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At long last, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Thursday’s late afternoon announcement regarding a tentative (subject to court approval) agreement between Panstoria and Creative Memories really got the social media sites buzzing!  I first saw the announcement on the News Feed in my StoryBook Creator program, and rushed to grab a screen shot and post it on our Facebook page, then I quickly checked some other sites for more information.  The version in SBC was written by Panstoria, and Creative Memories Consultants received a similar but slightly different version from the CM Home Office.  As is often the case, a bit of information spawned even more questions and lots of speculation.

Here at pixels2Pages, we do our best to wait until there is solid information to share and to resist wondering about what might happen.  We’ll all know soon enough, but we realize how hard it is to wait and wonder.  So, here’s the most recent information shared by Panstoria – there has already been an update to the original post:

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.44.24 AM


After reading lots of questions from Consultants and customers, and after consultation with our partners, Panstoria, I will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.  Please keep in mind that while this announcement is BIG NEWS, it is by no means a done deal.  It still requires court approval, and this was also posted yesterday: “there are additional conversations happening between Panstoria, Creative Memories, and a third interested firm. If that negotiation is successful, it will supersede this agreement.”

I have done my best to ask the right questions to the right people, but I still may not get it 100% right.  Based on what the above announcement says, and on the research I’ve done, here are my best answers to some of your potential questions.

Q.  Why is activation support for Memory Manager and StoryBook only available through the end of this year?

A.  Creative Memories has decided not to market and support MM and SBC as part of their new business plan.  This agreement is intended to provide a way for current users of MM and SBC to continue to use those programs until they are able to purchase and install Panstoria’s branded programs, Historian and Artisan, which are very similar to MM and SBC.  As noted previously, Panstoria created and developed all four of those programs.

Q.  What exactly does activation support mean?

A.  Currently, if you need to install MM or SBC onto a new computer, you may need to contact Creative Memories to get a new activation code.  After 23 September 2013, when CM ceases its support of these programs, there would be no way to get a new activation code without this agreement.

Q.  So what happens if I need to install MM or SBC after 31 December 2013?

A.  You will no longer be able to get a new activation code.  To continue using similar programs, you would need to purchase Artisan and/or Historian.

Q.  What about other support for MM and SBC?

A.  Panstoria will not be providing tech support, bug fixes (other than for printing issues), updates (again, other than for printing), or upgrades (to new versions of the software) for Creative Memories programs, Memory Manager and StoryBook Creator.  They will be providing all of those things for their programs, Historian and Artisan.

Q. Regarding printing, what happens after 31 December 2013?

A.  As stated above, you will be able to print from SBC to the Panstoria Print Shop AT LEAST through 31 December 2013.  While you may be able to print from SBC at Panstoria Print Shop beyond that date, you may want to be planning to convert to Artisan to insure printing capabilities continue.

Q. What does ‘similar, though not identical’ mean?

A.  Printing will not be done at the Creative Memories Digital Center, so the results won’t be identical.  Some products currently available may not be available in the future, while some new products may be available.  The print quality will be high.  The Panstoria Print Shop is under construction now, so look for more info on printing later this month.

Q. Does this mean I can upload books and projects directly to the Panstoria Print Shop from my SBC program?  What about from Artisan?

A. Yes, that’s what it means.  Same process as is currently available.  Artisan users do not need to be concerned with the 31 December 2013 date.

Q. Will I have to pay for this update that will let me print books at PPS?

A. No, there is no fee for this update.

Q. So this is the biggie, right?  I’ll be able to use all of my content in Artisan?

A.  That is correct!  Your investment in content has been protected!  No converting content required – you’ll be able to use your SBC content in Artisan as it is!

Q. What about my tags and categories?

A. Tags are no problem.  We are working on some strategies for categories.

Q.  How do I make the switch from SBC to Artisan?

A. First, purchase the program.  Next, read this TIP about making the switch.  Finally, stay tuned for more information – we will be here to help you with this process!

