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Like many of you out there, my life is busy and full.  This I believe is what makes us enjoy things and live fully.  November has been particularly busy in our household.  Again, like many of you, trials and unexpected happenings occur and “interrupt” our best laid plans as they did in our household this month. In spite of everything, we enjoyed a wonderfully fun and relaxing weekend with our baby daughter at Parent Weekend at the University of Oklahoma. There were a lot of fun things to do and much laughter to be had. We enjoyed a “live” football game to boot (which is always a favorite activity) and actually had quite a few people we knew sitting nearby!  The best thing of all was time with Becca. To enjoy a meal and hear about all her plans and goals is exciting.  She works and studies hard and is so excited about options for her future.  Her biggest problem may be too many really good choices! Ha Ha! But, that’s all part of her growing up and we’re enjoying being a part of it. We did a little apartment hunting with her and her roommate and enjoyed a pizza with her and her boyfriend at a quaint little place near the campus.

We had a delightful Thanksgiving last week and almost everyone was home (Laura missed since she’s still in Australia, and we missed her). Jenn and her family joined us, as as did part of her husband’s family. We enjoyed a new dessert for us – my daughter’s mother-in-law brought a homemade Italian “Crostata de fruita” and it disappeared pretty quickly. We decorated for the holidays and saw everyone off to go back to school for finals.

Laura arrived on Dec 5 from Australia for her 5 week annual visit, although I will only get to see her for 3 of those weeks. It’s a long flight and we’ll have a hectic schedule when she arrives, but it will be so good to be able to give her a hug and love on her.  All in all, the Browders are enjoying life, working hard,  struggling well (we hope) when troubles arise, and choosing joy though out our daily walk with the Lord.  We savor the mountaintops and attempt to learn in the valleys and are grateful for each day we’re blessed with.

As this month of thankfulness closed, we thanked God for our health, our friends, for our family, and for you out there reading this and walking through many of the same things we do.

Looking forward to a Merry Christmas season alongside every one of you and wishing you God’s blessings and Joy,



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3 Responses to Blog: Parent Weekend

  1. Great to hear how your family is thriving and growing.
    P.S. Just a really big thank you for your recipe card video tidbit. I put what I learned to good use; my relatives who requested the Thanksgiving dishes appreciated the digitally designed recipe cards.

  2. Enjoy that precious time with Laura and the rest of the family! Looking forward to seeing you in the NW in a few short weeks!

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