Blueprints make page creation so easy! Just drop in your photos, fill the blue color blocks with papers, add embellishments (if desired) and journaling and your page is done. But you can also change and customise to your heart’s desire.

These Blueprints are available as part of your Back2Basics membership. And now, you can download them all at once in a single download!

Click the Download button below to download all these Blueprints. Back2Basics Blueprints only come in 12×12 size. In a full pixels2Pages membership, each Blueprint is provided in both 12×12 and 11×8.5 sizes.

Birthday“, a double page spread by Carolyn for 14 photos uses a modified grid to allow for either photos or paper to fill the photo frames. Add journaling and either word art or a title and you are done. Content used in the example page includes CM Best Buds Digital Kit. Fonts are CK Cursive and Carbon Block.











Hearts and Love” by Justine is a simple and elegant layout for 4 photos.  The content used in the example pages includes:  CM Everyday Digital Power Palette, PS I Love You Digital Shapes.  Fonts: CK Journaling, Mom’s Typewriter.


Chicks” by Justine is a   layout for three photos which contains lots of space for content or to be left to allow your photos to really stand out.  Content used in the example page includes: CM Cottage Garden Digital Kit, Digital Embellishments – Sewing Room – Romance, Digital Embellishments – Sewing Room – Baby Boy/Baby Girl. Fonts: Gentle Redhead, Mom’s Typewriter.


ACMI” by Kerrianne has room for 3 photos, highlighting one of them dramatically. Content used in the example page includes: Black and White Digital Kit. Font: Designers.


Click here to download all the Back2Basics Blueprints in one handy zip file:


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23 Responses to Back2Basics Blueprints

  1. Jan says:

    Hello. I’m a brand new p2P member, so please bear with me. Is the download link to these “back2basics” Blueprints working, or has it been disabled? When I click to download, nothing happens. Please help. Thanks.

  2. digital diva says:

    is there a check list for these?

  3. Judith McLeod says:

    I’ve downloaded all the B2B blueprints, but with the monthly ones, I was able to print a sheet with the pictures so that I know what is included. Is there a sheet for these as well? Thanks.

    • Alison says:

      We don’t currently have a Blueprint checklist for the Back2Basics Blueprints, since they are a static offering, rather than something that is added to every month. However if there is a need for a handout listing these Blueprints, we would certainly consider providing one.

    • Bonnie Kosmider says:

      Thanks for asking this – I was just looking for one too!
      Hope they considering it!

  4. Laura Woods says:

    I can’t find my blueprints. I download the zipped file but when I try to unzip them they destination file continues to show up using Windows 10. I Help me please!

    • Alison says:

      Don’t worry about unzipping, Laura. Once you have downloaded the zip file, just double click to open the folder, then select all the files by holding down shift and clicking on the first and last. Right click on the selected files and choose copy, then go to the folder where you want to store them and right click and paste. You will see tham appear in the folder, so you can be sure they are there.

  5. Karen Ryder says:

    I am not a computer geek. I am windows 10. I downloaded the blueprints and understand they sit in a blueprints folder in my computer. I found them. How do I unzip and how do I move the blueprint into my project. I can’t find a place that says get the page from my computer

    • Alison says:

      Hi Karen, If you double click to open the zip file you should see a button that says Extract all. Click that and tell it where you want to save them (the folder on your computer where you want to keep your Blueprints). Once they are saved, you can delete the zip file. In your open project, click on Template > Using a page file from my computer. Hope that helps.

  6. cmjill2001 cmjill2001 says:

    Is there a way to keep all blueprints in A5? Or do you have to pull them over as pages one by one when you want to use them?

    • Shelley says:

      Blueprints are files which live in a folder on your computer, and need to be imported one at a time into your projects. There isn’t a way to keep them in the Content Manager of Artisan 5. Blueprint Books or Collections that you purchase from the Forever Store are in a different format, and they do install into Artisan.

  7. April Sims says:

    Just purchased back2basics A5 and have reviewed all the videos, challenge, and bp. I haven’t reviewed all the PDF files as of yet (no printer). I am not sure what I was expecting in this latest version b2b but this wasn’t it. When I took the b2b A4 course there was a lesson and then I completed the lesson on my own. I built on that lesson in the upcoming lessons. I was new to digital scrapbooking and A4. A great learning tool. If I was a new digi scrapper b2b A5 would not help me. Your Pixie Power Minutes, which came with my membership, teaches me more about A5. Sorry, if this sounds negative but I still love everything I get from p2P.

    • Alison says:

      The aim of Getting Started with Artisan 5 is to get someone who is completely new to Artisan 5 up and running. The videos and handouts outline all the steps to getting started – from starting a project, through importing photos and templates and creating a page to ordering the printed book from Forever. Working systematically through the handouts and watching the videos should give a clear picture of how the program works. From there, we would hope new users could move on to a full membership and watch all the Pixie Power Minute videos and use the other resources available to learn the more advanced techniques.

  8. Maria Bell says:

    Where do you find out how to change the color of the frames in blueprints?

    • Alison says:

      Hi Marie, we can’t cover everything in the Back2Basics lessons, but there are lots of ways you can change photo frames in the software to suit your page. It works the same for any photo holder, not just on Blueprints. If you select the photo then go to the Format Photos ribbon > Frames you will find all the different options for changing photo frames. Have a play and see what you come up with!

  9. Pauline Pauline says:

    Thanks for the guidance, I think I am learning

  10. Maria Bell says:

    I hope this gets easier. I am self taught and I have a hard time thinking like a computer. I am very happy with you. I can try again and again and the teacher is still in. Bravo. I have learned a lot in these few days. Still having trouble with the blueprint downloads. They open in Artisan and I have them in my documents but am not understanding how to move them. Tomorrow is another day. See you then. Maria

  11. Susan Davis says:

    Thank you for the extra blueprints! I appreciate your generosity!

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