I have quite a few obsessions – most of them have a lasting end result as they involve some form of memory keeping with photos that are treasured keepsakes for my immediate family, or are treasured gifts to friends and family. It’s a given that at any Christmas there are at least several photo memory gifts under the tree. Other obsessions involve various other types of craft that are either kept or given as gifts. Then there’s an obsession with baking or cooking – not the regular “what’s for dinner” type feeling when I really have no idea – but the baking that is done just for the joy of it, and these moments are always enjoyed at the end of the result, and while they don’t last long on the plate – some of them invoke lasting memories of favourite treats, meals and the occasion that came with those edible memories.

I have a bit of a guilty obsession – one that doesn’t have any end result, just something that I sit and enjoy in the moment. I am a bit of a reality TV Fan. There are many shows that I have watched over the years – The Block, Australian Idol, The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, Beauty & The Geek, Australia’s Got Talent, X-Factor, Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, The Bachelor (the Australian series, the first one, I’m watching right now as I type, although I don’t know if I’ll last to the end!), and there are many more along the way that I’ve started, but never watched all the way through. Some of these shows I’ve watched just a season, or probably two seasons – and in some cases more seasons that I care to admit.

But …. there is one show that is a definite favourite! I have watched it from it’s very first season,  even when the television station messed all the times up and started screening it too late at night – thank goodness for being able to program and record episodes. Now, my children sit and watch it with me too. It’s something that we sit down and watch together – it’s like a family tradition – me and the kids and my obsession – which I have now inflicted on them! Season 27 – and it’s still the best ever “reality” show …. ever!!! Thankfully it’s being screened on Thursday nights at 8.30pm, straight after the USA sees it. If the phone rings, I ignore it. The computer – it gets shut down. I don’t even check anything on my phone. That’s how much I just love Survivor! I love the challenges, I love the players – both good and nasty, I love the drama, I love the stunning scenery, I love the deception, I love the backstabbing, – oh – and did I say, I loooove the challenges. I love it all! It may be shallow of me – but that one hour a week when it is on, is totally time out mode! I just live in that one hour and don’t think of anything else! Yep – you can all laugh at me now – but know, that in just over 24 hours, I know exactly what I’ll be doing – and loving it!  JG_Blog_25Sep2013

Another page print to go into my “This is My Story” Album.

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21 Responses to Blog: My Obsession

  1. aimado says:

    I love this page! Great example of telling a story without pictures. I am interested in more information about your “This is my story” album.

  2. I am a big Survivor fan, too! I think this is going to be one of the best ones yet! I also love to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Orange County, New York, and Beverly Hills! And I like Dance Moms — I love to watch the kids dance, but the Moms just crack me up! Oh, and I can’t forget Double Divas!

    • Janice says:

      I agree Debbie – can’t wait for Thursday and the next episode of Survivor! The rest of the shows you’ve listed we don’t have here (well I don’t have cable TV, so that’s probably why!). It’s probably a good thing I don’t have cable TV – I’d never get anything done 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    and Janice, you know I’m not a reality TV watcher. Give me a good ol’ soppy story any day. I am keen to see who takes out the X Factor final though. I’m still hanging out for Revenge and A Place to Call Home to start again. Love that you journalled it though, you do well with your Day2Day stuff.

  4. Glenna says:

    I’m not a real big reality TV watcher, but I have a few favorites–American Idol, Dancing with Stars, The Voice. Tried to get into Survivor and the other shows, but lost interest. I do like the idea of “My Story” either pages or doing a book. I think it would be great to pass on to family members, but also a very good way to relieve stress and frustrations, whether you put the pages in albums or not. I did a similar project when 9/11 happened, I did a whole album of that and it was my way of dealing with the devastation as I had been in New York and in the World Trade Centers several times.

    • Janice says:

      I think it’s wonderful that we can work on pages/projects that help us get through events Glenna. I have always referred to my scrapbooking as a form of Yoga – I find it calming to sit and be absorbed in the moment of making a page or two.

  5. Penny Peterson says:

    Janice, right there with you in front of the TV on Survivor nights! Other reality shows I have known and loved: Dancing With the Stars, Amazing Race, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Iron Chef, Next Iron Chef, Top Chef, Next Food Network Star, Chopped (mmm, food theme going on), American Idol. When my kids were younger, I we watched some of these shows together (well, not The Bachelor), and then we discussed the choices the various characters made and whether they would be good choices in real life. Lots of great conversations ensued!

  6. What a great idea Janice – a “This is my Story” album with lots of different daily topics and themes that really wouldn’t have photos, but our grandchildren might want to know about us someday. I have this fantastic out of print book by Bob Green and D.G. Fulford – “To Our Children’s Children” that is perfect for topics like this! Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, and I love the Amazing Race, but have to watch the rented series in one marathon sitting since we don’t watch TV. It’s a great way to virtually travel and enjoy a little competition.

    • Janice says:

      I have quite a few random things in this album already – and some pages just waiting to be added to. I love that we can get page prints and add to an album at any time rather than just waiting on a Storybook to be finished. After all – “my story” is ongoing! I love the title of “To Our Children’s Children” – it sounds wonderful!

  7. dachiemama dachiemama says:

    I don’t like real reality shows, but we do watch The Voice regularly and after Katrina, when we had nothing to do at night, we watched Dancing With the Stars. Heck, we even took ballroom dancing. My all-time guilty pleasure was The Fear Factor. I never missed it, but hated to admit it! Never thought about doing a page on that!

  8. Sue Thoenes says:

    Whoa, I am a Survivor fan, too. Total Addiction and Proud of it: Never missed an episode from the very beginning…Love Rupert!!! Loved it when we first got a glimpse of him stealing everyone’s shoes that they all so trustingly left on the ground for anyone to take. (I have purchased so many items from the Survivor store!!)…..

  9. Tameka says:

    Love this story and page. One of my “no end result” obsessions was Dexter. The series finale was this past weekend. So now I am lost :-(. Guess I will create a page about it too. Love the idea of the “This is my story” album.

  10. Liz Propst says:

    Such a fun blog and a perfect follow up to Anne’s journaling info from yesterday….thanks for sharing your story! …and I on the other hand almost never turn on the TV.

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