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Most of us love it when Friday comes around. It’s the end of the working week and we all love our weekends, right?

I love Fridays too and now for more reasons than just because it is the last day of the week leading into the weekend.

Earlier this year, Chloe Jane (our eldest daughter) stumbled upon a group called “ONE WAVE  is All it Takes” on Instagram and Facebook.  Being the lover of all things ocean and surf, this peaked her interest.  She started following them and learning about their message. You can find them on Facebook or Instagram.

One Wave is all about raising awareness about depression, mental health issues and other “funks”.  They started an event called “Fluro Friday” and met on Bondi Beach at 6.30am to surf with friends and in the process, encouraged people to get down to the beach for a swim, surf, stand up paddle board, boogie board or just to hang out and enjoy the awesomeness of the early morning.  The idea is that for some, “ONE WAVE is all it takes” to get through tough times.

So, three weeks ago Chloe posted on Instagram and Facebook for friends to join her for our very own Tathra Beach Fluro Friday … the first week I went (with my fluro shoelaced runners) just to take photos.  They had so much fun and it was such a great event to watch, that the next week, I donned a wetsuit and joined them!  

Last Friday was extra special … after posting photos after each “Fluro Friday” and in particular of some epic “party” waves (where you try to get as many people catching the one wave), the two guys that started “One Wave” made a road trip south, six hours from Bondi to join us!  What a surprise and what a pleasure to hear their story first hand and get to surf  and spend some time with them.

There has been no swell for the past three Friday mornings!  However, in spite  of the little waves, our whole family has hit the beach at 6.30am every Friday morning and loved the preparation involved in getting our fluro gear ready for each week!  The number of people involved has grown with each Friday and while on the beach or in the water, lots of people have asked what was going on and what we were doing … we do create a bit of a talking point!

My Fridays are so much fun … I find I am smiling leading into them and I am left smiling well into the weekend 🙂 … that’s got to be good for your mental health!


2013 Family One - Page 017

Above: p2P Sunburnt Country Blueprint (retired), Be Young Digital Kit, Digital Embellishments – Office Supplies, Silver, Fonts: CK Orleans and Another Typewriter

p2P Blueprints DPS - Page 034

Above: p2P Queen Victoria Markets DPS Blueprint, Candy Shop Digital Power Palette, Bright Blooms Digital Kit. Bunny Hop Digital Kit, Fonts: CK Orleans and Another Typewriter.

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Above: Candy Shop Digital Kit, Fonts: Bosshole, Pea Kim and Another Typewriter.

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16 Responses to Blog: Fluro Friday

  1. Glenna says:

    I wonder what kind of Fluro Friday I could do here in Michigan, more specifically Lansing. We don’t have a lake with waves nearby, we have a river but you can’t swim in it. There is a lake but no waves unless it has lots of motor boats or jet skis on it. Since I retired, I stay up late and sleep in until about 9 am, 6:30 am is only seen if I’m going on a trip. I wonder if I could do a Fluro Friday at 12:01 am, maybe a walking trek? Hmmm have to think about that one, but it does sound like fun.

    • Justine says:

      Hahaha Glenna! I think you could do it at anytime … it’s all about the message 🙂 My husband swam last week in a fluro singlet at Bondi Beach, while Chloe and a friend jumped off the wharf in fluro swimsuits (there were no waves!) and I went for a fluro run! Anything, anytime, I say!

  2. Liz Propst says:

    I just love it when our kids lead the way….and am even more humbled when I can follow. Justine, you have a gift of finding joy and creating joy in life. Thanks for your sharing!!

  3. Barbara Jennes says:

    What a wonderful post and how lucky you are to live so close to a surfin’ safari. It puts a whole other spin on living close to the water.

  4. mindys7 says:

    WOW!!! This brought me to tears, I know it sounds funny that it brings tears but it’s because I am a mom of two very independent, self confident daughters who are also leaders! Once a mom, it seems like we are a mom of sorts to every kid thus my heart is blooming with pride in Chloe. It so warms my heart to see another young girl display such wholesome, kind, worldly displays of unselfish initiative and leadership. It seems so many girls these days are so afraid of doing something a little different for fear of attracting attention for being different from the average or their peers. It is so nice to see your daughter step out of that mind set to start this Fluro Friday!

    You must be so proud of Chloe Jane and the wonderful person she has become. What a fun way to bring awareness to a fine issue that is much needing awareness. I love the concept and would join you (I AM a morning person!) if I just lived closer to the beach! Maybe I could swim my laps on Fridays in a Fluro suit? Heh, heh, those little “older than me” ladies and men in the pools might be a little shocked but wouldn’t they smile?!?!

    Thanks for blogging about this and posting the fun pix. I just love the colors! Thanks for raising up such a wonderful daughter as “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and it takes good parents to raise such a wonderful child. Heading over to FB to find “One Wave is All it Takes”.

  5. Jan says:

    You know I love this idea (well, maybe not the 6:30 AM part….) for all the colors and people and fun! Way to go, Chloe!!! And kudos to the whole fam for showing up and supporting her! Great pages, too! xx

  6. gayneal says:

    And to think your daughter took the lead in this! Says something wonderful about her – and you! Great colors, btw!

  7. junegauntley says:

    How fun this was to read your blog today, Justine! Such a GREAT way to celebrate friends and family every week! I think you just may have inspired a lot of people to start their own Fluro Friday! Wishing you many more “epic waves”!!!

  8. Liz Propst says:

    What fun…I just may have to journey out on to the beach here in South Carolina at 6:30 on Friday and celebrate with you….I’m looking for the fluro outfit NOW! It is a bit warmer here! Thanks for sharing Justine!

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