Q. So are you saying that I can buy some of the CM content I missed earlier?  Even if I live in Australasia?

A. Yes, for up to six months after court approval.  No matter where you live!

Q. What happens after that?

A. Panstoria is in the process of finding quality content for its store, but CM content will not be available for purchase after the six months have expired.  You will still be able to use content that you purchased prior to that.

Q. I’m a Consultant, and most of my business is digital.  How will I be able to make money now?

A.  First, you will need to check with Creative Memories to see what is permitted if you plan to remain a CMC.  Panstoria offers an affiliate program – click HERE for information about becoming a Panstoria affiliate.  Being an affiliate allows you to earn income when people purchase anything from the Panstoria Store (NOT the Panstoria Print Shop) after clicking on an affiliate link on your blog or website.  pixels2Pages is a Panstoria affiliate, so we’d appreciate it if you click HERE to purchase Artisan or HERE to purchase Historian.  APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) members are eligible for a higher percentage of affiliate earnings.

pixels2Pages is exploring affiliate program options now, but it may be next year before we are prepared to offer such a program.

Q. What about printing?  Can I get a commission for that?

A. Panstoria is not a direct sales company – they are an online business.  They do not have Consultants, and they do not intend to ‘replace’ Creative Memories.  At this point, the only way to earn income via digital sales is to become a Panstoria affiliate.

Q.  So are you saying that even if I have MM and SBC, and they work just fine, I should buy ANOTHER program?  Why?

A. For reasons (mostly regarding support) mentioned above, we recommend that you at least begin planning to purchase Panstoria’s software.  Also, please consider that Panstoria is in business, too.  For all of us to be able to continue to use the software programs we have come to love, we need to make sure Panstoria is able to remain a viable business.  Without Panstoria, we’ll all be looking for new digital scrapbooking software!

Q. So will there be a discount, since I’ve already paid for MM and SBC?

A. Artisan and Historian are both reasonably priced at $39.95.  Artisan can be loaded on TWO computers – at this time, Historian can only be loaded on one machine.  The programs are VERY SIMILAR to SBC and MM – most of you will not notice a difference – but they are not the same!  Creative Memories has made a business decision to simplify their offerings, and part of that decision means they will no longer support, promote, and market StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager software.  Creative Memories has worked with Panstoria to come to an agreement that provides the best possible solution for CM customers.  Panstoria is stepping up to offer us a solution for our digital scrapbooking needs.  I believe Panstoria deserves our support.

Q. What does that NOTE mean?  What third party?

A.  No clues about the identity of the interested third party.  It sounds to me like a company may be interested in purchasing the digital portion of Creative Memories.  I am not sure what that would mean for any of us, so we’ll just need to be patient and see what develops.

The bottom line for me is that no matter what happens – whether conversations with third parties turn into deals or not – as long as the court approves of this agreement, we will be able to keep scrapping using software that we love, and using the content we’ve invested in!  pixels2Pages is looking forward to great things to come with our new partners, Panstoria and APPO.  We invite you to follow our path to the future!



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97 Responses to Blog: Very Happy Talk

  1. Robin says:

    I have been a CMC for 15 years but am planning on resigning. I love the pixes. I have a question about customers who want to buy SB4 and MM which unfortunately I have in my inventory. Is there any benefit for them to do that and then buy Artisan and Historian. I would love to sell these programs but not if its a waste of money for my customers. Please advise.

    • Shelley says:

      I know you’d love to get rid of your inventory but there really is no value to anyone in purchasing SBC or MM now. Artisan and Historian are substantially cheaper, offer more function, and will have ongoing support and upgrades. And Artisan can be installed on two computers. You might like to consider signing up as an affiliate for Panstoria, which will give you a 25% commission on software and digital content purchased by your customers. For more info on the affiliate program, check our FAQs

  2. Linda Long says:

    I only use Memory Manager from Creative Memories. Is one product better than the other for that purpose?

