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It’s been a busy month here in pixels2Pages-land, as we begin the transition to our new look website, with our new partners, Panstoria. You will have already noticed some changes to the website, and to our regular schedule and there will be more over the next month. We plan to have everything in place by the beginning of October, as we implement improvements in line with the feedback you gave us in our survey recently.  We are all still waiting for answers on a variety of questions, but all we can do is wait and exercise our patience muscles. We promise, when there’s news we will proclaim it loud and clear! Meanwhile, there are pages to create and stories to tell, and we have tools to help you do that!!

  • click HERE to read more details about our new partnership, and to catch up on all the latest news.
  • 23 September is the last day to download digital artwork (it must have been purchased previously),  to order from the CM Digital Center, and to use (unexpired) digital product credits.
  • click HERE for more information from Creative Memories about what’s happening.

Here is a summary of our August offerings:

Blueprints:  There were 12 spectacular Blueprints, brought to you by Tameka, Shelley, Anne, Mary, Janice, and Justine.  Use all of these, and you’ll have a dozen quick pages done, just like that! NOTE: Next month’s Blueprints will be presented in one post on the final Saturday of this month.  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use our Blueprints.  We’d love your feedback!

  • Ready2Roll: Zebras, So Thankful for Friends, Explore, Cheetahs, McKinney, and Over and Under
  • Day2Day: August Downloads – Luna (DPS), February 2013 R, October 2012 L and Winter Sun L
  • Back2Basics: Hearts and Love
  • Remember to save and print the Blueprint Checklists for your reference!

Pixie Dust:  Perfect for your lots of pages, these fabulous designs were created by Kerrianne, Kim, Anne, Justine, Mary and Janice.  NOTE: Next month’s Pixie Dust will be presented in one large collection on the final Saturday of the month.  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use Pixie Dust.  We’d love your feedback!

  • Ready2Roll: Title Lines, Honey Do’s, Vintage Tiles, Sea Shells, Bush Camping
  • Day2Day: Passage of Time by Kim

Challenges: Did you try something new?  This month’s challenges were extremely popular – and they were fun and easy!  If you haven’t already, post your completed Challenge pages on our Facebook page.  We love seeing your pages!

  • 166: Fragmented by Kerrianne
  • 167: Hexagon Styling by Janice
  • 168: Four and One by Justine
  • 169: Tic Tac Toe by Kim

Tips: Our Tips may be the most undervalued parts of your membership!  If you’re not in the habit of reading them, you’re missing out.  Everything you always needed to know, but didn’t know who to ask!  The answer? Ask Shelley, Anne, and Justine!

Videos: Lights, action, camera!  Once more, the creativity of our p2P team will astound you, and we’ll have you taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary!   Sit back and enjoy these videos – then make a page and post it for us!

Video Tidbits

  • Fine Tuning Text Paths by Shelley
  • Grid Poster by Janice
  • Text Shape Cutter by Tameka
  • Word Merge Collage by Jan


  • Fun Times by Janice

Snap2Share (Historian/MM4) Video

  • The Album Planner by Kim

FREE TRIAL – In June, we began showcasing a standard, static sampling of each of the things we offer, including Blueprints, Pixie Dust, and B2B.  This Free Trial is open to anyone, does not require registration and may be viewed for as long as you want.  We’d love to hear what you think! If you have friends undecided about joining p2P, send them to our free trial so they can try before they buy.

p2P LIVE!:  Registration for p2P LIVE New York City  is open now.   Join Tameka for a Fall Mega-Crop – a colossal 25 hours of crop time on Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27!  Also on the p2P LIVE Agenda is p2P LIVE Morgan Hill (CA).  Kim will be hosting and training at this one-day event in northern California on Saturday, 19 October – not to be missed! If you would like to host a p2P LIVE event in your local area, contact us and we would love to come to your neighborhood.

FAQs, Help! and NEWS:  If these sections aren’t the first places you go when you have a question, they should be!  Almost all of your questions about memberships, PayPal, and MUCH, MUCH MORE are answered here, and you won’t have to wait for us to answer your emails.  By the end of July, we were able to give some long-awaited updates to those of you wondering about the future of Creative Memories, StoryBook Creator, and Memory Manager software.  While we still don’t have all of the answers, here is what we do know:

Please have a look in our FAQs, especially if you have membership and/or PayPal questions.

