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For a long time I have been a collector of many, many things. As a small child I lost a bear on a family car trip. His name was “Timmy the Baby” and while I don’t remember him, I vividly remember talking about him being lost. I have nearly 160 bears. And one of them HAS to be Timmy!

My dad used to call my house the ‘museum’ as a running joke because of all the trinkets and knick-knacks I had all over the place. I am a true Bower Bird. If it catches my eye (like a shiny new object) I want it. Not just one of it, many of it!! LOL

Recently my new obsession and collecting focus has been on Vintage Cameras. It’s not just about getting the camera or the price (although a bargain is always a good thing!!). It’s about the fossicking and how I find them and get my hands on them! I love visiting vintage stores, markets and I have recently found some online groups selling in my area. (Which is good and bad at the same time!)

Some have a story, some don’t. Two have been in my family for years, the others are recent additions. There are Brownies, Box Brownies, Canon’s, a Voightlander,  a Polaroid and the most adorable Empire Baby. Some have leather cases, some don’t. All have a history and an appeal to me to showcase that at some point in time, someone saw a moment worth recording. Someone saw someone else smile. Someone saw memories before their eyes and snapped a quick pic!

I have a friend who also collects old, vintage cameras and he runs a film through them every now and then to see how the photographs would have looked. I am happy to just look at mine, but will get him to see if any of mine will still shoot a pic or two.

For whatever reason a collection starts I think it is a great idea to record it. That is why I have started taking photos of all of my collections of different things and will make a book to show them all together and write about how I got them or where they are all from.

I might not do a page about the bread ties though. I collect them, but really that is just the Bower Bird genes!!!

Do you have an old collection or a new collection? Are you recording it?

Perhaps we are all just Bower Birds in disguise!

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  1. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    Love this!!! Great page too!!

  2. Alison says:

    I love your collection and the beautiful way you have photographed and displayed them Kerrianne! I really must do this with my Dad’s collection and get him to tell me what they all are and where they came from…

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