Happy Talk Blog Header_JanIf you’ve been paying attention to our blog posts this past year, you know that about half of the p2P team has been seriously trying to lose weight – and they are succeeding!  Kim, Mary, Tameka, and Janice have each lost significant amounts of weight, and some of the rest of us are trying but not being quite as successful…I would be in that group, unfortunately.  I turned Mary and Kim onto my favorite food log app, Lose It, and they ran with it!  I am so impressed with their progress!  You’ve seen Meka’s achievements, and I suspect there are more success stories out there.  I’ve been holding my own – losing a little and at least not gaining, but I have a long way to go.  And then, on Thanksgiving Day, my daughter Kim got engaged!!  So you know what that means – I’m about to be the MotB.  And that means I can’t put this off any longer – time to shed serious pounds!!

This summer, when my sister Kim and I were on our Sassy Sisters road trip, Kim was on a mission to keep us moving.  Moving as in walking or hiking, not just riding in the car.  It’s not easy to cover as much ground as we do on our trips and find time to walk every day, but Kim was determined.  Turns out she had a bit of a friendly competition going with her friend Alex to see who was getting the most exercise, as measured by the number of steps taken each day.  You may be wondering how they were able to compete, given that we were in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico, and Alex was in Tennessee.  It’s a valid question, and the answer is because of a cool little gadget called a Fitbit.  I was intrigued.  Kim would tap this nifty little device and it would tell her how many steps she had walked, how many miles she’d covered, and how many minutes she’d been active.  Even better, she could also see how many steps Alex had taken so she could keep up with him, too.  You know that I had to have one!

Soon after I got home, I purchased the Fitbit Zip.  I was hooked!  While you can set your own goals, the recommended goal is to walk 10,000 steps each day.  What I learned from my Fitbit is that I was in the habit of doing LOTS of sitting and very little walking!  I also learned that unless you are doing major housework or you have a huge house and you wander through it all day, you won’t come anywhere close to 10,000 steps without getting out the door or unless you are intentional about being active for a few minutes every hour or two.  As a digital scrapbooker, you likely spend a good deal of time sitting, too.  It’s awfully easy to plop down in front of my laptop and not get up again for hours (usually because it’s time to eat….not a good pattern!!).  So, one thing that I love about my FitBit is that it gives me feedback.  At a glance, I can see how many minutes or hours I was active and how many I wasn’t.  It also motivates me.  I’m a pretty competitive person.  I would see how many steps my sister had taken on a given day and I’d try to beat her.  Emphasis on “TRY”.  It took about a month before I was hitting 10,000 steps with any regularity, but once I got there, I found I was looking forward to my walk(s) every day.  I loved it the first week that I hit 70,000 steps!!  And I loved the first week I walked more than Kim!

Oh, and you know what else – Fitbit sends me badges, too!  So far, I’ve earned the 5000, 10,000, and 15,000 steps in one day badges and the 50 mile and 250 miles walked badges!  Something else fun and useful for me is that I can sync my Fitbit and my Lose It app, so I can enter my food diary in Lose It and the Fitbit tracks my activity, and then they ‘talk’ to each other.  I also love seeing how my friends are doing – I can encourage the ones who are not hitting their goals and I can praise the ones who are beating the heck out of me (as I try to catch them!!).   I have about a dozen friends I keep step with – I’d love to have you join in the fun!

Since so many of us p2P team members are working to be fit, and since most digital scrappers do a good bit of sitting, and since we love activities that promote community, the p2P team has become an affiliate for Fitbit.  So, if you’d like to join the fun, we invite you to click our affiliate link before you purchase your Fitbit.  Fitbit’s affiliate program awards us with a small commission whenever someone clicks through our link prior to making a purchase at Fitbit.   It costs you nothing extra, and it allows us to maintain and enhance our website Here’s what you’ll see on almost every page of our website:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.01.28 PM






Just click that Fitbit tab, or click HERE, and you’ll go right to the Fitbit website and to my (current) favorite product, the Fitbit Flex.

While I started out using the Fitbit Zip, I hated missing the few steps that I took getting into and out of  bed or the shower, or worse, on rare occasion that I FORGOT to put it on!  For a scatterbrain like me, the Flex is perfect!  I can wear it 24/7 and even get it wet.  I only have to remember to charge the battery every five days or so, and the Fitbit tells me when it needs to be charged!  How easy is that?  And I gave my Zip to my husband, so now we walk together most days and see who walks more during the work day.

