As I mentioned in this month’s Rabbit, Rabbit post, there will be many changes coming to pixels2Pages later this month.  On 21 August 2013, we will be terminating our license agreement with Creative Memories as they continue winding up things with regard to the bankruptcy.  As you might imagine, that has been our signal to find a new direction and to determine how we can continue to serve you best.  We invite you to share your feedback with us by filling out the following survey.  It is several pages long (especially if you are a P2P member), so scroll down using the scroll bar on the right hand side of the survey box and click continue at the bottom of each page.  Please be sure to click SUBMIT at the end!  NOTE: If you are not sure what membership level(s) you are, please check your membership details on the home page in the log in area.  If you have a Pixels2Pages membership, you will be answering questions about all of the other membership levels.


As we prepare for this transition, we are going to stop selling several memberships for the next few weeks.  Please don’t panic – we are in a bit of a holding pattern.  Starting today, we will not be selling any new (annual) Snap2Share, Day2Day, Ready2Roll, or Pixels2Pages memberships or any new monthly Ready2Roll memberships.   We will continue to sell monthly Pixels2Pages memberships as well as the Back2Basics course.  All monthly auto-renewing memberships will continue to automatically renew like they normally do.  We plan to resume annual sales in October, although we expect that memberships will change then.  As soon as we have that worked out, we will let you know so you can choose what you’d like to do in the future.  If you have an annual membership that will be automatically renewing in September, that’s okay.  You’ll be in good shape!

Later this month, we will be able to share more details about what’s next for us, and you’ll start to notice a few changes as early as the end of August or the beginning of September.  It’s all good, people – we will be here for you!

We appreciate your patience and we know that you have questions.  We are giving you all of the answers that we can, as quickly as we can.  Deep breaths.

Please share this post with as many p2P users as you can – we value your input!


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88 Responses to News: Help Us Help YOU – a p2P Survey and other news

  1. RJ_Austin says:

    I have been meaning to a course in SB4 and MM4 for a couple of months, and then the bankruptcy of CM came. I just recently came across your link while searching for information on the software, and what might be happening with it in the future.
    I am going to proceed with Back2Basics, with faith and hope that SB4 will continue, and that you guys will be there.
    Your community sounds like a lovely place to explore and increase creativity.

  2. Raewyn says:

    Thanks and it is good to know you will still be with us!

  3. debzz debzz says:

    Trying to stay optimistic….and you guys are helping ALOT. I am just loving the SB program and making books… so I am glad you guys are going to walk us through the transition. Keep up the great work!

  4. Chris Schilling says:

    Having read the many comments, I now feel better about my status as a MM and SBC user/investor. I have taken a deep breath and am now waiting with slightly less anxiety and slightly more excitement. P2P has been my “go to” for help with these programs and a way to pass the little free time I have in watching others creative endeavors. As I read through, I did recall the days when you were free. I was introduced to you by another CM consultant and downloaded everything I could. I have been with you ever since and you have been worth every penny and more. I have many customers who did not buy memberships for one reason or another, despite my encouragement, who may under current circumstances decide to do so for the support. Thank you for all you do and have done. I will be with you until the bitter end (or maybe the sweet continuation …)

  5. Gloria says:

    Can we still purchase a Gift Certificate?

    • Jan says:

      If you’d like a gift certificate, please send your name, along with the recipient’s name and email address, and the date you plan to give it to We will then send you a PayPal invoice. The recipient will need to contact us after you have given it to her to let us know what user name (NOT an email address) she would like to use, when she wants it to start, and that she agrees to our Terms of Use.

  6. kathy says:

    I hope I am long gone before P2P every goes. I can’t imagine digital scrapping without you. Please continue with your awesome creativity!!! I am at a loss as to what to do for getting books printed. I hope there will be some good options to come.

  7. Tara Penza says:

    I have also been a member since p2p’s conception and I am so thankful for all you have done to keep us learning new digital techniques!! I look forward to staying with you on our next journey . . .

