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There are days when scrapping just seems to work – I’m firing on all cylinders, ideas are coming thick and fast, the pages are almost effortless, and I’m excited and pleased with what I’m producing. Then there are the other days – the days when I just can’t seem to get going. I do something, it doesn’t look right, I try something else, still not happy, maybe I shouldn’t have changed it…. I end up frustrated and feeling like I haven’t achieved anything. I’ve lost my scrapping mojo.

Sometimes it’s better to just forget about scrapping on those days – step away from the computer, get some fresh air, and go do something else I enjoy. But here’s the thing: most of us don’t have unlimited scrapping time. We have busy lives, families to care for, jobs to do, friends to catch up with. Scrapping time has to be squeezed in around many other important things in our lives, so when we do have time, we want to make the most of it, don’t we? Those precious hours when we have time to scrap (and sometimes peace and quiet too!) are too few and far between to waste, even if the creative juices aren’t exactly flowing.

So what can we do to help the creativity along a bit? What will give us a little kick along in the scrapping mojo department when we most need it? Here are some things that help me – perhaps they’ll be useful to you as well.

If I feel like I’ve reached a dead-end with a certain page, sometimes all I need is to close that one and move on to a new page. Pull up some different photos, grab a new blueprint and forge ahead. Often, once I’ve done another page, I’ll be able to come back to the one that was giving me grief and see it with fresh eyes.

Speaking of blueprints, what a fabulous resource they are for getting creativity flowing again! Have a quick scroll through your blueprints folder and see if the sparks don’t start flying! If you’ve printed off your blueprint checklists, you’ll be able to quickly flip through a whole bunch. I almost always see one and think – ‘that will be perfect!’ Have you explored the p2P Blueprint Galleries? I get so many ideas from seeing what other people have done with these fabulous offerings. Whether it’s a blueprint I haven’t tried before, a colour combination I would never have come up with myself, a paper or an embellishment that grabs my eye, I come away inspired and ready to create.

My next suggestion is to jump over to the Challenges tab. p2P has produced over 200 challenges – there’s sure to be one in there you haven’t tried, or that you’d forgotten about. It’s so much fun revisiting old challenges, and once again, the Challenges Galleries are a brilliant resource for inspiration. Have you seen those pictures of cute kittens or piglets that say, ‘If this doesn’t make you smile, call a doctor! You might not have a pulse’? Well if the p2P galleries don’t inspire your creative streak you might be in need of medical attention!

What about watching one of our Video Tidbits or Start2Finish video offerings? Every time I watch one I come away bubbling with ideas. It’s like having a scrapping buddy sitting right beside me, sharing the know-how and setting off those lightbulb moments. I might find the perfect solution to the page that wasn’t gelling before – a great idea for a title, a new way of using a filter or a surface, a technique to help my embellishments pop, or a way to pull a whole lot of disparate elements into a cohesive page.

Sometimes what we need to spur us on is the feeling that we’re not alone. Another fantastic thing about p2P is that we’re a world-wide community! No matter what the hour, someone, somewhere in our p2P family will be awake and scrapping along with you. Our Facebook page is where we all hang out and stay connected with each other. Hop over there and be inspired by what others are posting. It’s incredible what a diverse community we are, and I love the way we get to share one another’s joys and struggles through our pages. If it’s a cold and dreary day where I am, chances are someone will post a lovely sunny page to brighten my perspective. And how many of us have travelled vicariously along with our fellow scrappers to places we’ll never see in person? My travel pages (and sometimes even which places I visit!) are so often inspired by someone else’s posts.

There’s nothing like getting together with some friends to get us motivated and blow away the cobwebs. Next weekend our Facebook page will be buzzing as we celebrate our 4th birthday with a Birthday Bash Crop! There’ll be lots of inspiration, some challenges, badges to earn and some fun birthday gifts for everyone. There might even be cake 😉  So put it in your diary and join in with us as we celebrate!


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13 Responses to Blog: Lost your Mojo?

  1. del says:

    Thank you, good tips I had forgotten now remembered back to looking on P2P challenges more often 😉

  2. Deanna Emmert says:

    My problem lately has been getting the photos to scrapbook–either the weather has been uncooperative or the schedule has been uncooperative. HEAVY SIGH! But when I can get the photos, your suggestions will be the ones I turn to. Thanks, Alison! 🙂

  3. carolyn18 says:

    As you wrote, I do get my mojo from the pixies, even just 5-10 minutes on the site gets me so excited. But it was nice to hear that the amazing Pixies even lose their mojo once in awhile.

    • Alison says:

      So glad that you find our offerings inspiring Carolyn. We all need a little help from our friends sometimes – that’s why the p2P community is so wonderful!

  4. Andrea Gearing says:

    Loved your ideas here. What time do things start with the Birthday Bash Virtual Crop? I haven’t done one before and have to work all day Friday. Do we just jump in when we can?

  5. Janice says:

    We all need a kick start sometimes – loving all of your suggestions that result in you getting your mojo back!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for these tips Alison. I have been in a scrapping slum for a while now…sit down to work and the ideas just won’t come! I’ve never been this far behind with getting my “yearbook” done…only finished a couple of months of 2013 so far! Glad to know I’m not the only one right now facing a loss of mojo.

    • Alison says:

      Suzanne, I hope there are some ideas here to get you scrapping again! Rather than thinking you’re so far behind, why not enjoy re-living all the great memories of the past year as you scrap?

  7. Sandy says:

    Allison, Thank you so much for putting into words what I have been going through recently. I have tons of pictures but just haven’t been able to put pages together. I had to step away for a bit so I would stop getting frustrated. I took the time to finish up some other projects (a couple quilts still needed binding and a few birthday presents needed to be created) so I could clear my head. I have spent tonight finishing up the details on some of the pages I started last week and just posted them.

    Now the problem is that the mojo is going full speed and I need to go to bed. 😉

    • Alison says:

      Yes, sometimes the mojo and the body clock don’t align very well, do they? Glad to see you’re making pages – I’m sure you’ll be even better after a good night’s sleep!

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