New Partnership HeaderWe are pleased and excited to announce our new partnership with Panstoria, creators and owners of Artisan and Historian branded software.  Panstoria also created and owns StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager brands of the same software, which are licensed to Creative Memories.

Our goal is to work with Panstoria to provide you with a painless transition from Creative Memories-branded software to Panstoria-branded software.  While yesterday was the last day of our tenure as Licensed Digital Trainers for Creative Memories Digital Software, we have been given permission to continue to use the videos, tips, challenges, etc. that are already on the website.  Those of you who are continuing to use StoryBook Creator and/or Memory Manager will still have those resources available to you.  If you have already made the switch to Artisan and/or Historian, or if you plan to do that in the near future, you will notice that the programs are very similar to SBC and MM, so that same training will be applicable.  Starting this week, we will begin recording our videos using Artisan and Historian, and our challenges and tips will be written using those programs.  Our Blueprints and Pixie Dust will work with both CM and Panstoria branded software.

Your pixels2Pages team has been working with the Panstoria team for the past several years, so our new partnership is the natural progression of an already good working relationship.  As partners with Panstoria, we will be affiliate marketers for them.  What this means is that when you are ready to purchase Artisan and/or Historian, we hope you’ll do that by clicking these links (or the ones on our website pages): click HERE to purchase Artisan and click HERE to purchase Historian.  While there are still some legal details to be worked out between Panstoria and Creative Memories, we want you to know that we are here to support you in this somewhat unsettling time.  Panstoria will be opening the Panstoria Print Shop in the very near future, so you’ll be able to have a high-quality printer to replace the CM Digital Center.  Stay tuned for more details about that!

Today you will find a TIP about making the conversion from CM-branded software to Artisan and Historian.  You can expect more information like this as more details are worked out and announced.  As previously noted HERE, we are making some changes to our current memberships over the next few weeks.  The main thing we want you to know today is that we are not going anywhere and you are not going to be left high and dry!

For our Australasian members and fans, you may already know that Panstoria has partnered with, and we are happy to be able to promote myStory now, too.  Should you need assistance with the programs used with myStory (SBC or MyStory Designer), we are here, and we invite you to purchase a membership.

We are grateful for the time we have spent as licensed digital trainers for Creative Memories, and we’ve been sharing our personal CM stories with you this month in our Behind the Globe blog posts.  We wish Creative Memories and Creative Memories Consultants the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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242 Responses to News: Announcing our partnership with Panstoria

  1. Billie Meister says:

    I am thinking of converting to Windows 8. A friend of mine has it and just bought the membership. She cannot follow the instructions so the training material is kind of useless for her. Any suggestions on how to apply the training material to Windows 8?

    • Shelley says:

      I don’t understand the question Billie. Our training in in Artisan and Historian software, which works exactly the same in Windows 8 as it does in earlier versions of Windows. I am using Windows 8.1, and everything is smooth sailing.

  2. Erin Dwyer says:

    Before the end of the year, I need to know what happened to some of my digital content. I have only used one computer and it is in fine shape–no problems (knock on wood). However, I have noticed that many digital kits and power palettes are no longer available on my computer. I know this because I used the Traveler kit for a scrapbook last year and it no longer shows up in my drop-downs. I’m not sure what happened to it, but the activation code is still in my list. Do I need to take action now to insure against losing my purchased digital content?

    • Jan says:

      Erin, I think THIS TIP will be helpful for you. Also, if you have saved a backup copy of all of your purchased content, you can look it up and download it again by clicking HERE. You should not lose content you have purchased as long as you have activation codes for it and get it downloaded from Panstoria before the end of March, although there are some kits (Disney, and others) that CM did not provide to Panstoria. Those you will need to find on your computer.

  3. Anne says:

    Please, please, I lost Memory Manager from computer problems. So, I went on the internet and had to buy another cd. It has the serial number, but I need the activation code. Can anyone get this for me. It says users have until Dec. 31 in an agreement with Panstoria to provide activation codes. Thanks.

    • Shelley says:

      Anne, if your CD was unused, it should activate automatically online. If it is not working, there is no way to obtain an activation code. You might try online again in a few days. Otherwise your only option is to purchase Historian, which is the same as Memory Manager, but comes with support.

