My kids love to play this game of “would you rather”.  It involves getting to pick one option from two awful choices.  They might ask something like – Would you rather swim with sharks at feeding time or feed a poisonous snake by hand?  Or, would you rather sit in a bathtub of bugs or lick peanut butter off a dirty foot?  My answer is always – NEITHER!  Then they usually say, “Mom! you have to pick one – that is the game”.

Well, I have a “would you rather” question for you this month.  Would you rather have a root canal or have your computer crash?  While, I would again say I don’t like either option, that is what I was faced with last month.  My computer did crash and the same week I was having a crown replaced with the possibility of a root canal.  To add to my dilemma of no computer, I was doing a live p2P training in 3 days.  Just little panic set in – well maybe more than a little.  Thankfully, all my files were backed up and available.  Between my external hard drives and my Carbonite subscription, I had access to all my working files.  In addition my son, AJ, agreed to let me hijack his computer.   As I write this my new laptop is in Anchorage, Alaska.  I got Historian and Artisan installed on his computer and gathered all the files I needed for the live training.  The crown has been replaced and it looks like I don’t need a root canal – for now.

A word to the wise – This is a good reminder to back up your files!  It really does pay off.  I was told once that there are two kinds of hard drives – hard drives that have failed and hard drives that have not failed yet.

One last would you rather question.  Would you rather play with the Pixies or do laundry?  Now, that is my kind of would you rather question!


Blueprint:  City Flight

Simple Pleasure Designs:  Sweet Life Add On Bundle, Fall-in For You Collection, Shabby Mix by Jennifer

Fonts:  Brouillis, Microsoft Sans Serif

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10 Responses to Blog: Would you rather …

  1. fbailey says:

    Hi-I posted this question under an activation code entry but I am posting this here as perhaps one of you will read this sooner than later as I have a computer person coming this afternoon. So my computer crashed and Artisan and Historian are empty. I had assumed when they were retrieved everything would be there. So does this mean one starts from scratch activating one’ s content and tagging the elements again plus adding the story to all the pictures in Historian? I may have some of the stuff downloaded on an external hard drive but I did that months ago so it will not be up to date.

    • Shelley says:

      Fran! Posting a comment on a 4 year old blog is probably not the quickest way to get an answer 🙂 Please see my response to your earlier question. In general if you need an answer in a hurry, email is probably best, and let us know that it is urgent.

  2. Randi says:

    Easy answer…play with the Pixies for sure. You had quite the week! I have Carbonite too and it has saved me twice!

  3. Anita Albritton says:

    I had to laugh as I read your blog. One of my twin sons used to play a similar game with me all the time. His version was always “For a million dollars would you…?” And, like you, my answer never satisfied him! It drove him crazy that I never agreed to jump off bridges swim with snakes, or whatever for the million bucks! ;D

  4. Carmen says:

    Why is your new laptop in Anchorage? Are you coming up here???? I’m from Alaska and would love to know if the Pixies are doing something up here!!!!

  5. Glenna says:

    I like this game and in answer to your last “would you rather” question. I would much rather play with P2P and Artisan than do any kind of housework. I get more done and learn more with P2P! Great page by the way, Kim.

  6. inekeloux says:

    Actually having been there done that on both a root canal and computer dying – I’d pick the root canal. Certainly not pleasant at the time – especially the paying the bill part, but with a good dentist, like I have, it was only giving up a couple of hours. The laptop crash was much more “painful” as your photographic life passes before your eyes and you are right in the middle of some important project. My files were also backed up, but it still took time to get everything resolved and get back in a working computer driver’s seat again. Now Kim, your “would you rather” is pretty easy to answer: Pixie play hands down! However, one really could do both . . . since whether clothes are washing or drying, there would be time to access pixels2pages and read and glean and try before said clothes required more attention. Just sayin’

  7. Deanna Emmert says:

    Yup! Definitely the external hard drive back-up! I think between my husband and I we have at least 3 EHD’s now and he is consistently bringing them home on rotation and we store them off-sight away from home! Have never heard of Carbonite—with the possible exception of the “Star Wars” reference after I asked my hubby about it. LOL! I am assuming it is a “cloud” type service. Would it be possible for you Pixies to give more information about reliable cloud services and their costs? Just a thought. Am glad everything worked out for you, Kim, both teeth and computer-wise. 🙂

  8. junegauntley says:

    I love this, Kim! Not only the game, but the page! What a GREAT page! Just love it — I think I may just have to make this a new game in our family. As long as I am allowed to say “neither”! Love the use of Jennifer Fehr’s kits on this page, and love how you mixed them. So glad you are safe from an implant for now! 🙂

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