  3. Robin Parsons says:

    Hello Pixies! Just downloaded Artisan and Historian! It was very easy to download. My vault from MM is now safely in Historian and it looks exactly the same! Now waiting until I can transfer my digital content and projects from SBC4 to Artisan. Even though I am sad to see that CM decided not to continue digital scrapbooking, I am so thankful that Panstoria is there! And VERY thankful for all of you Pixies that are helping to make this transition as smooth as possible and walking us through it!

  4. seagirls says:

    Ok I have read all the above and still have a question 🙂 If we purchase Artisan and our content goes into it..will it not work again in SBC? Also seeing that there is only one license for Historian I do have a question..My vault is on an EHD. If I buy one copy of Historian (for my desk top) and leave MM on my laptop -can I use both until I am ready to buy 2 copies? In other words will my vault recognize both programs as you said their are a few differences – catagories etc.? And did I understand that if we sign up for affilliates we do NOT make a commission on printing (books etc?) only software? And like everyone else I am grateful for you all keeping us up with all the information as you get it. Thanks for all YOUR hard work!

    • Jan says:

      Good questions, seagirls, and thanks for your kind acknowledgement.

      Pending court approval, you will be able to use your content in both SBC and Artisan – you will just need to tell each program where (on your computer) to look for it. That said, after all is said and done and Artisan is working with SBC content and formats, I would uninstall SBC, as the programs take up a good bit of space on your computer when you run them both. Your projects, pages, and content will still be safely stored on your computer (and of course, we recommend backing them all up anyway!).

      I will have to check about your Historian/MM question, but I will get back to you on that.

      Panstoria affiliates earn commission on everything that is sold from the panstoria.com website, so software and content, but not printing, which is sold from a different website (www.panstoriaprintshop.com). Click HERE if you would like to become a Panstoria affiliate. NOTE: You must have a blog or website in order to be an affiliate.

    • Shelley says:

      You can access the same Memory Vault with Historian and Memory Manager 4 (but not Memory Manager 3 or 2). There are no significant differences between MM4 and Historian.

  5. Jan Vomacka says:

    Since Artisan can be loaded on two machines, can our content also be loaded on the same two machines? It would be nice to have our desktop and laptop synced!

  6. Raine Wilson says:

    I’m READY! I’ve purchased Artisan and set up my profile in both Panstoria and Panstoria Print Shop. Upon opening Artisan, all my non-CM purchased personal art kits have appeared ready for use! I’m looking forward to learning about the “new” stuff in Artisan that wasn’t in SB4.
    As always, thanks PIxies for keeping us up to date with all this great news and fingers crossed that the courts give approval for the CM artwork to also open within Artisan soon 🙂

    • Jan says:

      Good for you, Lady Raine!! We are hoping for court approval,too, so we can get back to the business of scrapbooking!

      • Raine Wilson says:

        Hi Jan 🙂
        I noticed when I downloaded the Vintage Memories Predesigned pages that there isn’t a cover template. Are we going to be building our book cover as if it were a front and back page rather than a cover?
        Thanks and have a terrific day 🙂

        • Raine Wilson says:

          Oops – now having just created a new project so that I can play with the software, I do see a cover, but it’s totally blank so that we can build our own 🙂

        • Shelley says:

          Don’t forget to download the free Vintage Memories Digital Kit (it’s under Free Content), then you can design your cover to match.

          • Raine Wilson says:

            Yeah 😀 I did that too!
            This news is all exciting. It was awesome to see that the software is just what we are used to, so we can smoothly transition over to Artisan and continue to enjoy our scrapbooking!

  7. Chris Schilling says:

    So excited for this news!! I haven’t had time to stop here in awhile so all of my info has come from CM. Imagine my excitement to see that you are now Panstoria affiliates, that boded well. Then to read this post!! I am over the moon. So much good news- another opportunity to get content I missed, seamless transition from current products and all of my content still usable. Yay! Is this post part of your free trial subscription? I have encouraged my Digi Scrappers to subscribe and this transition might be what seals the deal for them. The support that you offer on a daily basis is so worth it already, but with a transition like this, even if “seamless”, your help will be … priceless!! I would love to be able to direct others to your site and know they were at the very least getting this information with their free trial because they would be crazy not to join after reading it and they will better understand what is ahead even if they are crazy enough not to join. I will then schedule an intervention for them. Thanks, Pixies!!! Again!!