Oh, and did I mention that the Fitbit Flex will track your calorie intake and calories burned?  You can set weight goals and log your progress, too.  It can even track your sleep habits (I’m not ready for that feedback yet – I know how bad my sleep habits are!!)  I just find that it’s an amazing tool and best of all, it is helping make fitness fun for me, and like its tagline says, it is encouraging me to “Make fitness a lifestyle”.  I would love to be your Fitbit friend – if you already have one, or if you don’t have one yet, but would like to make fitness one of your goals for 2014, please click our link to get yours, and then send your email address to me at info@pixels2Pages.net and I will add your to our “Sitter2Fitter” Fitbit community.  We invite you to share our FitBit link with your family – it’s a great gift!

Jan’s added on note: I wanted to add a link to my friend Dana’s blog.  Dana has been on a weight loss journey for the past 18 months, and she writes an awesome blog called LessDana.  It’s full of recipes and weight loss tips and struggles, and it’s keeping Dana accountable.  And, she’s hilarious, so I always spend a few calories laughing while I read.  Anyway, I turned her on to Fitbits back at the end of October, and she’s blogged about it a couple of times.  Today (8 December 2013) she had a great post, so here it is: Step to It!  Enjoy.

One of the added benefits of the Fitbit – I’m learning my way around my neighborhood.  I’m blessed to be living in a warm climate (when I walked yesterday it was 73 degrees – on 4 December!) and I have a FLAT place to walk, with very little traffic, and because I live on an island of canals, there are lots of different streets to walk on.  I still haven’t hit them all!  Something I’ve learned about my Tiki Island neighbors is that they have fun mailboxes.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Mail Boxes Tiki Style

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42 Responses to Blog: Getting Fit, Bit by Bit by FitBit

  1. joblank joblank says:

    I received one for Christmas. Do you know how to get it to track “energy expended” when you lift weights or other exercise when your feet aren’t moving? Also, does it track if you ride a bike? How do you link to others to track?

  2. Ang says:

    Jan, I have had my fitbit ultra for a little over a year. I love it! I use Myfitnesspal to sync with mine. (and the sleep feedback is very interesting) 🙂 I have slacked in the last few months and am interested in a group for us. Need the accountability and motivation with those who digital scrapbook!

  3. yami444 says:

    Glad I found this blog. I just bought myself a fitbit force for Christmas and learning all about it today. I also didn’t know that P2P team is an affiliate for Fitbit. Would love to join in on all the motivation and encouragement of this group. Feel free to friend me!

    • Jan says:

      Good for you, Mary! Sorry you didn’t find our affiliate link before you purchased from fitbit, but now you know and can send your friends here! Most of us at p2P have fitbits or will have them soon, so we’ll be stepping right along with you!

  4. Caroline says:

    Michele Broeg and I are doing really well with our Weight Watchers Active Links. Too bad that we can’t all be part of the same “network”.

  5. laurie7piper says:

    I love my Fitbit One and the Lose It! app! I had considered the Flex wrist band, but I like the fact that the One clips right to my bra and so no one knows I’m on a weight loss and fitness journey unless I choose to tell them. I also recommend the premium plan for Lose It! (about $50/year as I recall) because you can easily record and track your body measurements and blood pressure. Wish that the Pixies had become Fitbit affiliates before I bought mine a few weeks back. Would have loved to have made the purchase through you!

    • Jan says:

      That’s okay, Laurie – it took us a while to get going on the affiliate program! If you end up ordering more (my whole family is getting them this year!) you can click through us. My Flex will monitor a bunch of stuff – I do the measurements but not the BP. Keep up the good work! Together, we’ll get there!

  6. Jenny says:

    Good for you Jan. I must look at the FitBit again. I have a good excuse for not walking, it’s either too windy or too hot! OR I have housework to do. But reading your blog, that’s no excuse! The only thing I will say, I won’t count calories. Don’t believe in it. I JERF! (Just Eat Real Food) and no packaged stuff. Very hard to do in this day and age, but with a little effort and rethinking of your cooking, it can be done!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks, Jenny! I actually got to almost 10,000 steps on a cold rainy day and I never went outdoors – just knowing my FitBit was watching made me keep moving inside! It is hard to JERF – but I’m working on it. Travel sort of messes with that a bit!

      • Jenny says:

        Cold rainy days are great for exercising. Hot & windy, not much fun. Can’t wait to move to the village when I’ll get an indoor swimming pool & gym to use for free!!!! Well, paid for in the lease fee, but not noticeable. 😉

  7. I have a FitBit, too! I need to start walking more again. I was doing really good going to the gym and walking, but my work hours changed, I have had a couple of injuries — pinched sciatic nerve in my lower back, fell and bruised both knees really badly and they are still bruised and sore after two weeks, and pulled muscle in my left shoulder and upper arm — so I had to take some time off at the gym. I got out of my routine and just can’t seem to get back in it again. Thanks for the motivation, Jan!