  4. I had a computer crash and we had to reformat the computer. I was so excited to get my CM programs installed only to find out I still had problems and we had to reformal again. My son thinks my install disk was bad. The second time it wouldn’t let me activate them because it was done the day before. Turns out, we had to reformat again because the computer still wasn’t right. I emailed Panstoria and they say they can’t do manual adjustments or something like that. Is there a way to get these installed. I am really bummed that I can’t use these programs. I had no idea that after a reformat, there would still be problems. We finally just switched to Windows 8 and so far so good with the computer.

  5. Julie McGregor says:

    I am still working with SBC and heard that CM have agreed we can install the existing program onto another computer until the end of the year – is this correct? I’m not sure where to go to find out – I have also installed mystory, but have so much tied up in SBC that I’d like to continue using it as long as I can and have just bought a new computer. I also thought I heard CM were allowing their content to become compatible with mystory – do you know if this is correct?

    • Jan says:

      That’s correct, Julie. We have several recent NEWS posts with information about the agreement and what it means to users. I believe that the agreement affects myStoryDesigner as well.

  6. Teresa Hooten Kozempel says:

    I bought Artisan yesterday. I normally load onto my laptop and desktop. I will be getting a new laptop in October. Should I wait to download onto the laptop then, or can I download it now and then change it to the new computer in October? TIA!

  7. Susan Lukachie says:

    Long time since we have talked! My questions are as follows:
    1) My understanding of some of the “fine print” is that IF I made the move over to this new software and, for some reason, this new company folded, that anything that I saved to this new program would remain the their property. Does this mean that pages I create and save in this new software can’t be moved over to any other program or software?
    2) If CM is no longer going to provide/support digital scrapbooking, is there really any reason you can think of for them to refuse the release of their digital licensing?

    • Shelley says:

      First of all, our goal is that Panstoria does not fold, so we are keen to support them as much as possible, and we hope many other will also. They are not a new company, in fact they designed SBC and MM and have been supporting the software on licence to CM all this time. Having said that, if Panstoria were to go out of business, your software would still operate for a time. You would be able to save your pages as jpegs to use in another program in that case.
      I can’t answer your second question, I’m afraid. I have no insight into the inner workings of Creative Memories. You might want to read Jan’s latest blog for the most recent update on the situation.

  8. Carla Holyk says:

    Just for the record, I have only ever used your 8.5×11 blueprints and was ecstatic when you started offering them in both formats. Just wondering what evidence you have that hardly anyone uses them? Could you perhaps do a poll? I always seem to be the odd one out but I would be sad if I had to go back to reformatting all my blueprints.

    Wait a minute! Did I just read that Panstoria won’t offer the 8.5×11 format?!

    • Shelley says:

      We actually did do a survey Carla! It told us that very few people use only 8.5×11 pages. However we have heard the feedback from you and others, and we are listening!
      As far as I know Panstoria will be offering 8.5×11 format printing, where did you hear otherwise?

      • Shelley says:

        Here’s the link to the SURVEY, if you missed it. It’s not too late to respond.

      • carla says:

        Thanks for the response! you put my mind at ease. I thought someone was posting a comment that they could only use the 12×12 but I just like the dimensions of the 8.5×11. I guess now, my only question is, what will the new Creative Memories program look like? Will I want to switch to that or stick with SBC/Historian?

        • Jan says:

          Carla, our understanding is that Creative Memories has no plans for digital scrapbooking in the new company.

          • Kathy says:

            I am a Creative Memories consultant. I loved my P2P membership which I will be renewing in the future. I do want to clarify, though, that CM does have plans for digital scrapbooking. They are working with a company right now, testing an app so that people can digitally scrapbook on their computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. I will not be introduced at the same time as the traditional product line in November but probably near the beginning of the new year. This was presented to us a month ago and our updates keep saying the same. We are on track for digital – just different than what we have now.
            I’m hoping that I can continue to create with SBC/Artisan and print my pages/books etc. with CM.

