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I’m busy. We’re all busy. We lead busy lives. Sometimes I am behind in the things I have to get done, and other times I am a bit forgetful! I find little idiosyncrasies that tend to be helpful along the way.

It’s all about time management and finding the right thing for you. And changing that particular thing to work better for you!

I have written lists for years! I tick them off and try to get a whole list done all on the same day. Of course this doesn’t happen very often!

I tried ‘Fly Lady’ for a while. It worked. In small doses. I would do the 15 minute for a room, or the central basket. But often when I was delivering the basket contents I would get distracted and start doing something else!

I used to leave myself sticky label notes in the car so I wouldn’t forget to call into the supermarket for specific things on the way home. There have been times when I have gone to the supermarket 3 times in one day!

I have phoned my home phone number and listened to my lovely own voice say ‘leave a message’… and I would leave myself a message to remember something when I got home!

My wall calendar is my left arm. If it is not on there, NO one at my house knows what is going on! I have trained the boys to read it and check what is happening.

I use the calendar in my email program to mark appointments or important dates.

I use my mobile phone 24/7. It is rarely more than an arms reach away. I use it instead of appointment cards. I always type in times and the event that I need to remember. My calendar is the first thing I check every morning so I know what I have to do that day.

I started setting alerts on my calendar too. If there is somewhere I need to be, I get an alert 15 or 30 minutes before.

BUT, lately my obsession is ALARMS. I set alarms for all sorts of times during a day. I can have anywhere up to 30 alarms set for different times. Every now and then I go through and delete the ‘one off’ alarms that are still listed on my phone. Currently I have 12 alarm times on my phone. They are not weekday or date specific, so usually they are things that I do regularly. Like, get up, for example!!! Some of them are just to remember to watch something on tv. But of course I set the remote control reminder system on the tv for that!

I had a recent conversation with another p2P team member and we laughed hysterically about the funny ways we remember to do things and most everything I have listed here is the same as her list. Isn’t that right Jan? 🙂

So I have a good system for time management, now all I need is a system to wipe out the procrastinating and time wasting and I will be a marvel.

How do you keep track of everything you do?

It's Alarming



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12 Responses to Blog: It’s Alarming

  1. Kim says:

    I recently discovered using alarms on my phone other than just waking up! I know, I am late to the table on this subject 🙂 GREAT page to go with your blog!

  2. Janice says:

    I love using my phone Alarm. I even label what each Alarm is for – school, appointments, p2P shoutouts, meetings, and of course just getting up in the morning (I have two alarms for that!).

  3. Anita Albritton says:

    This is so great!! I’m a list maker myself, starting with the master overall list and then broken down by days, weeks, etc. I have texted myself to help me remember things while out and about. Haven’t gotten into the phone alarms for reminders though…might have to give that a try! LOVED your blog!! 😀

  4. Sandy says:

    I used to use post its everywhere until I remembered I have a notepad on my phone. My only problem now is that I have to keep remembering to check my phone for the messages I write. Guess I may need to attach alarms to my notes.

  5. Carol says:

    Love it, Kerrianne. I need to use my alarm more often than I do. But I forget it’s there.

  6. Jan says:

    Hahaha, KA!! Yes, it does take ‘help’ to remember all the things I need to do every day!! I would be lost without my phone and its alarms! I don’t tend to lose my phone the way I lose lists….

  7. Katrina says:

    Funny thing about forgetting, I use to thing it was an 50’s thing. BUT, now I here the people in their 30’s having the same issues. Love, Love, Love the alarm on my iPad. Very relatable post!

  8. debbie says:

    Totally get this!

  9. Beverly Goodrich says:

    A friend turned me onto It lets you create online calendars, grocery lists, to do lists, etc. for the entire family. You create log-ins for each family member so everyone has access to update it.

  10. junegauntley says:

    We all just have to pray that the grid never goes out! Loved your blog, Kerianne! 🙂

  11. Janis says:

    Sounds like we are sisters! My life would come to a screeching halt if I misplaced my IPhone!

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