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So today is Valentine’s Day and I am hoping that you’re getting to spend it with your loved ones.

Do you remember cutting out red construction paper hearts? What about coloring paper doilies? I loved getting to pull apart the stack of doilies and all the little pieces of paper that would pop out like confetti; leaving a spidery magical heart. Did you decorate a shoebox with magazine articles or pretty paper for your school Valentines?

I would bet that you have some fond memories of past Valentine’s Days and I’m hoping that you’re making some special cards or treats for those you love. I know someone in this house who is getting something very special for being such a fabulous nurse. He’s the best and here are a few examples.

Where did it go?

January blew by with 4 boxes of Kleenix and a couple of trips to the doctor. Yes, I had the flu shot but apparently it doesn’t cover all the different little bugs that are flitting about. Let’s see – I could describe the countless old movies that helped entertain me for days; the TV now automatically goes to Turner Classic Movies. I know the life history of Barbara Stanwick and Joan Crawford and even caught sight of a favorite movie star Paul Georg Julius Freiherr von Hernried Ritter von Wassel-Waldingau in the 1939 version of Goodbye Mr. Chips.  You say you aren’t familiar with that name? How about Paul Henried? Born in Germany he escaped to England just after the Nazi’s invaded Austria. He still makes my heart skip a beat in that old movie  Now, Voyager when he lights 2 cigarettes – one for himself and one for a shy Bette Davis. “Don’t let’s ask for the moon, we have the stars.” And I did discover Words with Friends that helped pass the long hours when I was up to it. Or maybe I could describe the view from the bedroom where I spent many hours soaking in the sun shining through the south windows. I loved watching the planes heading to the airport; wondering where those passengers had been.

But I’d rather describe the best nurse and helpmate who brought 3 meals a day and took such good care of me. My dear sweet husband shopped, fixed bowl after bowl of chicken and rice and chicken and noodle soups, cinnamon toast, and applesauce every day for over 2 weeks. He kept me stocked with Kleenix, emptied overflowing trashcans of tissues, and brought pills and glasses of water to keep me hydrated.  Being sick can really cause a loss of personality around here but thankfully he pretended not to notice. So in addition to him working at his desk, he kept me supplied with everything I needed (and most thankfully, he didn’t come down with the flu!) Dear friends brought delicious suppers of chicken pot pie and pork tenderloin and a beautiful bouquet of yellow tulips which brightened the sick room more and more each day as they fully opened. I am forever grateful for the calls and emails too – they do make you feel warm and loved!

Finally began to venture out last weekend and was thrilled to see grandchildren for the first time since the 10th of January. They’ve grown so much. And nothing makes you feel better than big hugs from warm little bodies!

So almost 3 weeks of not taking pictures set me a bit behind on the Day2Day project and would you believe that I forgot to take photos of anything during that time??? Mercy, I missed some wonderful photo opportunities of wadded tissues, empty water glasses, supper trays, black and white movies, toast crumbs, sticky cough medicine spoons and cold remedies.  And I must have been a vision too with red nose, hair sticking up all over my head and nightgowns and sweatshirts. Thankfully NO pictures of that either!

So here’s February and spring is just a few weeks away for those of us in the south – Hooray! Last week we had a couple of warm days in the 60’s to taunt us followed quickly by highs in the 40’s. And as I write this tonight (3 days ahead), it’s been snowing most all day and even more is expected tomorrow and the next day too!  But the vegetable catalogs are here on my desk and it’s time to start some seedlings – so spring is closer than it was!!!

Now trying to regain energy for my semi-annual sister trip where we work like crazy on our “Uncle Harry” book. We’re so close now. We have the letters, we have the photos and where those all fit together – the ‘bones’ of the book so to speak. Now all we need is the ‘skin’ that holds it together. We’re calling the facts of what was going on in the war and the world during the time of Harry’s letters as the “skin”. We’ve found a ton of information on Google, in WWII books, and even from a diary of a friend’s uncle who also served. So we’re closer. Hmm, think I’ve said that before!

Sometime in the future if you attend a World War II re-enactment show – look for 2 blondes selling a book about a dear heroic patriot who died way too soon. We’re calling it “Dear Folks” because there just didn’t seem to be anything else that would suit as well.

Hoping your January wasn’t spent in the bed and you were able to enjoy the snow days in the states or the warm days in Australia. In other words – stay healthy!!

Happy memory making everyone and a very special Valentine’s Day wish too,



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11 Responses to Blog: What happened to January?

  1. Sandy Stoodt says:

    Like the valentine. How do you put the pictures into the shape. I have been looking for the directions and can’t seem to find them.

  2. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Very cute page and precious faces!

  3. Jan says:

    Glad you found your personality, Anne, and good for Arch for not being Nurse Ratched! Most of all – so happy your are feeling better now! xx

  4. Janeen Janeen says:

    beautiful page. i am so sorry you were sick with the nasties. hope you continue to feel better.

  5. Sue Thoenes says:

    Just Gorgeous, Anne. Can you tell us how you made this pretty Valentine? Thanks!!! I love you Miss Pixie and all the Pixies…Scrappin’ Sue.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I had NO IDEA you were sick. 🙂 Thank the Lord for prompting me to send you a bit of sunshine out of the blue. Love you! That Arch… I’d say he’s a keeper.

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