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The poem goes “T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”  In my house everyone is stirring.  It all started one week before Thanksgiving and it will last until Three Kings Day.

I hosted a small Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a menu with no less than 30 items.  Turkey, baby turkey wings, pot roast, baby back ribs, fried tilapia, Buffalo wings, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, candied yams, string beans, collard greens, corn, shrimp rolls, spring rolls, nut cake, cream cheese pound cake, lemon Jell-O cake, lemon chiffon cheesecake pie, sweet potato pie, cherry cheese cake, crackling bread… just to name a few!  (FYI… I gained 7lbs. during those 4 days.  Thankfully I have lost all the weight I have gained, but it took a whole week to undo the damage.)  Dinner was ready at a decent time and the rest of the evening was full of relaxation because the next day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, it would be time to start decorating the house for the Holidays.

My mom, my daughter, my cousin and I woke up early on “Black Friday” and headed to Michael’s with our 30% off everything (including sale prices) coupons.  With $150.00 budget, I racked up on picture frames and decorations for the house to add to my already extensive holiday decoration supply.  Picture frames (16×20), which were normally $49, were now $6.  Garland which was normally $8.99 was now $1.09.  WOW.  The best part of it all – Michaels was completely empty with the exception of the workers and 1 or 2 other customers.  We had the store all to ourselves.  We were able to leisurely stroll throughout, take our time, and get exactly what we wanted.  We were there for an hour perusing.  I depleted my $150.00 budget, but ended up with about $350.00 in product.

Upon arrival at home, you can only imagine the smile on my face, and the horror on my husband’s face when he saw me walk in with all of the bags.  I am sure when I tell him “I got a deal” he no longer believes me.   He has gone through this too many times with my so called “Discounted Scrapbooking Products.” 😉  He said “How much did you spend??????”

After settling in, we put up the 8 foot tree, shaped it and reorganized the furniture to make way for it.  Over the next few days we would do a little at a time.   The house had a makeover with some new curtains.  For the first time ever, my husband had no choice but to be involved in my holiday decorations as he had 8 curtain rods to install.  He complained the entire time, but he put them up because he loves me (and because he knows if he didn’t I would put them up myself and have an attitude about it until Three Kings Day… and if Momma’s not happy, nobody is happy.)  My mom would kill me if I didn’t give her honorable mention for ironing the curtains which I tricked her into doing (15 valances, 14 Panels and 10 sheers.)  This doesn’t include the set for the terrace door which I will have to do.  You see, I knew that if I put up just 1 wrinkled curtain, mom would come to the rescue and iron them all.   (I would have steamed them once the they were up, but I didn’t tell her that.   Don’t worry, I will make it up to her.)  In the end, my dear hubby was very satisfied with the results and likes the way our home is transforming.  I then put up the garland and lights at the window and at the railing by the stair.  I still have a long list of things to do over the next few days:

  •  Decorate and lay a wreath at the door.
  • Apply the wall decals
  • Design images for my photo frames using Artisan
  • Hang the frames
  • Set up the Nativity set
  • Set up the candy table/display
  • Decorate the fridge to look like Frosty
  • Get the holiday mugs ready
  • Create a “Jesus is the Reason” banner
  • Decorate a fruit basket.
  • Finish  my holiday shopping

 That’s just  a few items on my list.

This may seem like a lot.  The Bond family is stirring indeed.   As a child I grew up in a home with elaborate decorations during the holidays.  There was always lots of attention to detail, lots of love and lots of faith.  My mission in life is to carry on that tradition.  So while this may seem exhausting and way too much, come Christmas Eve (which happens to be my oldest son’s birthday) we will be able to go on relax mode and I will have 13 more days off of my day job to do one of the most important things on my list… “Scrapbook all of this insanity using my Artisan Software and share it all with you.”

Are you scrapbooking your “insanity” this Holiday Season.  I can’t wait for you to share it with us.

Happy Holidays to all.

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16 Responses to Blog: Not a Creature was Stirring…

  1. mindys7 says:

    I noticed when I was breezing through FB your curtains…they are stunning! And your tree truly is a masterpiece! Gorgeous! What does it take to get an invite to the Bond house for Christmas next year? I would love to just come and see all you decorations. It will be fun to see your scrapped pages in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janice says:

    Absolutely picture perfect Tameka!!!

  3. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Tameka! It is picture PERFECT!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Janet Carr says:

    TAMEKA!!!! This is STUNNING!!!!! Love how you used my kit and incorporated it with Earthy Serenity!!! Complete WOW factor!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!

  5. Lynne says:

    I like your idea to transform your fridge into Frosty. Would love to see a picture of that! 🙂 Your curtains and tree are breathtaking….

  6. Gamble says:

    Your tree is already gorgeous. I want to see a picture of your fridge decorated to look like Frosty! What fun!

  7. aimado says:

    I wish I had gathered the energy to get to Michaels on “Black Friday”, but I did not. I enjoyed hearing about your trip. Your to do list intrigued me. I would love to see/hear about these in particular…
    •Design images for my photo frames using Artisan
    •Set up the candy table/display
    •Get the holiday mugs ready
    The tree looks great!

  8. Jan says:

    Oh, Meka. You are OVER THE TOP! And I love you for it! Merry Christmas to all of the Bonds (and Mom)! xx

  9. Can I come have Christmas at your place?! Gorgeous Tameka!

  10. Kay says:

    What a beautiful scene.

  11. adakallen adakallen says:


  12. Anne says:

    Wow Tameka!! That tree really is a masterpiece! It’s just beautiful!

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