    • Jan says:

      We are excited, too, Chris! While this post isn’t part of the Free Trial, it is open to the public, as are all of our news and blog posts. We will be looking for your Digi Scrappers, so be sure to tell them to say hello!

  8. Robin Parsons says:

    If I were to go ahead and purchase Artisan, would I receive information and instructions on when and how to transfer my digital artwork to Artisan? Would it come through Panstoria or would I find it here on P2P? I hope I’m not asking a question y’all have answered a million times already! I’m just a little overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on with CM. I’m definitely going to make the transition to Artisan and Historian. Just trying to figure out the best time to do so. Thank you Pixies for all you’ve done to keep everyone informed!

  9. Lynne says:

    There is a question regarding tags and categories above… What does it mean – “We are working on some strategies for categories.” Does Artisan not have Catgories? 🙂 Thx for all your assistance in helping us understand is what is going on!

    • Jan says:

      Lynne, Artisan has categories. The way things stand now, you will lose previously designated categories when you import your content from SBC to Artisan (just like when you brought content from SBC 3 to SBC 4). We are brainstorming with Panstoria about ways we could make the transition easier.

  10. Linda says:

    Very disappointed. I purchased Historian on Sunday and still have not received confirmation from Panstoria as to whether it was accepted. I have sent them a note through their website and no response to that either.

    • Jan says:

      Sorry you’ve had trouble, Linda! That is so frustrating! I’ve just checked with Panstoria, and here is their reply: “If she didn’t receive a confirmation email with her product key within a few minutes then the purchase probably did not go through. She should login to her account on panstoria.com to see if it shows that she purchased any software, as the key would be there.” So, please try logging into Panstoria, and if your product key isn’t there, I would try again to purchase it.

  11. Sheryl Gibson says:

    Thanks so much for all of the great information! It has been comforting having you walk us through this. It may have been answered, but I can’t find it – will sbpage files and page files just open in Artisan? I am guessing (and hoping) that we will be able to use all of our blueprints and templates that we have in that format?


  12. Ruth Bell says:

    When we buy from Panstoria, I am assuming we will be paying in US funds with a credit card. I am also assuming that the price will be the same whether we live in Canada, Australasia or the US. Are my assumptions correct? Or shouldn’t I assume anything? When Canadians bought from Creative Memories, we paid more…. even when our dollar was at par and even when it was an on-line purchase.

  13. Vicki Neil says:

    Thanks Panstoria and pixels2Pages for all you’ve done to save us from having to start from scratch with new software and the costs that would involve to build up our ‘stocks’ of kits/embellishments etc.
    Before I purchase Artisan and Historian from you, just wanted to confirm a) that I will be able to use the SBC kits I currently own (and there’s lots of them!) with the Artisan software and that b) I will be able to open my completed project in the MyStory version of Panstoria to upload to them for printing.
    One more quick question … will Australians be able to purchase CM kits up to 31st December or is it limited to America? If we can purchase them, how do we do it?

    • Shelley says:

      Yes, assuming the court approves the current proposal (and since both parties agree, it is likely they will), the answer is yes to all your questions! You won’t be abl to use your kits until the agreement is approved, but then an update to Artisan will be released to “unlock” the kits. Then the CM kits will be available for purchase through the Panstoria website, which is an international site, so you will have no trouble purchasing directly through them. We will provide direct links here on our site too.

  14. eric cook says:

    How does the Panstoria affiliates work with relation to MyStory in Australia?

    • Shelley says:

      Australians can become Affiliates for Panstoria, and sell both Artisan and Historian software. To use Artisan & print at MyStory, you need to convert your project to the free MyStory Designer program for uploading. Since MyStory Designer is free, there is obviously no commission to be made there, and at this time there is no commission on printing, though I understand MyStory have their own referral program.

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