did you try something new?  You can thank Justine, Mary, Janice, Kerrianne, and Kim for pushing you to do so.  If you haven’t already, post your completed Challenge pages on our Facebook page.  We love seeing your pages!

  • Ready2Roll: Numbers Up, Wrinkled Photo Paper, The Writing’s on the Wall, Split View Embellishments, Clear Titles

Tips: Our Tips may be the most undervalued parts of your membership!  If you’re not in the habit of reading them, you’re missing out.  Everything you always needed to know, but didn’t know who to ask!  The answer? Ask Shelley, Anne, and Justine!

Videos: Lights, action, camera!  Once more, the creativity of our p2P team will astound you, and we’ll have you taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary!   Sit back and enjoy these videos by Tameka, Janice, Kim, Shelley, and Jan.

  • Ready2Roll: The Perfect Pair (VT), Jeeping (S2F), Digital Shapes with Surfaces and Filters (VT), The Threshold Filter (VT), Word Merge (VT)
  • Snap2Share: Red Eye Removal (VT)

Focus on the Fans Newsletterby Tameka and featuring Suzi Dust

FREE TRIAL – In June, we began showcasing a standard, static sampling of each of the things we offer, including Blueprints, Pixie Dust, and B2B.  This Free Trial is open to anyone, does not require registration and may be viewed for as long as you want.  We’d love to hear what you think!

p2P LIVE!:  Registration for p2P LIVE Delray Beach (FL) is open now.   If you are planning to be in southern Florida at the end of August, you’ll want to be here for Tameka’s training (23-25 August).  New on the p2P LIVE Agenda is p2P LIVE Morgan Hill (CA).  Kim will be hosting and training at this one-day event in northern California on Saturday, 19 October – not to be missed!  Coming soon: p2P LIVE New York City, with Tameka doing the training.  Stay tuned for details.

FAQs, Help! and NEWS:  If these sections aren’t the first places you go when you have a question, they should be!  Almost all of your questions about memberships, PayPal, and MUCH, MUCH MORE are answered here, and you won’t have to wait for us to answer your emails.  By the end of July, we were able to give some long-awaited updates to those of you wondering about the future of Creative Memories, StoryBook Creator, and Memory Manager software.  While we still don’t have all of the answers, here is what we do know:

Please have a look in our FAQs, especially if you have membership and/or PayPal questions.

Back2Basics: We are loving seeing beginners and seasoned SBC users learning things in Back2Basics!  Even if you are a veteran digital scrapper, we encourage you to take time to review these lessons.  I can almost guarantee you will learn SOMETHING!  Keep in mind that if you are self-taught (or were, at the beginning) you may be doing something the hard way.  We found out we Pixies were doing lots of things the long way around!

RETIRING BLUEPRINTS and PIXIE DUST: All Blueprints posted prior to 1 April 2013 have been retired and are no longer available.  Please do not ask us for them if you neglected to download them, joined too late to get them, ran out of time, or lost them in a computer crash or other computer-related event.  There are plenty of Blueprints on the site, and more to come!  Remember to download your R2R Blueprint Checklists and D2D Blueprint Checklists so you don’t miss a thing.  And just a reminder – we no longer provide Pixie Dust checklists since switching to Pixie Dust Collections.

Each Blueprint is posted with a “RETIREMENT DATE” on it so that you will know how long it will be available on the website.  It is your responsibility to download Blueprints while they are available and back up your downloaded files.  We will not be sending missing Blueprints out later, so please be diligent about getting them while you can.  All Blueprints will be available for four months from the time they are posted.

Enjoy this month’s calendar:

August 2013 Calendar


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23 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit: August 2013 – The End of an Era

  1. Cindy says:

    Question – during the transition period from August 21st – ?? will there still be new content on P2P and will we still have access to everything in case I actually have time to go back and watch some of the videos?
    Thanks, Pixies – you are awesome

    • Shelley says:

      There will indeed Cindy! We have lots of plans for ongoing training, and the videos will still be there. Most of our videos are only 4-6 minutes long these days, so it doesn’t take too much time to squeeze on or two in!

  2. MariannaC says:

    Jan & pixies, what’s your comfort level of encouraging consultants and their customers to purchase more SB artwork, considering the huge job of converting all of this artwork into Artisan if we eventually upgrade/purchase it? I was so hoping that it would be an easy fix to get Artisan to unlock the SB artwork! Do you have an words of wisdom or solace for us?

    • Jan says:

      I do not have the words you are looking for, Marianna. Like everyone else, I am hopeful an agreement will be made that will provide for a smooth transition. I am choosing to stay positive and go from there!

  3. Phyllis says:

    Well, Jan, I don’t adapt to change maybe as well as you…. I guess I’m older! 🙂

    I want to applaud yall’s courageous leap you took when you formed p2P! All that yall have offered has inspired everyone of us! I’m SO thankful to know yall aren’t going anywhere… that’s a relief, and I look forward to all that’s new at p2P and all that remains constant: ENDLESS INSPIRATION!

    Thanks to ALL OF YOU — for your adventurous spirit and devoted unity to each other and to us!

  4. Lee Ann says:

    Is there an August calendar? Thanks

  5. scrappylady says:

    Pixies with your agreement with CM ending august 21st will all the wonderful SBC video’s and Tips and Portfolio’s that I have grown to depend on still be available to watch? Hoping that what ever comes next from the great minds of the Pixies on digital will something I can use 🙂 Your girls are the best!

  6. Glenna says:

    I love everything about P2P, but I think my favorite are the blueprints. I use them all the time. I do enjoy the video tidbits and the challenges, but the blueprints is where I go to do a page or a whole book. I check this website and FB everyday without fail. You all have helped me enjoy digital scrapbooking and transition from traditional to digital, and work with my customers. I know there will be digital with the new CM.

  7. Katrina says:

    Jan your recaps are great, the pixies offer so much there is a chance to miss something. AND I don’t want to miss a thing, it’s ALL Good information and for sure an easier way of getting great results….thanks to all the Pixies! Thanks for reminding everyone to remember the great times from CM. This would have been my 12th year this October and its been a wonderful ride. Details to be posted on p2P FB

  8. Ruth Bell says:

    Just to let you know, Tips are my favorite thing on your website followed by videos. What I really like about p2p is that I can look through your old offerings and find the answer.

  9. Jenny says:

    It’s hard to believe that Creative Memories will be no more. Regardless of the New Company, it’s still those two words “Creative Memories” that will remain forever in our hearts and minds, as those two words brought many of us together to make life long friends in real life and virtually. I’m glad I was part of a company that helped me make BFFs as a consultant and later as a team member at pixels2Pages. Good luck Jan & the team at p2P, I’m sure with your leadership, p2P will still be a part of our digital lives. 🙂

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