Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, y’all!  It’s a new day for digital scrapbookers, as Creative Memories has passed the Memory Manager/StoryBook Creator torch to Panstoria and their Historian and Artisan programs.  All of us at pixels2Pages are excited about our new partnerships with Panstoria and APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) and we have almost completed the transition to our new-look website, memberships, and schedule. Most of the questions regarding Creative Memories and their plans regarding digital scrapbooking have been answered.

As of yesterday (30 September 2013), Artisan users were able to migrate their content, projects, categories and tags, and all settings in options and they are able to upload their projects directly to the Panstoria Print Shop.  Later this week, updates will be available for SBC 4.0 and SBC 3.0 users which will allow them to upload projects directly to the Panstoria Print Shop.  All of you who have invested in, learned to use, and come to love Memory Manager and StoryBook Creator will find that even more good stuff awaits you in Historian and Artisan!  You can use your CM content, you can continue to purchase CM (and any other) content, CM content will automatically install in Artisan, and you’ll be able to print high quality photo books and more at the Panstoria Print Shop.

For those of you wondering about what to do regarding the purchase of new programs when the ones you have still work: Memory Manager and StoryBook Creator will soon be obsolete programs.  Historian and Artisan will be the programs that are being supported, fixed, updated, and upgraded.  Panstoria is the company that will be doing this work, and we believe they deserve your whole-hearted support.  What that means is that we encourage you to purchase Artisan and Historian, to purchase content from the Panstoria store, and to print books and order projects from the Panstoria Print Shop.  If you are a Creative Memories Consultant, we understand that parts of the picture are still out of focus.  We encourage you to contact Consultant Services for information about CM’s policy with regard to Panstoria’s affiliate programs and APPO memberships.  If your business was predominantly digital, we understand that you are looking for ways to generate income; however, we sincerely hope that you will recommend Panstoria and Panstoria Print Shop to your customers who wish to continue scrapbooking digitally.

Here at pixels2Pages, we will be continuing to train, inspire, and motivate those of you using these programs.  We had lots of fun stuff available last month, and you’ve already had a chance to download ALL of the Blueprints and Pixie Dust for October!  Our new schedule started yesterday – be sure to download this month’s calendar (at the bottom of this post) so you won’t miss a single thing!  For those of you who have been a little pre-occupied with the beginning of school or the unease of the bankruptcy proceedings, here’s our look back at what was released in September:

Blueprints:  There were 10 spectacular Blueprints, brought to you by  Shelley, Kim, Janice, and Justine.  And in case that wasn’t enough, ALL of the October Blueprints are available in one easy download!  And guess what – we’ve decided to continue offering 11 x 8.5″ pages!  NOTE: Next month’s Blueprints will be presented in one post on the final Saturday of this month.  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use our Blueprints.  We’d love your feedback!

  • Ready2Roll: Then and Now, But Wait, Jean & Skip (DPS), Poolside, The Old Quarry
  • Day2Day: September Downloads – Time to Shop (DPS) and New Lines (DPS)
  • Remember to save and print the Blueprint Checklists for your reference!

Pixie Dust:  Perfect for lots of pages, these fabulous designs were created by Kerrianne, Anne, Justine, Mary and Janice.  And there’s more!  Did you see the October Big Collection?  Get all of your Pixie Dust in one download!  NOTE: Next month’s Pixie Dust will be presented in one large collection on the final Saturday of the month.  We hope this will make it easier for you to download and use Pixie Dust.  We’d love your feedback!

  • Ready2Roll: Good Times, Let’s Paint, Eclectic Collection, September Fields
  • Day2Day: This Week

ChallengesDid you try something new?  This month’s challenges were load of fun – and it looks like many of you agreed!  If you haven’t already, post your completed Challenge pages on our Facebook page.  We love seeing your pages!

  • 170: Border Plus
  • 171: Make It Black
  • 172: Pavement Border
  • 173: Reverse Photo Letters
  • 174: Photo Letter Title

Tips: Our Tips may be the most undervalued parts of your membership!  If you’re not in the habit of reading them, you’re missing out.  Everything you always needed to know, but didn’t know who to ask!  The answer? Ask Shelley, Anne, and Justine!

Videos: Lights, action, camera!  Once more, the creativity of our p2P team will astound you, and we’ll have you taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary!   Sit back and enjoy these videos – then make a page and post it for us!