          • Shelley says:

            Kathy here is the most recent “Digital FAQs” document from Creative Memories. There is no indication that the CM printing will continue beyond September 23. Assuming it is approved by the courts, CM have come to an agreement with Panstoria to continue to provide software activation, content sales and print services. We are all looking forward to finding out more about CM’s future plans, but for now we have to operate with the information we have available.

    • Erin says:

      I was trying to update my version of MM but cannot seem to do so. I used the links from the FAQ message to download and install mm3 and mm4, but cannot activate with the serial number I have for mm2. Do you have any suggestions? Should I be able to use an old serial number to upgrade? That’s sort of how the FAQ sheet made it sound.


      • Shelley says:

        You can’t upgrade directly from MM2 to MM4, you would need to buy the full version of MM4 if you don’t have version 3. But at this stage I’d recommend you get Historian rather than spending any money on Memory Manager. Here’s the LINK to purchase Historian. You will be able to open your MM2 Memory Vault in Historian without any trouble.

  9. Teresa Montoya says:

    Hello I am a new member to Pixels 2 Pages and have Memory Manager and StoryBook, so like a lot of these ladies my concerns are losing that digital content that I have invested in over the years.. My computer crashed about two weeks ago and I had to reload everything through Creative Memories. I have already lost a lot of content because it was too (before they started keeping track for us) far back to load. This has been a very time consuming process to get everything back, which brings me to my question of if the company has considered having a pay by the month program where you can access blue prints and pixies that would be stored somewhere other than on “our” computers. This way it wouldn’t take up the room on our hard drive and thus eliminate the problem of having to download it all again when something happens to our computer. I realize you would have to have an internet connection to scrapbook but that isn’t a problem for most people.

    • Shelley says:

      That’s not really part of our plans Teresa, but we appreciate the suggestion. I am sorry that you lost so much content, but I hope you have heard the good news that we will be able to continue to use CM content with Artisan in the future. Look out for a news post all about it very soon.

  10. Susan says:

    Artisan and Historian look exactly like SBC and MM. Is there a reason to switch? I am so glad you all plan to continue to support SBC & MM. I’m wondering if any kits that Panstoria puts out would probably only work on Artisan, right? Would the kits I have in SBC work in Artisan? I’m sorry if you already answered these questions above, I tried to read them all. Thank you!

    • Shelley says:

      There is no hurry to switch Susan, but very soon (we don’t know exactly when) Creative Memories will stop supporting SBC and MM. Then you won’t get any more bug fixes, upgrades or tech support, so you might want to change then. Your current SBC content does not work in Artisan, but we are all hoping for an agreement very soon which will allow us to use SBC content in Artisan. And yes, Artisan content does not currently work in SBC. We ill keep you posted with any new developments. Check our NEWS posts and you’ll find more info.

    • barbara dejmal barbara dejmal says:

      So your saying in all of this, not to do anything but what I’ve been doing all along and decide what to do when it is all settled. Just keep plodding along. Thanks. I just love pixel2 pages. You all have taught me so much.

  11. Donna Shaw says:

    I may have missed seeing this comment listed but here goes.
    I’ve bought two separate copies of SBC4 and MM4. I have a desk top and laptop. I take my laptop on vacations and usually buy packages for both computers.

    I believe I read that I will be able to install Artisan and Historian on both compters at the price of one? Is that correct or did I just misread that. Help. . I’m thinking of purchasing from Panstoria the two programs but would like the answer first. . . Thanks!!! Keep up your great work!

    • Shelley says:

      Donna, you can install Artisan on two computers, but Historian is only licensed for a single computer. This is due to the licensing of the Facial Recognition software, which is a third party component.

  12. capannebaker capannebaker says:

    I have SB4 and MM. I’m sorry to here about this change. Are you basically saying that we have to buy other software to stay with P2P? Is creative memories merging with panstoria or did Panstoria buy creative memories, that’s what it sounds like. I went to panstoria website and couldn’t lad any of their papers for sale. And they don’t have much for sale at all. I know you guys have to do what’s best for the company.

