Happy Talk Blog Header_JanIt’s hard to imagine that it was only a short month ago that I was back in North Carolina visiting family and friends and celebrating Elliot’s first birthday.  It was a special time, and Markee and Dave went all out to mark that special milestone, and my daughter, Kim, and her fiance’ Blake even made the trip to Durham for the big day.  It was Blake’s first trip to the Old North State, so we had fun taking him to some of our favorite hangouts and showing him a few of the highlights.

As an added bonus, my dear friend Dana hosted a lovely afternoon tea/couple’s shower for Kim and Blake on Sunday afternoon.  Now it really feels like a wedding is happening – Kim has had her first shower!  We arrived at Dana’s to find out her daughter had been thrown by her horse the afternoon before and suffered a concussion.  That meant Dana had been in the ER most of the night, and she even baked little heart-shaped scones that were served with cream and jam – sinfully delicious!  As always, her table was laden with treats and I was reminded of a gentler time when afternoon teas were more the norm than they are now – at least in America.  My Australian friends might be shocked to learn that ‘tea’ is not a common occurrence in these parts, but since Dana has spent plenty of time in London, she knew exactly what to do.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our Durham friends to get a chance to meet Blake and visit with him and Kim, and of course it was fun for them to open presents and think about setting up house – wherever that turns out to be!  My friend Laura arrived with camera in hand, so I even got lots of great pictures to commemorate the day.  I was reminded of a couple’s shower that one of my mom’s good friends had for Rex and me, back in the day.  I still have an apron I got that day (well, actually, I think it was given to Rex) that says “I’d rather be in bed!” – quite risque’ for the day!!

That got me to thinking about how much weddings and wedding preparations have changed in the past 30 – 50 years.  I started to tell Kim that I didn’t know how I did it without Pinterest, and then I realized that “I” didn’t do it – my mom did!  So I am especially thankful for Pinterest!!!  When Rex and I were engaged, my mom and I went down to his hometown in Tennessee for a week of parties.  I had to have new outfits for each party, and of course, they were all different kinds of parties. Because he lived in a very small town, each party was written up in the weekly newspaper, so there was lots of pressure to have them each be special.  We had a shower, a bridal luncheon, and a gift tea as well as a few more smaller gatherings.  I even had a look at my wedding album (Who remembers those CM pre-printed wedding pages??  What goes around, comes around, I guess!) and laughed to read the newspaper accounts.  Here is one excerpt:

“For the afternoon party, Jan wore a two-piece dress featuring a cornflower blue bodice and white skirt.  Mrs. McCallum chose a sky blue dress with white trim and Mrs. Dodson wore a bone lacy knit with matching jacket.  Corsages of daisies and baby’s breath accented their attire.

The tea table was overlaid with a white linen cloth over pale green and centered with a silver epergne of yellow and white daisies.  Dainty party sandwiches and cookies were served with chilled fruit punch, all in silver appointments.  Arrangements of white mums and daisies throughout the house added to the decor.”

So, while Dana’s lovely shower wasn’t written up in the Durham Herald Sun, it did earn a couple of pages by me:

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10 Responses to Blog: A Sweetheart of a Day

  1. LB says:

    I love the simplicity of the pages so all the focus is on the photos.

  2. Barbara Mitchell says:

    Great blog Jan! Your reprint of the article brought back memories of reading my mom’s newspaper write-up for her wedding. She would have been 84 this year, and I KNOW you can’t be that old!!! Love the layout too, by the way! 🙂

  3. Now Jan, you can’t be that old. I got a good chuckle reading the article reprint….sounded like the good ole mayberry days. CONGRATULATIONS on your daughter’s engagement and what fun to reminisce with family and friends. Love the idea of a tea!

  4. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    Quite the debutante weren’t you Jan!! What fun!! Times have changed so much in our lifetime! It’s a good thing we can record all the historical changes for future generations! You should do a ‘Your Wedding” and or Shower page next to her wedding and or shower page!! That would be cool!

    • Jan says:

      Well, Kim really was a “W-tante” (as Dana’s daughter Carter used to say when she was a little girl) but I most definitely was not. I considered taking a photo of some of my wedding album pages….maybe I will!

  5. Tameka says:

    I can’t believe they used to put those details in the paper. Interesting. Can’t wait for Kim’s wedding pages to start rolling in.

  6. Carolyn says:

    So many great pictures here! I especially love the picture of Rex and Elliot. And the one with Dana. And you and Rex. Kim and Blake! So many great pictures here! I do, however, wish I could have seen the daisy adornments too. :-). I’m sure you made a lovely bride-to-be!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks, CB! Laura did a great job with the photos – good thing, since I didn’t! Oh, I was quite the blushing bride-to-be. You’ve heard about the headlines in Rex’s newspaper on our engagement announcement, right? “Rex McCallum to Claim Bride”. As if.

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