Video Tidbits

  • Color Wash vs Adjust Hue by Tameka
  • Something Old, Something New by Shelley
  • Hue Do You Adjust It? by Mary


  • Beach by Justine

FREE TRIAL – In June, we began showcasing a standard, static sampling of each of the things we offer, including Blueprints, Pixie Dust, and B2B.  This Free Trial is open to anyone, does not require registration, and may be viewed for as long as you want.  We’d love to hear what you think! If you have friends undecided about joining p2P, send them to our free trial so they can try before they buy.

p2P LIVE!:  Registration for p2P LIVE New York City  is open now.   Join Tameka for a Fall Mega-Crop – a colossal 25 hours of crop time on Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27!  Also on the p2P LIVE Agenda is p2P LIVE Morgan Hill (CA).  Kim will be hosting and training at this one-day event in northern California on Saturday, 19 October – not to be missed! If you would like to host a p2P LIVE event in your local area, contact us and we would love to come to your neighborhood.

FAQs, Help! and NEWS:  If these sections aren’t the first places you go when you have a question, they should be!  Almost all of your questions about memberships, PayPal, and MUCH, MUCH MORE are answered here, and you won’t have to wait for us to answer your emails.  By the end of July, we were able to give some long-awaited updates to those of you wondering about the future of Creative Memories, StoryBook Creator, and Memory Manager software.  While we still don’t have all of the answers, here is what we do know:

Newsletter: Focus on the Fans featuring Bridget Clay

Please have a look in our FAQs, especially if you have membership and/or PayPal questions.

Back2Basics: We are loving seeing beginners and seasoned SBC users learning things in Back2Basics!  Even if you are a veteran digital scrapper, we encourage you to take time to review these lessons.  I can almost guarantee you will learn SOMETHING!  Keep in mind that if you are self-taught (or were, at the beginning) you may be doing something the hard way.  We found out we Pixies were doing lots of things the long way around!  Back2Basics is available as part of the Pixels2Pages membership only through the end of the year.  Beginning in 2014, it will be available as a separate purchase.

RETIRING BLUEPRINTS and PIXIE DUST: All Blueprints posted prior to 1 May 2013 have been retired and are no longer available.  Please do not ask us for them if you neglected to download them, joined too late to get them, ran out of time, or lost them in a computer crash or other computer-related event.  There are plenty of Blueprints on the site, and more to come!  Remember to download your R2R Blueprint Checklists and D2D Blueprint Checklists  – you’ll find them on the new Handouts link on the menu bar.

Download and print this month’s calendar of events. Mark them off as you watch, read, or download, and you won’t miss a thing:

october calendar

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38 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit: Fall into New Habits

  1. Lisa Purrington says:

    I have not been staying totally up to date of everything with SB4 and uploading books to Panstoria. I have not purchased Artisan yet but plan to do so shortly, however when I updated SB4 with the Panstoria update, my program no longer shows photos on the right side file and also the when trying to change the color, the sample eyedropper no longer works. I have a couple books ready to upload. If I install Artisan is the switchover easy and where in P2P do I find that information. I’m sorry I seem to have lost the conversational thread. Thanks for all your help.

    • Jan says:

      There has been a lot to keep up with, Lisa! I suspect that you probably haven’t lost the features that you are describing, as they are common to both SBC and Artisan. Try looking at the view ribbon to move your photos from the bottom to the right side of the page, and/or make sure you are working in a PROJECT as opposed to a PAGE. HERE is a tip that will help you with that distinction.

      As for the color sampler, that is a new one. Can you give me some specifics about what happens when you try to use it? Like, could you send me a screen shot of what you are looking at when you try to sample a color? You can send it to info@pixels2Pages.net.

      HERE is some information about Panstoria software, along with FAQs. HERE is information about making the switch to Artisan, and HERE is info about importing your art kits. It is super easy!

  2. barrieperrottino barrieperrottino says:

    Pixies are the best…. I love that I can come to your site and always find something that works with whatever project I am currently working on. I admire your adaptability and the class with which you do it. Kudos to all of you for making the switch from CM to Panstoria and helping the rest of us along the way. I shall be a member for life! You are all an inspiration on and off the pages!

