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This is going to be short and sweet!

I am on holidays … and the last two to four weeks at our house have been crazy!  It’s the end of our school year in Australia which means that there are numerous end of year functions and formals to attend (and photograph).  It is also summer and that means wedding season (I photographed a couple of those too) … but right now I can’t even think what else happened, but it was full on.  I do know that it involved lots of late nights, early mornings and far too much coffee!!

I have started the process of relaxing after driving the 11 hours north from our home yesterday and today.

I love this time of the year where we traditionally leave home two weeks before Christmas and meet up with five (or more) other families at a beach on the north coast that is pretty similar to what we have at home although the water is warmer and the surf is always good!

Today as we drove the final leg, I was getting so excited!  Most of these people I haven’t seen or spoken to throughout the year and I wasn’t entirely sure who would actually be here.  There are so many kids and they are all growing up and beginning to have lives of their own.  Each year there is inevitably an addition of a boyfriend or girlfriend and some of those have come back as husbands or wives!

It is all pretty cool, not to mention lots of fun!

I am so ready for it and my only concern is that it is not going to be long enough, but I will go and enjoy what time we do have together as a family and as a group. These times are far too special and I am going to make the most of it.

But first things first … I need a good nights’ sleep!





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4 Responses to Blog: It’s holiday time

  1. karen heath says:

    I can relate to the full on year.. Enjoy your break, recharge and get ready for next year, I am starting to think that life does not slow down unless we make a conscious effort to stop. Merry Christmas

  2. Tameka says:

    Christmas on the beach. Sounds amazing.

  3. Alison Woof says:

    Have a wonderful holiday Justine!

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