    • Shelley says:

      Let me try to explain a bit clearer. Sorry if we have caused you dismay
      You don’t need to buy any new software to stay with p2P. We will continue to support SBC and MM users, as well as the Panstoria software. The programs are so similar that the training covers both versions.
      Creative Memories are currently undergoing major restructuring, and have announced that they will no longer continue with digital scrapbooking programs or printing. Panstoria, as creators of MM and SBC will be selling the programs directly to the public.
      There is very little content available at the moment in the panstoria website. It is early days, however, and that situation is bound to change
      We do have to do what is best for our company, but we think that what is best for us is to continue to offer excellent training and to look after our current members. We encourage you to stay the journey with us, and try not to worry too much. This is a period of change, but we are very confident that we are heading in a very positive direction.

      • Carrie Pannebaker says:

        Thanks for the info. How long will you have all the videos, challenges, etc.. for SBC on the website? Can you use blueprints and pixie dust that you post for Artisan also for SBC? I plan on staying with SBC and hopefully will join p2p again to view the SBC content.

        • Shelley says:

          We have no plans to remove any of the videos, tips, or challenges. The only things we archive are Blueprints and Pixie Dust. All our Blueprints and Pixie Dust will be usable in both SBC and Artisan. We look forward to having you join us.

  13. Beverly Labosky says:

    It would seem logical to me that Panstoria would offer current Memory Manager and SBC4 users a discount on moving over to their product, especially since it’s the same company. I realize we won’t have a choice once MM & SB are not supported any longer.

    • Jan says:

      I’m not following your thinking, Beverly. Panstoria is not the same company as Creative Memories. Artisan and Historian are already available at a much lower price than SBC and MM ($39.95 each), and Artisan can be installed on two computers. Panstoria is offering a way for you to continue to use programs similar to the ones Creative Memories has chosen to abandon.

  14. laurie7piper says:

    I’m so happy to hear this wonderful news! One suggestion: Since the Pixies will no longer be providing 11 x 8.5 blueprints, perhaps you can persuade Panstoria to adopt a price structure for its print shop that would make printing 12 x 12 storybooks and 11 x 8.5 storybooks about the same. I believe that many of us who have been making 11 x 8.5 storybooks have done so for economic reasons – the 11 x 8.5 size has been quite a bit less than the 12 x 12 size at the Creative Memories Digital Center. It seems like it would be a win-win for everybody if Panstoria makes printing both sizes about the same.

    • laurie7piper says:

      To explain further: Win-win (1) for 11 x 8.5 fans who could more economically switch to the 12 x 12 size; (2) for Pixies who would then have more scrappers subscribing because of the 12 x 12 blueprints sizes; (3) for Panstoria who would have more scrappers wanting to use the Panstoria print center to print their books.

    • Shelley says:

      It’s an interesting suggestion Laurie! I’m not sure we will have all that much say in the printing pricing, but I will certainly pass your suggestion on! We are looking at ways of keeping our few 11×8.5 scrapbookers happy.

      • Ruth Bell says:

        There are a lot of us 11X8.5 scrapbookers. It is just that we do both. Consultants that I have spoken to say that more of the 11X8.5 are ordered than the large ones. The large ones are so expensive that we do them for very special things. I have done five times as many of the smaller books.

        • Jan says:

          Thanks, Ruth. We understand that we have a number of customers who use both sizes of pages; as those of you who have converted 12x12s to 11×8.5s know, it’s a good amount of work. We are trying to find ways to make it feasible for us to do the work to make both sizes available, given that a large majority of our members use only 12x12s.

      • Cynthia Sailes says:

        Please I need your help! I just had to get a new computer since I ran out of memory in my old computer. I have Storybook Creator 4.0 I use to have Storybook Creator 3.0 but I did an upgrade last summer. My problem is that I can only activate a few of my digital artwork! I have spent $1000.00 of dollars with Creative Memories and I sure hope I don’t loose all my contents. Can you please help me. Also I make 11 x8.5 hard bound books all the time. Can I continue to make them? Thank You

        • Jan says:

          Take a deep breath, Cynthia! It will be okay! Did you do the migrate content feature as described HERE? I am assuming you have a back up of your CM activation codes and/or the emails that contain those codes, just in case – but the migration link should do the trick. And yes, you can still create and print 11 x 8.5″ hardbound books (up to 99 pages) at Panstoria Print Shop.

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