  3. kmayster says:

    I know this is sounding redundant, but thank you so much for hanging in there for all of us and helping this to get worked out. I have migrated to Artisan and it couldn’t be easier so I am so encouraged and so glad you are still here.
    And as so many others have said thank you so much for keeping the 11 x 8.5 blueprints. I am convinced to stay with P2P

  4. Mindy LeVar says:

    I received my first order of 12×12 Page Prints from Panstoria Print Shop yesterday. I ordered them on Oct 1st (Tues) and received them Oct 5th (Sat). I used the first class mail option (the cheapest option). Packaging was similar to CM’s and more than adequate. They are beautiful, and the quality is the same (if not slightly better) than the page prints I have ordered in the past from CM (and I have ordered hundreds of Page Prints through the CM Digital Center). Way better than Persnickety and Scrapping Simply, which are both printed on photo paper and both priced at $1.99 per print. Not even comparable to Costco’s, which are printed on lower quality photo paper and priced at $2.99 per Page Print. Panstoria’s are printed on thick premium satin paper (as stated on their website) just like the page prints from CM Digital Center were and I LOVE them. The pricing is great, too. Regular price is $2.99 per Page Print, but the pricing drops to $2.69 per Page Print in batches of 10 or more. I am so pleased with this outcome, I can hardly contain myself!

  5. Kathy Strawn says:

    I am new to P2P and joined just prior to the end of SBC & MM. I had been a consultant for CM, but recently just doing my own thing. I joined to help me with the transition and also because I had heard wonderful things about P2P. I have a couple of questions for you –
    1. I work mainly in SBC 3.0 and MM 3.0. I had purchased SBC 4.0 and tried to work in it a little. I did create 1 storybook, but was uncomfortable and therefore, continued to work in SBC 3.0, where most of my works in project were located. I downloaded and installed MM 4.0 but never used it. How should I handle the download of Artisan and Historian? Do I purchase and then download from the viewpoint of SBC 4.0 or 3.0? I never really opened MM 4.0, but I did do the updates.
    2. I have purchased many other jpeg and png contents from other sites on the internet, and would like to know if my huge content load would be too cumbersome for the new Artisan Program? Is there another way I should handle my content? I like the way everything works in SBC and I am sure I will like Artisan as well. I have not loaded the extra content that I have into SBC but had wanted to, but I was afraid it was too much for SBC to handle and still work properly.
    3. Also, I was wondering if it was better to have several different vaults in MM/Historian than 1 large vault with every picture I have in it? I know I will continue to take pictures and therefore my vault will continue to grow larger, so I was wondering if I am slowing my vault opening by putting every picture into just one vault.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Jan says:

      Welcome to pixels2Pages, Kathy!

      I would just purchase Artisan and Historian and move on over to them; however, be aware that they are very similar to SBC 4.0 and MM 4.0. But now that you are here, we’ll be with you as you make that transition! There are so many more things you can do in these versions than you can in the older versions! Most of our training is done in SBC/MM 4.0 and now in Artisan & Historian, although we have some archived videos in 3.0. To be clear, your projects are in data files on your computer and are not ‘in’ your software program. You will still be able to continue working on your projects in progress.

      Like your projects, content is also stored in data files on your computer and is not ‘in’ Artisan or SBC, so you don’t need to worry about that part. As long as you have room for all of it on your computer, you should be okay. Most of us store our content on an external hard drive, so you may want to consider that. You just need to tell Artisan (or SBC) where to look for the content so that you can use it easily when working on your projects. HERE are some tips about Content Manager.

      Some of us use more than one Memory Vault and some use just one – that is a matter of personal preference. The images are all stored on your computer (or external hard drive), so that is where you need to worry about having enough space.

  6. Kristine says:

    Oh, and one more question. I am working on my 4th baby book, and I am interested in finding a new design for predesigned baby book pages, and embellishments, papers, etc. I’ve never used anything but CM’s. Any Suggestions for a good site to find a kit and/or predesigned pages?

    • Jan says:

      You know you could use any PDPs and/or Blueprints that you like and just change the content to suit you, right? We have lots of videos about making things your own! I expect others here may have suggestions for you.

      • Kristine Fotland says:

        Thank you! I downloaded all the blueprints that were available today, and I’ve downloaded about a years worth of pixie dust to give me a good selection. I also see that Panstoria is starting to load some things. They do have a baby kit that I have not used, so I may use that as a starting point. Now just to organize these things. I’d like to set up Categories, but am not finding any good examples of categories to use. Do you know of any sample resources just to get an idea of how people are using categories. I think I know what I want to do with keywords, but I’m a bit hesitant about using the categories, and ALL my kits are not in any category currently. Thank you all for making me excited about scrapping again!

