JG_BlogHeader When I’m creating a layout I quite often have an image of what the end result will look like in my head. Sometimes this develops while I’m working on a totally different page, sometimes I think of things at night just before I fall asleep – other pages form while I’m driving around or even when I’m having a shower. When I get to create that page, I use the fabulous tools that are provided with this wonderful software, quite often thinking – ahhhhh “Opacity” – now that’s my favourite tool, then I may use a surface and I think “ahhhhh by far, the Burlap Surface is my favourite tool”. As the page evolves there are lots of “ahhh” moment when I use the tools, thinking – “oh this is a wonderful tool”. There are so many to pick, and all are my favourites at any given time.

But …… when all is said and done – my most favourite tool of all time – hands down – no competition – it’s definitely THE BEST TOOL EVER!!! It has to be the “UNDO BUTTON”.  I would be lost without it. All that tweaking, all that adding a little something to see if it works, all that trying of different paper fills and colour treatments, it just wouldn’t work if I didn’t have the undo button. It’s a “no brainer”, it’s definitely THE BEST TOOL EVER!!! Hands down – no competition. Well, sometimes the “redo button” comes in extra handy too.

Sometimes I wish that I had an Undo Button for my life. Things I should have done, things I wish I hadn’t done. But then – if I could constantly press undo on life’s moments – well then, I just wouldn’t be who I am right now – and basically I would know absolutely nothing!





Little Feet Designs by Janet Carr: Be Jolly Kit

Background Arrows created using the Insert Line Tool

Fonts: Minya Nouvelle, KG Part of Me

(another page for my “This is my story” project)







Click on the designer tab here to get to the link for Little Feet Designs by Janet Carr

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8 Responses to Blog: Undo Undo Undo!

  1. Deanna Emmert says:

    Absolutely one of the best blog posts ever! 🙂 Thank you, Janice!!!!

  2. Kim Passmore says:

    I agree 100% Janice! The undo button is also my absolute favourite. A must have for designing the perfect page:)

    • Janice says:

      Don’t you just love how the Undo button just keeps working!!! (As long as you haven’t moved off the page.)

      • Ruth Bell says:

        I used the undo button so much on my last laptop that the surface completely came off and my husband had to put some hard tape over it before the computer was completely wrecked. My new laptop is having the same problem. Must learn to use a mouse! Great blog. I have more regrets about things that I didn’t do than about things that I did and shouldn’t have.

  3. adakallen adakallen says:

    ABSOLUTELY love this blog!!!
    This layout/page is perfect for this blog!!

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