Our Facebook page is one of the many ways we use to communicate with our members and fans, and it’s allowed us to build a community among digital scrapbookers all over the world.   We do daily shout-outs on our Facebook page so that you can see at a glance what’s new on the website each day, or what we may be featuring that day.  Those of us on the p2P team post some of our pages there, and we try to give you plenty of samples of how you might use our Blueprints and Pixie Dust, and how we interpreted Challenges and used the information in Video Tidbits and Start2Finish videos.

Facebook Page Guidelines

We invite you to post your pages that were done using techniques you’ve learned on pixels2Pages, or pages you’ve made using Blueprints and/or Pixie Dust, or pages that were the result of trying a p2P challenge on our Facebook page.  Until now, we had also asked that you only use Creative Memories content or artwork on those pages.  Now that we are partnering with Panstoria, and Creative Memories has moved out of the digital scrapbooking arena, we are lifting that restriction.

Here are the guidelines we ask you to follow when posting your completed pages/projects on the pixels2Pages Facebook page:

  • Pages posted here must be related to pixels2Pages – either they started as a p2P Blueprint, you’ve used Pixie Dust on them, they were the result of a p2P Challenge, or they were inspired by or used a technique from a p2P video, tip, or blog post.
  • In the CAPTION of the post, please note which of the above things you used, by name or by hashtag (see below).
  • Also in the caption, please credit ALL content used by first stating the designer’s or company’s name and then the name of the kit(s) used.  No links, please, including hashtags.
  • Please list all fonts used by name only.
  • Please post selected pages from your book or project, and not the entire book (at least, not all at once!)

About Hashtags

You may have noticed that we have added hashtags, like #p2pgirlfriendss2f, to our posts on Facebook this week.  You know how hard it can be to search for a page or post you may have seen on our Facebook page?  Hashtags allow you to search for other posts marked with the same hashtag!  We are hoping this will make our Facebook page even more useful to you.

So what is a hashtag?  On social media sites, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages or posts on a specific topic.  It’s actually quite ingenious!

p2P hashtags will follow a simple system:

  • First, we’ll type the hash or pound sign: #  This is what allows the post to be searchable.
  • Next, we’ll type p2P, so that you’ll always know this post came from pixels2Pages.
  • The title of the Blueprint, Challenge, Video, Pixie Dust Collection, etc. comes next.
  • Finally, we’ll type in the icon abbreviation for the type of post it was – BP for Blueprint, VT for video tidbit, PD for Pixie Dust Collection, C for Challenge, etc.  We’ll be using the same abbreviation that we use on the icons on our website posts.

While you won’t really need to use this system to hashtag your own pages (we suggest you copy and paste ours!), it may help you when you want to search for something.  Please note that we used no underscores, no designer initials, no individual pieces of Pixie Dust – we want to keep it simple!  So, let’s have a look at some of the featured images from our website so that you can see how we named those posts:


For Start2Finish, use the title (found in the name of the post on the website)





For Video Tidbits, use the title (found in the name of the post on the website)





For Pixie Dust, just use the name of a particular collection (found at the bottom right of the collection page)

Examples: #p2PMondaytoSundayPD, #p2PFallFlowersPD, #p2PPaperCollectionPD, #p2PPlantingTimePD

Note: do not tag individual pieces or the whole month!



For Blueprints, just use the name of the Blueprint – no designer initials, and not the whole month.

Examples: #p2PTriangleSevenBP, #p2PTortugasBP, #p2PLicensePlatesBP, #p2PTheGiftBP




For Challenges, no need to add the number of the challenge – just use the name.




If you are not sure what the hashtag would be, it is better to just ask us.  Hashtags need to be precise in order for them to work properly, so if we have already tagged something one way, and you tag it a different way, it defeats the purpose!

Here are some tips about using hashtags and important things to remember about them:

  • Although hashtags are not case sensitive, they must be typed exactly the same in order to work properly
  • We suggest that you copy and paste our original hashtags when adding hashtags to your page captions
  • Put the hashtag in the caption of your post, not in the comments below it
  • If you forget to add a hashtag (or credit) to your page, or you’ve put the wrong one, you can edit your post by clicking on the page, then choosing ‘edit’
  • To search for something by using the hashtag, simply type the exact hashtag (again, you may want to copy & paste) in the Facebook search window; also the hashtag itself is a link, so you can click directly on it as well


We’re looking forward to seeing lots of great pages, with new content, and then being able to find lots of great examples all in one place on our Facebook page!  We hope you’ll embrace this change with us!  Now quick – go post a page so you can practice using hashtags!

