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Everyone has a story to tell.  pixels2Pages is in the business of helping people tell their stories.  We do it by telling our stories and reflecting on our lives and sharing them with you.  All of the pages and the stories behind them are real to us.  We lived it. We loved it.  We smelled it.  We tasted it.  We touched it.  We experienced it in every way possible.  When we share it, we give you a little piece of us and give you the opportunity and inspiration to share a bit of yourselves.   The occasion where we create a random page that does not pertain to our lives is extremely rare.  I think that this is what makes pixels2Pages unique.

Over the past few months, several Blueprints that I created were shared with you – Celebration of Life, By Land or By Sea, Reason to Smile, High and Low and UnBirthday Song.

By Land or By Sea and High and Low are both Blueprints that highlighted my most recent trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan with fellow pixels2Pages team members, Jan McCallum and Justine Forrest, p2P Member/host extraordinaire Kathleen Eichler, and over 50 of our fabulous p2P Peeps (most of whom were also members of pixels2Pages).   The photo safari was the first of its kind for p2P and it exceeded all of our expectations.   Aside from the beauty of the island, we were able to bond and nourish the online friendships that we had made while sharing our pages via Facebook.  Guess what?  If you haven’t heard, I am headed back to Mackinac Island.  This time it will be for the Artisan training I will lead instead of for a photo safari.    There is still time for you to join us!  Click HERE for details.

by land or by sea banner High and Low banner

Celebration of Life and Reason to Smile are both about a pivotal point in my weight loss journey.  They document how I felt on the Biggest Day of the Body By Denise Year – the Celebration of Life party.  It was a catered affair at the gorgeous Douglaston Manor.  It was the first time I had been out to an affair in a long time.  It was the first time in a long time that I got dressed up in a little black dress.  It was the first time in a long time that I wore 3 inch heels and felt good in them.  I had just lost over 70 lbs and it felt damn good both physically and mentally.   It felt good knowing that by losing the unhealthy weight, I am giving myself the chance to live and enjoy life a bit longer.  What’s more, I felt so good about it because my pixels2Pages family (yes…YOU!)  have been there supporting and encouraging me with every single pound that was lost.

140412_BP_CelebrationofLifeBanner_TB reasons to smile banner

UnBirthday Song was a story of the un-traditional.   I don’t believe in celebrating birthdays before they actually arrive.  I personally believe it is bad luck.  It was day one of my daughter’s Birthday/Slumber Party.  While there would be cake, I had no intentions of singing Happy Birthday.  The plan was to sing Happy Birthday the following morning (which would be Tiara’s actual Birthday) and sing over a rainbow stack of pancakes.  Tiara was NOT havin’ it!  She wanted to be sung to over the special cake her grandma made her.  My compromise was to sing “Happy UN-birthday to you!” After all … “ There are 364 un-birthdays, un-birthdays every year!” (singing from Alice in Wonderland)

unbirthday song banner

We take community seriously at pixels2Pages.   This company was founded because we saw a need amongst ourselves and others – the need for a resource that would make our individual story-telling process easy.  We knew that it would be more fun to work with others.  Our Blueprints are not just products that we give our members.  Our Blueprints (and every other offering in our available in a pixels2Pages Membership) are little snippets of our heartsongs that we are sharing with you, one story at a time. Every time you use a Blueprint we are personally reminded of the way we felt the time we experienced the experience that inspired the Blueprint.  So…on the eve of the eve of our 4th Birthday, I invite you to pick a random Blueprint and share a heartsong with us all.  Who knew that a simple Blueprint could warm your hearts and ours at the exact same time? (WE ALL DID…THAT’S WHO!)

Happy Cropping.

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8 Responses to Blog: A True Story

  1. shirley shingara says:

    Tameka, you have captured what I love most about you and all the Pixies! Yes, you saw a need and met it, but you did so HEARTS WIDE OPEN! For that I thank you all! You Pixies have inspired me, touched me, made me laugh, and made me shed a tear. All part of a relationship. Relationship based care is the buzz word in our hospital. Funny thing is the best have been ‘doing it’ for years! Hope to join you all some day..I have my hopes set on Morgan Hill in September!

  2. sistersunshine says:

    Dear Meka, Peace & joy. Can’t wait to see everyone on Mackinac Island in a few weeks, in fact I will be celebrating your 4th birthday from the Island, and getting ready for everyone’s arrival at the end of May… I have been going back through ALL the blueprints and LIVE templates that have been shared in my digi career and am amazed at how frequently they pop up in my personal books… I have tried to spend some time figuring out WHY they are my ‘go-to’ layouts… I’m not sure but I strongly suspect that it’s because of all the WONDERFUL sample pages that show the infinite possibilities that these ‘outlines’ offer… can’t wait for the birthday celebration and after that our fantastic fun getaway on the Island. So many ‘heartsongs’ to sing. *U* Kathleen

  3. Fay Wilde says:

    You are truly an inspiration in many ways. I admire you Tameka. You are a unique special person and I’m happy to call you my friend!

  4. Sandy says:

    I think that the perfect blueprint is part of the emotion created with each page. And thanks to the pixies I have a lot of perfect, emotional pages to share with my family and friends. Blueprints help tremendously with putting pages together quickly. I think it’s time to go spend some time telling more stories.

  5. Penny says:

    Beautifully said, Tameka!

  6. Jan says:

    You nailed it, Meka! Thanks! xx

  7. Shelley says:

    Great blog Tameka! You are so right about the history and associations that accompany our Blueprints!

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