  8. SCRAPPYGIRL66 says:

    In my dream world, y’all take over SBC4 and MM4. Y’all have had the vision for the training, the ability to motivate action to your members, and the unique way of making us feel like we are as close as your next door neighbor. I have invested much in digital content. I hope and pray there is a way for me to continue to use what I have invested in. If I have to purchase SBC and MM again under another brand, I will gladly do that if I can continue to use the content I have invested in! I would gladly continue follow you ladies. I just hope you don’t move on to the Newco. We need you as you are now!!!

  9. lucy says:

    looking forward to what lies ahead for all of us — especially with p2p at our side!! 🙂

  10. Katrina says:

    Hope you rec’d my survey, it jumped back to back2basics??? Bottom-line, I love the site, it is extremely helpful and I think all the Pixies are Top-Notch trainers. Looking forward to moving forward with you.

  11. catsage_2000 says:

    I’m not sure but think that my membership was for the “whole works”. I believe it should have renewed July 5 or there abouts. It looks like I still have access to everything. Can you tell me what I have exactly and if I’m paid for renewal for another year? I know you guys are probably crazy busy with these changes. I truly appreciate your help and all you pixies do for us.

    Cathy Shealy

    • catsage_2000 says:

      Jan I think I finally found my answer to as least what membership I have, believe I have Pixels2Pages. I would still like to know if it auto renewed?
      Cathy Shealy

      • Jan says:

        Cathy, you have a Pixels2Pages membership that will automatically renew on 7 November 2013. The earliest of our yearly memberships is up for renewal on 4 September 2013.

  12. alclark11 says:

    So very glad to hear that you are parting with CM and, HOPEFULLY, staying with Storybook Creator rather than moving to whatever new program CM decides to start next. You have put so much time into this program, and we have put to much time (and $$) into learning and using it. What a waste it would be to have to start over. Thank you, P2P!!

  13. Michele says:

    I have been a consultant for 15 years and used your site when it was free. I loved it and learned so much from you. I have been meaning to join P2P but haven’t yet. I am very interested In signing up especially now that CM is wrapping up. I’m hoping you will be able to provide help and guidance in the future. I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Thanks.

  14. Althea Doolittle says:

    Well, I attempted to complete the survey but the Continue button did not work after the question “Do you have another membership besides Day2Day or are you a Pixels2Pages member? I also tried scrolling down and did not have any luck continuing with the survey. If this was the end of the survey, there was no Submit button either!

    • Jan says:

      Althea, from what others have said, I suspect that you couldn’t proceed because the last question on each page (a blank box for suggestions) is a required question. If you don’t fill it in (you can just say ‘no’ or put an x or something) you can’t proceed. If you’d like, you can edit your original post or just start over. Sorry for the trouble and thank you!

  15. debbieloop debbieloop says:

    Sure hope I did everything right….there was Chinese where the continue button was along with what I think was the submit button.

  16. Lynne Laughton says:

    I’m heart broken. I lost my MM4 and Storybook4 when my computer crashed. As I am a New Zealand member the CM site is already closed. I had down loaded both programs, and activation key is unavailable. Where can I obtain an activation key from? Lost the books I wrote about my youngest grandson, who passed away last week. Wanted to add to it pictures of his last few days and the wonderful send off he had. Very very sad.

    • Jan says:

      Lynne, I’m so sorry to hear about your precious grandson! And to lose your picture and pages on top of that – too much. It would be worth contacting CM US I think.

  17. barbara dejmal says:

    I think you all do a wonderful job and i really would not change a thing.

  18. cherie barry says:

    I am very active with CM however an interested in joining p2P the future.

  19. says:

    you guys are the best. For the amount of $$ I have put into this program I am just so thankful that I have to help and give me guidance!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Love you guys!!

  20. barbara dejmal says:

    I am so glad to hear you’ll will not be going away. you’ll do a great job and I can’t say enough good things about you’ll. God bless you all.

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