  7. Kristine says:

    I agree with all the other comments! You have made this transition so much easier and I am excited about all that you have to offer here. The membership is more than worth it, and I’m getting so much more help than I ever did in the 4 years of using SBC. I downloaded Artisan, and I migrated my content. Easy Peasy! I do have a question though. I am one who prints my 12×12 pages and used to use CM’s albums and side loading pages. I LOVED the side loading pages for this use. I also loved the quality and selection of the albums. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives now? I don’t think I can wait for the delayed gratification of printing an entire book up all at once! 🙂

    • Jan says:

      Thank you, Kristine! We are glad we could make this transition a little easier. Unfortunately, I do not have recommendations for replacements for side loading pages. Maybe some of our fans do… But, you might want to try that book – I think it’s pretty cool to be a ‘published author’!

    • Michelelynne says:

      I’m with you Kristine! I’ve always printed my own pages and used the side-loading sleeves and was devastated to find they weren’t making them any longer. If you do find something comparable I would love to know!

    • Carolyn says:

      Kristine, check Hobby Lobby for “strap hinge albums”. I know they have albums and pages like CM’s but not sure about side loading pages.

    • mindys7 says:

      I really, really like the post scrap books as I had trouble with staples pulling out of the strap hinge books. And…I just noticed this morning that Panstoria Print Shop is selling custom covered post books. They are top loading but I would think that would have some benefits to side loading. Yay!!

      I did have a question about Pantoria’s hard back story books: are they the same quality as CM’s were with the stitching and all? And are they ever going to print leather books? And why the limit of 59 pages for lay flat pages? I have recently been printing all of my books with lay flat as I love they way the look, the way the pages turn, etc. But, I always maximize my pages/book to 100 if possible.

  8. Bridget says:

    If I don’t say it often enough….I love P2P, thanks for all the valuable information and fun stuff you offer. Your website has kept us informed and encouraged and I am so excited going forward. I will definitely be purchasing the Artisan software…hey I just look at it as an upgrade. LOL!! Looking forward to our bright future.

  9. Penny says:

    I have turned to your website during the bankruptcy transition and found it to be the most thorough, kind and professional. I consider myself a fairly saavy SBC user but I knew that I was certainly doing some things the long way or, surely there had to be things I didn’t know. I’m so excited with the things I’ve learned already through the Free Trial videos! Like inserting a page from the right side page view screen onto a new page, tagging techniques, and more. Now that the bankruptcy agreement is approved I’ll be asking for Artisan for my birthday (coming up soon!) and a P2P subscription for Christmas. 😉 You are a great group of pixies and I am excited to spend more time with you!! Cheers to Panstoria and our digital future!!

  10. sallycm says:

    Just want to thank all of you for this site, it’s amazing. I so appreciate your breaking the trail with so many things instead of our having to wade through it alone. I didn’t get to move over to Artisan today as I’d planned but I will tomorrow for sure and so looking forward to smooth sailing once again. I am/was a CM consultant and digital was my biggest interest group. I will certainly miss those commissions but I think it may be time to just have some fun with my own projects and help my friends with theirs. Looking forward to some exciting times with Panstoria & P2P & I will be encouraging all of my digital CM customers to move to Artisan and Historian very soon.

  11. Beverly Labosky says:

    I love the fact that we can download everything on one day instead of multiple times during the month. What a great time saver. Thanks.

  12. 66Morgan 66Morgan says:

    Transitioning is always a scary thing for me. Thanks for talking us through all these changes, which to me seem daunting since I am not a computer person and I hope I won’t have too many questions.

    And love the fact you are keeping the 11×8.5 pages also.

  13. Deanna Emmert says:

    Am trying to print off the calendar. When I click on it, a window from Facebook opens up and I’m not even on Facebook. Ummmm… help?

  14. Ruth Bell says:

    Thank you so much for including the 11 X 8 landscape blueprints. Really appreciated!

  15. laurie7piper says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to offer your fabulous blueprints in the 11 x 8.5 size!!! And thank you, too, for all you are doing to help us transition from Creative Memories digital to Panstoria. Looking forward to a bright new world of digital scrapbooking.

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