    • Jan says:

      It’s hard when it hurts, isn’t it? My knees protested a bit, but things are evening out now! Get yourself back to normal and take care of yourself, and then get your routine going again. See you in FitBit world!

  8. LindyB says:

    I’ve been thinking about ordering one of these for a while now. One question…is there a benefit to ordering thru the affiliates link?
    I look forward to being a part of whatever group/groups may be formed so that I can be held accountable and also to develop new friendships! Knowing that there are so many other digital scrapbookers out there that are looking for ways to get some exercise in between scrapping sessions will certainly motivate me to get up! It is so easy to forget that it’s important to move!
    Thanks a bunch to all of the pixies!

    • Jan says:

      Lindy, when you (or anyone) orders from FitBit through the p2P affiliate link, p2P earns money, which we hope will help us keep our prices affordable. We also have some things planned for p2P/FitBit fans – we understand the value of accountability and community! We appreciate your support!

  9. jsquare says:

    Jan, I was looking at the Fitbit Force which also counts steps climbed. Why did you chose the Flex? Just curious. And Donna Jolly that is awesome. Being on the road it’s probably hard to lose weight. So maybe we need a closed Facebook Group for our getting fit endeavors, where we can share our success and keep each other motivated.

    • Jan says:

      Janet, I’m not sure that the stairs climbed function works really well. I think the Flex is supposed to do that, too, but it doesn’t. The Force is a new addition to the FitBit family – it wasn’t available when I bought mine. I mostly just wanted something I didn’t have to remember to put on…

      I have been thinking of ways that we could have a group or an event where we can share our progress and offer (and receive) support and motivation. It may not happen until January, but I’m cogitating!

    • Jan says:

      Hey Janet – be sure and read the bit I just added today, or at least read my friend Dana’s blog.

  10. Jan Deboski says:

    Yeah for nice walking weather! I live in Alberta Canada and if you can, google our weather the last couple days. Yup! The coldest place on the planet! But the good part is that we have lots of great scrapbooking days!

    • Jan says:

      Yes, indeed! It’s been very chilly here (by Texas standards) the past few days – highs in the mid-40s (F), but I’ve managed to walk (and it felt great!). I would not fare well in your neck of the woods, at least in the winter!

  11. Justine says:

    Way to go Jan! Woohoo! What an amazing device … I’ve got an app called “moves” on my phone but it means that I have to carry my phone EVERYWHERE with me so it’s not always accurate. I love the challenge others idea too … nothing like a little fun competition 🙂 What I’ve realised is that it’s hard to reach 10,000 steps each and every day, but those little prompts are very inspiring! So excited for you!

  12. Stephanie says:

    For those that have been wearing your FitBit constantly, has anyone had issues with wear on the band? Several reviews on the Best Buy site show photos & mention the band breaking. Just curious. Had this on my Christmas wish list and hope these folks just had bad luck.

    • Jan says:

      Stephanie, I’ve only had my flex for about five weeks, but I’ve had no problems or indication of any. I wear it constantly except when recharging the battery. The bands are available separately (in different colors!) so that is not something I’m too concerned with. Just another note – I don’t wear my band snug – it’s more like a bracelet on my arm.

  13. Bobbie says:

    I have asked for one for Christmas. I was so excited when I read you blog today! We just got back from a holiday in Hawaii and was not happy about being on the heavy side again. We have a trip to England planned for next year and I have a goal to lose 30 pounds. I’m ready!!!

  14. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    I lost 50 pounds with the Lose It app! Love it!! Going to work on another 10 for 2014!!

  15. Janet says:

    Okay I’m in. I have lost a little weight over the last six months. I walk my dogs 30-45 minutes everyday so yes I have lost just a little but this will get me really going. Especially, with a group of pixies and scrappers. 10,000 steps a day. That’s nutting’ honey. We shall see won’t we. Ordering now!!!!!!

  16. Felisha says:

    I love my fitbit!!! I syncs with a ton of apps like Lose It… I like to use MyFitnessPal and it syncs great! So happy to see I’m not the only one working to get healthier! Way to go Pixies!!

  17. Cheryl says:

    This sounds very intriguing. If I click on your affiliate link it takes me to the flex model. If I decide to buy another model do you still get the affiliate credit?

  18. Love LOVE LOVE this spread! Your island would be a fun place to live…especially this time of year! Cute mailboxes…would help you get fit! Looking forward to seeing you in January! Bring your warm cloths and snow boots!

  19. My daughter is getting married on 27 Dec. It was a wake-up call for me too . Down 20lbs now and much happier how I will look at the wedding.

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