A couple of months ago, I wrote about an opening that had arisen for my husband and me to live in Dubai for a couple of years. If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you might have wondered what happened to our great adventure.  As often happens in life, that door closed and another one opened. Things are still not 100% confirmed, but it is looking extremely likely that within the next few months we will be living in the Middle East, not in Dubai but in Doha. To be honest until this opportunity arose, I could not have placed Doha on a map, and knew nothing about it, apart from the fact that they beat Australia in the bid to host the 2022 soccer world cup.

I was pretty excited about the promise that Dubai offered, but at least I had been there, even if it was for only three days in transit. I needed to find out more about Doha. Where is it? Is it a place I could live? What are conditions like for women in Doha? Would I be able to work, drive a car, be seen in public without head covering? Thanks to the world wide web, knowledge is so accessible these days. I found lots of information, including several forums run by western ex-pats living in Doha. I still have not physically visited, but I feel quite well-informed, and comfortable about our big move.

Here are some of the things I have learned about Doha:Qatar_Map_001

  • Doha is the capital and only significant city in the country of Qatar.
  • Qatar is on the Arabian Gulf, a small country on a peninsula quite close to Dubai. The total area is only 11,437 sq km (4,416 sq miles)
  • The population of Qatar is around 2 million, of which 1.8 million are ex-pats.
  • Qatar is the richest country in the world, measured by GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita. The money comes from oil and natural gas.
  • Doha is a modern city with a rather beautiful skyline and a rapid building boom.
  • It’s hot. Very hot. Average summer temperatures are above 40 degrees C (104F). In winter it is a balmy 25C (77F).
  • Everything is air conditioned!
  • There are large modern classy shopping malls (like Dubai) and traditional Arabian-style souqs (markets).

To answer the questions I asked earlier – I’m pretty sure it is a place I could live; women can work, drive a car, travel alone; I can get a job, if I choose, though I am planning to do pixels2Pages full time; and I do not need to wear head covering unless I am visiting a mosque.

The more I read the more excited I am getting. I can’t wait to get there and start this new phase of our lives! Here are a couple of pages I made with photos I found online. Soon I will be able to replace these photos with my own!

Content: CottageArts Everyday paper Pak 3, CM Rugged Outdoors Digital Additions  from Panstoria.com, Blueprint: Pompeii (one of the 2014 February Downloads), Font: Oreo

Doha - Page 089

Doha - Page 090

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34 Responses to Blog: An unexpected turn

  1. Kaye Rhodes says:

    What an exciting adventure lies ahead! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing you photos!

  2. Katrina says:

    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy….your pages will be a geography lesson for most of us.

  3. Justine says:

    Exciting times indeed! Who knows what is around the corner 🙂

  4. Catherine Macdonald says:

    Good luck with your move Shelley. We just packed our house up (we rented it while we were travelling for three months) and I don’t envy you that bit – or unpacking the other end, but living in another country will be a great adventure!

  5. Sandy says:

    Wow Shelley, sounds like a fun adventure is in store for you and your husband. I have heard of Doha but only because my husband is an avid golf fan and watched a tournament that was held in Qaatar. One of the filler pieces was a “tour” of the country and Doha was included. My first thoughts were that it looked HOT but then they started showing areas around the city. It looks like an amazing place to explore and can only imagine the pages/photos we will be seeing from you. Can’t wait to “join you” on your adventure.

    • Shelley says:

      It is hot! But fortunately air-conditioned, so I think we’ll cope. They are very keen on golf apparently. Looking forward to getting some photos to share!

  6. Carolyn says:

    I was just wondering about this the other day! Craig’s been to Qatar. But that was when his Navy ship was escorting Kuwaiti tankers prior to the Persian Gulf war so his travel experience may not have been as nice as you describe it today. 🙂

  7. Cathy says:

    This is very cool, Shelley. I so admire people who can live abroad. I LOVE to visit, but always love coming home. Great adventures to you!

  8. Twists and turns…life is so like that for those who are willing! I’m thrilled for you and your new adventure Shelley! What an opportunity to live in the Middle East for this next season of your life. I pray for many new connections for you and your husband and that your time there will have incredible impact! So thrilled that p2P is going with you, and you are staying here with us!

  9. Viv says:

    We have just had a friend return home to NZ after living in Doha for a few years. We also meet a lovely Indian guy on our travels from there. A very beautiful place. It was in the news a lot here just over a year ago when they had a very big fire in one of the Malls and killed a set of triplets from NZ in one of the day cares. SO yes I know exactly where you are off to. Enjoy this passage of your ‘Life’s Journey’. I look forward to hearing more news. All the best.

  10. carolyn18 says:

    Thanks for the update and I look forward to hearing more about it!

  11. Deanna Emmert says:

    I had been wondering about your Dubai adventure. So it has turned into Doha instead. No, I have never heard of it either, although I have heard of Qatar. But you are an awesome “p2P correspondent” so I’m sure we will all be learning more! 🙂 Have fun! 🙂

  12. June says:

    Shelley! Wow! What an exciting opportunity for you to fulfill your love of travel and new experiences! Looks like you found an amazing place! So happy for you! 🙂

  13. Bridget says:

    What a journey and I look forward to pictures of this new city that I had not heard of either. My daughter who is in the Navy visited Quatar while on deployment. I will have to ask her if they were to the capital.

  14. Glenna says:

    Congratulations Shelley. It sounds like a great adventure for you and your husband. Glad you will still be doing Pixels2Pages, you would be missed. Can’t wait to see the real pages from you when you move there. Do you know when that will be?

    • Shelley says:

      I can’t imagine ever giving up pixels2Pages! I’m looking forward to having more time to work on it, instead of having to fit it around my day job. We don’t have a definite date yet – I will be happier when that is settled and we can start planning.

  15. Penny says:

    Wow, Shelley! Talk about an exciting adventure! I am eagerly looking forward to learning more about this fascinating place once you (hopefully) are able to move there and get settled in.

  16. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    How exciting Shelley!! I love going places I have never been. We start a new adventure 3 weeks from today! We usually camp host at a camp ground but this time we will be volunteering at a Georgia State Historical Site. I will run the museum and gift shop while my husband will do lawn and outside maintenance. We will work 3 full days and have the next 4 off!! And we are only 30 miles south of Savannah, Georgia!! I’m so excited to explore Savannah a little more and to be on the coast! Have a wonderful adventure and look forward to hearing all about it in future blogs and pages!!

  17. Liz Propst says:

    I read this quickly….and laughed when I pictured you, at your computer, doing p2P work with a lovely scrapbook created hat balancing on your head … that kind that would be made of all the traditional scrapping treasures that we all collected over the years!! Blessings on your move and i look forward to learning about life in the middle east from you!

  18. Ruth Bell says:

    Wow! That is exciting. What an opportunity. Now the P2p business is really going global.

  19. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I am very excited for you, Shelley! And even more excited that you will be in another part of the world and still able to work with P2P full time! I must admit that I am a bit selfish and don’t want to miss any of the creative genius that you offer to the rest of us! LOL!

    Good luck and keep us informed on when the big shift will be happening! Much love to you and your family!

  20. adakallen adakallen says:

    Well if you get to spend time there you can check out Texas A&M University at Qutar. It has a mailing address at Doha and of course it offers undergraduate studies/degrees in Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineering.

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