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What an exciting couple of weeks it has been in our house!

We have seen Chloe (our eldest daughter) graduate from High School today, after 13 years at the same school.  Two weeks ago, she was finishing of her Trial examinations in preparation for the real thing in three weeks’ time.  She did two music performances (over two fabulous nights of entertainment) in preparation for her external music performance exam which was held last week as well as completing numerous University applications for entry, scholarships and also Early Entry all with a variety of deadlines and requirements.

Last week Chloe came down with a cold and while she was looking forward to her last days of schooling, she ended up sick in bed.  This week, on Tuesday she was rushed from school to hospital in an ambulance with chest pain, rib pain and vomiting.  After a couple of hours observation, and some pain relief, she was sent home missing half of her last official day of school.

Then it was “muck up” day – where graduating students get to cause all sorts of havoc in the name of fun!  Her year decided on the theme “what I want to be when I grow up” and wanting to be a midwife, she had a gorgeous “Call the Midwife” outfit, but she wasn’t if sure she was going to get there.  At the last minute, she decided to go, not wanting to miss anything but as long as I went along too (ready to take her home if necessary) she was happy 🙂

Today was all about graduation!  First a breakfast for families at our local Anglican Church followed by a graduation assembly at school.

I was constantly being asked if I was sad and how I felt … not sad at all!  Totally excited for what is in store next for Chloe in following her passion and her dreams.

You just never know what the next chapter holds …


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17 Responses to Blog: A new chapter

  1. Tameka says:

    Congratulations Chloe. Juzzi…now you get back and see all that hard work you put into mothering her go into full bloom. So if there are any tears…let them be happy ones.

  2. Alicia O'Bryant says:

    thanks for sharing! She is lovely and the layout is great! good luck to Chloe!

  3. cmcharlotte cmcharlotte says:

    Feeling sorry that Chloe missed those last events of school however, I can tell with you as her Mum that she has a go forward attitude and appreciates all her adventures. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely story. My granddaughter is looking at nursing as her career; thank goodness for those who can provide that service to those in need. Very special calling.

    • Justine says:

      Thank you Charlotte! Chloejane improved enormously and is enjoying studying and surfing at her own pace. Good luck to your granddaughter too – such a special path 🙂

  4. Carmen says:

    I LOVE the re-enactment! Sooo cute!

  5. Jan says:

    Beautiful, Juzzi! And BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Chloe Jane! I know she will be a FABULOUS midwife! And I have an African connection for her when she’s ready… xx

  6. junegauntley says:

    What a lovely page, Justine! I love the personal story and how excited you are for your daughter. The photo of the two girls on Chloe’s first day of school 13 years ago is just priceless! Great inspiration! 🙂

  7. Kim says:

    WOW…. time does fly! Seems like we were all anticipating the year 2000 and it is already 2013. Congratulations to Chole! Her future is exciting and bright!

  8. annette says:

    You’re making me cry!! My oldest boy will graduate next May – college and beyond a year from now… I love your positive spin on the excitement and anticipation, rather than the sadness for things that are ending. Congratulations to you and your family!

  9. Janice says:

    I love your excitement for Chloe as she heads into the next phase of her life!

  10. Katrina says:

    Hello Justine, so glad Chloe is doing better and was able to partake in senior activities. Great page!

  11. adakallen adakallen says:


  12. Anita Albritton says:

    Congratulations to Chloe on her graduation, and all the best as she pursues her nursing and midwifery education and goals!

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