Tagging your photos in Historian or Memory Manager 4 is not essential but incredibly helpful. It makes searching and locating photos a breeze. The program comes with a few tags set up already, but you will want to customize your tags to fit your photos. Note: All the information in this post applies to “Face Tags” in the same way that it applies to general tags.

Adding Tags

There are several ways to add tags:

Option 1: Click on the small arrow next to My Categories and choose Create Tag


In the box that opens, type the name of the tag, and click the drop-down arrow to choose which category to place the tag in, then click OK. If you don’t choose a category, the tag will appear at the bottom of the list, below the categories.



Option 2: Click on the small arrow next to your chosen Category and choose Create Tag



The same pop-up will appear, but this time the category will already be chosen. All you need to do is choose the new name, and click OK. If you have clicked on the wrong category and want to change it, you can still click the drop-down arrow to choose which category to place the tag in.



Option 3: Click on the drop-down arrow next to any image and choose “Tag With …”



A box will pop up listing all your current tags. To add a new one, click “New Tag”. The same pop-up box appears as in method 1 & 2 above. Choose the tag name, and the category, and click OK.


Deleting Tags

To delete a Tag, simply click on the drop-down arrow on the tag in question and choose Delete. You will NOT lose your images, only the tag. Your images will move to the “Not tagged” area, unless they already have more than one tag applied.


Renaming or Moving Tags

To rename a tag, click on the drop-down arrow on the tag in question and choose Properties:



In the Properties Dialog Box, type the new name for the tag. You can also move it to a different category by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting a different category.



Tags can also be moved by clicking and dragging to a different category, or to a different order within the same category.

Sorting Tags

Tags can be put into alphabetical order by clicking on the drop-down arrow of any category and choosing “Sort categories and tags by name”


You can choose to sort all your sub-categories (if you have them)  and tags alphabetically, or just the category you selected. The choice is yours but I recommend you sort only one category at a time, as there is no “undo” for this function! To do that, click “No” to the question asked in the pop-up box.



For more detailed information on using categories and tags, we recommend you watch the following videos:



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  1. Shelley, this was a helpful lesson. I learned something new about using properties!

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