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My kids are all growing up.  The baby turns 21 this year.  When they were young I remember distinctly wishing weekends weren’t quite as busy as they all seemed to be. With four children with only 6 years difference in ages activities kept us hopping and on the road literally all the time.  Weekdays were filled with carpool, booster clubs, PTO meetings, homework and even more activities.  While I don’t miss many of those activities I DO miss the time in they allowed us to share how our days were going.  My son is quiet but always seemed to be able to talk while we were in the car heading to some activity or even heading home.  My 3 daughters were the same. Something about driving seemed to spur on conversation. Now, my weekdays are still busy with work and church activities but weekends are much slower.

A couple of weeks ago was what I now call my “Weekend Kid Fix”.  Becca and her friends came in on a Thursday evening.  They drove three hours home and immediately had to drive some more so we could drop her car off to be serviced during her brief stay in town.  Yep, we dropped it off at 8:30 in the evening then  the girls called in orders to our favorite Italian restaurant “Sicily’s”  and we swung by there too. They had not eaten since lunch.  That night was catch up time with the girls and hearing all about what was going on at OU.  The next morning I found myself “carless” as the girls “had” to go shopping down in Dallas.  My sweet hubby, Rick, and I took the girls out for dinner that evening. What a lucky guy at a table full of young women and me! He loved it.  Early the next morning the girls headed to the transit station to go into Dallas for the OU -Texas Red River Rivalry game.  (It did not turn out as they hoped). Rick and I got on the road to drive to College Station, Texas to spend the rest of our weekend with my son at Parent Weekend.  It was tough getting some pictures this year.  Rain was the order of the day, and a lot of it (which was good for Texas).  The image in the layout is the fraternity house he lives in. (Yes feel sorry for him…it looks nicer on the outside than inside.  Remember 30 plus boys live there!) We enjoyed lunch at Sulleys and then a very detailed presentation by the boys on needs of the fraternity.  We then enjoyed watching football all day in the “snake pit” upstairs and by evening the boys had BBQ ready and waiting.  I even snuck in a “selfie” portrait with my son in the background.  He and his buddies made a pact last year not to cut their hair for one year. That ends in December.  His dad joked with him that he was looking more and more like his mom every day and tried to bribe his friends into cutting it off!  I think the pictures will be great to look back on and show his future kids!

As tired as we were on Sunday we headed home.  Becca and friends were still there when we arrived home around lunchtime and stayed to well after dinner.  They just had to make chocolate chip pancakes!  Becca says they always taste better at home.

So my “Kid Fix” has me recharged but ready for a bit of quiet. I ABSOLUTELY  LOVE these kind of weekends. Thankfully another “Kid Fix” is right around the corner as we head to Parent Weekend at University of Oklahoma in November and then holidays coming up for even more busy times!  I  am so blessed!

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7 Responses to Blog: Weekend Kid Fix

  1. Tameka says:

    Your kid fix has been replace with Grand Kid Fix 🙂 How fun is that? Love your page..and the selfie.

  2. Your “son” pics look about like mine right now Mary – gotta sneak them in when they least expect it or aren’t looking! This too shall pass. Better to have some quickies, than none at all, right!

  3. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I’m glad you had a good weekend with the kids BEFORE the cold weather happened upon you! Congrats on your son going to Texas A&M! (Sorry about the LSU game, but it was a good one!) Mary, I always enjoy your perspective on life. You make even the simple things special!

    • Mary says:

      Linda, I happen to be an LSU fan so it was a win win game for me! Growing up in Louisiana kind of makes you bleed purple and gold I think! I root for A&M any other time though!

  4. adakallen adakallen says:

    Mary, I love your blog and I so understand “Weekend Kid Fix” or “Kid Fix” or “Family Fix” when I can get it!
    I recently made a trip to Austin (first road trip since double knee replacement surgery) to see the newest Great Grand baby who was by then 3+ weeks old. The next week I made a trip to CS to see another grand child get her Aggie Ring. The next week I made a trip to Longview to see my brother and his wife. Then (same week) I had a house full of company for a baby shower for my next great grand ghild. I am enjoying “a rest” this week…LOL…while I am resting my knees I am making a “To Do List” for the time between now and Christmas…and yes keeping up with church activities, church volunteer work and scrapbooking.

    • Donna says:

      I was just talking about this to my family. Oh how I yearn for those special days/months/years. How quickly time flies by. While scanning some photos recently, I took a walk down memory lane…what fun! trouble is, didn’t get much scanning done! great blog…love the weekend fixes!

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