Happy Talk Blog Header_JanI have had the best week and a half!  I left Galveston last Wednesday, headed for North Carolina.  So far, I’ve gotten to spend time with my son and his wife and sweet Miss E, I’ve been to an NC State basketball game (in the ice and snow), I’ve had some dinners at old favorite restaurants, I spent the weekend with my dear friend Jenny at an awesome retreat just north of Asheville, including the car ride to and from, I met new friends and fantastic women at the retreat, I got to watch the Super Bowl at Dave and Markee’s (did I mention spending time with Elliot?), and now I’m staying at another friend’s gorgeous home in Durham.

Since I’ve been here at Anna’s, I’ve spent several days helping her go through and organize photos that haven’t been looked at since her home burned down ten years ago.  What treasures we have found!  (Thankfully, most of her photos were saved and/or restored.)  We had a play day – Mah Jongg in the morning and dominoes in the evening, and then we made more time to work on photos.  I’ve met with some of my old CM team to plan a p2P LIVE event for this summer and just to catch up, and I’ve made time for lunches and dinners with other friends.  I’ve run into old neighbors as I walked (in the rain) on my old walking routes and I’ve seen new shops and stores in Durham.

Tonight, Rex, Kim, and Blake will arrive and tomorrow we will all celebrate Elliot’s first birthday (even though it’s next week!).  I can hardly wait for that extravaganza!  When you see the photos, you will know I had Pixie help from Mary and Tameka, who came through big time with beautiful banners for Elliot!  On Sunday, Blake and Kim will be honored at a couples wedding shower hosted by my friend Dana.  We are so excited to introduce Blake to our Durham friends and to show him around our old stomping grounds!

I am so lucky to be able to come back to Durham every now and again – it’s so much fun to catch up with my friends and pick up where we left off.  I love trying new restaurants and revisiting favorite ones.  I’m even squeezing in an appointment with our accountant!  It makes moving so far away not seem quite so far, and I’m blessed with friends who go out of their ways to make time for me when I’m here.

This will be the first time all of us will be together in NC since Dave and Markee got married almost two and a half years ago.  We may even get to go to church at our old church and see more dear friends.  As much as I wish I got to see Elliot (and her parents) more often, it’s kind of nice to have a good reason to come ‘home’ often.  Getting to go to Asheville (we lived there for three years) was an added plus – I will return to Texas rejuvenated and ready to face pelican season again!  And before you know it, Mardi Gras will be upon us!

So grateful for good friends and good times in the Old North State!

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{More photos to come after the weekend festivities!}

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6 Responses to Blog: I love going home again

  1. Kaye Rhodes says:

    So glad you had a good visit with family and friends! The BEST!

  2. Carolyn says:

    So happy for your joy. 🙂

  3. Katrina says:

    Jan as I read your blog, I can only think of how wonderful Elliott will feel when he reads and shows all the pics to his friends and one day his family. What a beautiful history being developed. Way-2-Go!

  4. Janice says:

    I love how excited you sound with your writing Jan – I can feel it!!! Can’t wait to see more photos, especially of Elliot’s big celebration!!! Wishing her a happy happy happy birthday, with lots of love, cuddles and her special giggle laughter!!!

  5. Old stomping grounds can be the best – especially when connected to family and friends! Have fun Jan!

  6. Tabitha Jones says:

    GO PACK! An NC native myself- now reside in OH. My husband has fond memories of Durham (he’s an NC School of Science & Math grad) and is an NCSU grad.. My heart will always be in NC too!

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