Back2Basics: We are loving seeing beginners and seasoned SBC users learning things in Back2Basics!  Even if you are a veteran digital scrapper, we encourage you to take time to review these lessons.  I can almost guarantee you will learn SOMETHING!  Keep in mind that if you are self-taught (or were, at the beginning) you may be doing something the hard way.  We found out we Pixies were doing lots of things the long way around!

RETIRING BLUEPRINTS and PIXIE DUST: All Blueprints posted prior to 1 April 2013 have been retired and are no longer available.  Please do not ask us for them if you neglected to download them, joined too late to get them, ran out of time, or lost them in a computer crash or other computer-related event.  There are plenty of Blueprints on the site, and more to come!  Remember to download your R2R Blueprint Checklists and D2D Blueprint Checklists  – you’ll find them on the new Handouts link on the menu bar. And just a reminder – we no longer provide Pixie Dust checklists since switching to Pixie Dust Collections.

Each Blueprint is posted with a “RETIREMENT DATE” on it so that you will know how long it will be available on the website.  It is your responsibility to download Blueprints while they are available and back up your downloaded files.  We will not be sending missing Blueprints out later, so please be diligent about getting them while you can.  All Blueprints will be available for four months from the time they are posted.

Download and print this month’s calendar of events. Mark them off as you watch, read, or download, and you won’t miss a thing:

September 2013 Calendar


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29 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit: It’s September, and a New Day

  1. You have my feedback in the survey, but since you asked again, my personal preference is not to lump all pixie dust and lump all blueprints in one monthly download for each. I am definitely more motivated by checking here often to see the new blueprint of the week/challenge/or collection of pixie dust. This keeps my pages flowing on a regular basis because it’s “in the moment”, rather than a big collection to sort through and “eventually” use. Just my 2 cents.

    • Shelley says:

      Thanks for the feedback Maureen. We understand completely! What we plan to do is feature a different blueprint of pixie dust each week (Blueprints on Wednesdays and Pixie Dust on Fridays) on our Facebook page, so hopefully that will still keep the creative juices flowing, while making the download process more streamlined. We appreciate your input, and we will be monitoring to see how things go with this new format.

  2. Fran Arcoria says:

    OK I think I am confused a bit or perhaps a lot…we used to get the BP a couple times a week and that took a bit to adjust to but all was good! My calendar was marked as BP day so I wouldn’t forget and then they were moved to 1x a month and we got several together (I thought at the beginning of the month). But now this months calendar has them at the end of the month AND on Mondays and mid month! Now I am REALLY confused. So is September the final month where we will have 10-12 live BPs?

    • Shelley says:

      This POST explains it Fran. This month is a transition, so we still have weekly downloads for September, but from October onwards, all the blueprints will be in one big download at the end of the previous month. You’ll still be getting at least 9 live Blueprints every month.

  3. Margaret says:

    Ahhh, I knew it would be fixed overnight. Yes, you must all be sooooo exhausted. I think I must have got up too early – I have only just worked out what 18BC is!!! What a pesky font – LOL Love you guys – thanks for all you do for us.

  4. Deanna Emmert says:

    I think I’m getting used to navigating the “updated” site so far. Love this new calendar and the updates. I am going to assume that the little box with the dash and arrow above it signifies a download? If this was already addressed someplace else, then I apologize for being out of the loop! 🙂 What font was used to write the “handwritten” parts about whose blog would be posted when, etc. or is that really someone’s awesome handwriting?

  5. Corene says:

    By the time I got here, it was the September 2013 calendar. haha. I so appreciate your clarity when you present where you are going to take us with p2P…just like all the other things that you do. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service.

  6. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Now that p2P is no longer exclusively Creative Memories, do the pages that we post on the p2P Facebook page need be contain only CM content?

  7. 3starrabbit says:

    What font is the ‘writing’ on the calendar?

  8. Cathy says:

    Sorry… that’s August Calendar re-posted!

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