Have fun with it!


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23 Responses to News: p2P Facebook page policy changes

  1. Deanna Emmert says:

    OK. I get that hashtags are a popular thing to do now. And I can see where it could be easier to find something. However, I’m still not used to it and this would have been one posting that really could have used an accompanied handout to print so I can have it to refer to–especially if everything has to be exact to work. I just had to make my own printout so I can remember everything. 🙂

    • Jan says:

      It’s early yet, Deanna – we’re brand new at hashtags, too. We’ll be posting the ones we use so you don’t have to make up your own, and we’re happy to help out.

  2. Carla Holyk says:

    Just today I was trying to find an old post on facebook and eventually gave up! I’ve never understood what hashtags were so thank-you! If I post a question or layout and then later want to find it to add to it, can I create my own hashtag? I’m not sure how else to find a post I may have posted a few weeks ago.

    • Shelley says:

      I don’t see why not. If it is just for your own purposes, try to make sure the hashtag is unique (test it by searching for it first), otherwise who knows what you’ll find! I have to say I’m finding the search results variable – some days I get different answers to other days! But it is still better than nothing.

  3. Sharon says:

    This is great news! Love the new flexibility. I will be posting many more pages again now that you are allowing outside content. Thanks!

  4. Cathie Owens says:

    It would be nice to have a video on hashtags. I have never used them and having to type them the exact way, wow I would have to memorize a ton of hastags. I would love to learn the value of them and how to use them.

    Love the changes you made so we can use other content. There have been pages in the past that would have been nice to post, but using other content, stopped that. Yeah for changes!

    • Jan says:

      There’s really no need for a video, Cathie – just click on a hashtag to see what it does. Hashtags just make it easier for you to search both p2P team member’s pages and fans’ pages to see examples of certain posts. If they’re not valuable to you or too hard to use, they may not be for you, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s an option we want to offer to the people who post and look for things on our Facebook page.

      Glad you are happy with the other changes!

  5. gemofjules says:

    Any news on when we can have access to purchase the old CM content. There are kits recently used in projects that I’m looking forward to getting.

    • Jan says:

      When I last spoke to Panstoria, they were hard at work adding the 1500+ kits to their store! They hope to have them ready this week – we will post the news as soon as we have it.

  6. dachiemama dachiemama says:

    Please make a download. I could do a snip, but so much easier if it is a pdf download….Okay, I am technically challenged — one reason I am a P2P member for SB, soon to be Panstoria.

  7. Bridget says:

    I am with Tina but I will do my best to start doing it and for sure will be doing the copy and paste method. LOL!!! Hooray on the new policy…I have been so oriented with Creative Memories, never ventured out until this past week and WOW saw some really cool kits I would like to try. I am glad we will be able to share these new found kits but Panstoria will begin to be my first go to place as I transfer my loyalty from Creative Memories to Panstoria. I am so glad we still have a place to go to.

    • Jan says:

      As Panstoria’s partners, we heartily endorse them for printing, software, and content. As Creative Memories’ former partners, we don’t see this as an either/or – it’s okay to still love CM and all that they offer. They just don’t offer digital scrapbooking now. We hope that everyone who uses SBC and/or Artisan will give the Panstoria Print Shop a try! HERE is the update link for SBC 4.0 users that will allow you to print at PPS.

  8. Barbara Hewitt says:

    This is great news Jan. Though I sometimes go completely off the grid, I usually start with a p2P template because they are not super fussy and place the emphasis on the photo. Of course, all of the other things from this site are great for creating pages too! However, I must say I am most appreciative of the explanation of hashtags! LOL I just don’t get it. Maybe this will help me be cool!

    • Jan says:

      We have missed you and your beautiful pages, Barbara, so please post a few for us. Try searching for a few hashtagged items and you’ll see how cool it is. p2P fans are already cool!

  9. Ruth Bell says:

    I just posted a page before I read your news blog. Hope to do better next time. Are you going to hash tag all your previous entries? If so WOW, that will be a big job!

  10. gayneal says:

    Yeah!!!!! I am excited to see/share pages with additional content 🙂 Thanks Pixies!

  11. Tina Bruderer says:

    yall know me im the queen of not getting it right but ill do my best please know i will not do it wrong on purpose lol

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