We decided to go back to the beach for a few days to clean up and close down. The days are shorter now and the nights quite a bit nippy! We slept under 2 wool blankets and were still mighty happy to see the sun rise and warm up the old place. So many large boats went by each day on the waterway – they were no doubt seeking warmer days and nights in Florida or the Caribbean. We’ve made that waterway trip as far south as Hilton Head. There are some beautiful sights along this route – especially along the Edisto River. Still wild and untamed with turtles along the banks, and dolphins that swim alongside the boat.

Speaking of boats, I hope that some of you got a chance to watch the awesome America’s Cup races that took place the last of September in San Francisco Bay. It was incredible to see the speed of these catamarans that looked more like spaceships than boats! Can’t even imagine going almost 50 miles per hour over water. No wonder that they wore padding and helmets. It’s always been a dangerous sport but now with the increased speed – it’s even scary to watch.

Finally home and what a load of laundry to be done! I piled it all out on the porch and got almost all of it done before the rain set in and soaked the rest!

This past Saturday I went to a folk art festival about 30 miles north of here. The setting is so pretty for these imaginative displays so it’s well worth the drive. It’s on the edge of a large lake and the booths are set up under tall pines. There was a group playing bluegrass music under the old pavilion and the aroma of hot grease filled the air. What a treat to sit right at the edge of the lake, enjoying a hotdog smothered in mustard, slaw and onions, watching the boats go by.

I’ve always loved folk art. And after creating several books for a dear friend who has an incredible and varied collection, I’ve learned new appreciation for the genre. Although by definition, folk art is known for its naivete – it can be very sophisticated in its simplicity. Folk art pieces can appear childlike with proportions bearing no resemblance to true size.   Mediums range from cloth, quilts are a good example, to iron weather vanes. And the prices can skyrocket.  There’s a handsome weather vane selling on Ebay right now for $6500.00. Good antique quilts can still be found at local flea markets but the prices of the truly exceptional ones can get up into the thousands of dollars too.

This little folk art show had about 50 dealers and you could find pottery jugs with faces, signs made from bottle caps, carved wooden totems, or enameled pieces on copper. One of the most unique pieces was a whale made from a 1930’s wooden ironing board. If you lifted up the whale’s flipper, there was Jonah tucked inside. A bit more than I could spend but awesome looking!

Here are some photos from the show. If there are some fall festivals close to you, I hope you’ll get out and see some new art, eat some festival food and enjoy the day.

Happy memory making!


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6 Responses to Blog: The scene is changing

  1. Jean says:

    You mention Lake Norman being about 30 miles north of you. Are you near Charlotte/Matthews/Waxhaw NC? MY daughter Sharon Rood Albright lives in Waxhaw. Love your colorful page as I have always loved folk art of all types. Being a decorative painter for many, many years , it is sort of in my blood – long before scrapbooking came into my life.

    • Anne says:

      Sharon is about 20 miles away. What fun to be a decorative painter. Next year you need to set up a booth!

      • jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

        We need to have a meet and greet girls!! I’m camphosting at Lake Norman!!! I really wanted to go to the show but Nanna duties called. My grandkids are doing natural beauty pageants and we had one that weekend and this coming weekend!!

  2. I love that license plate, too! Folk art is so fun! We enjoy an art festival here in our community each fall. Really like how you clipped two photos together on the middle line there Anne! Must try that idea on a page!

  3. Jan says:

    Love the license plate fish! You almost made the temperature drop a few degrees here with your descriptive writing, Anne! Miss NC falls and you! xx

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