SA_Blog_Header_SAIf you’ve read any of my blogs you’ll know that I’m a big fan of tags. I have previously written blog posts or tips about tagging content in Artisan or SBC, and tagging photos in Historian or Memory Manager. I even “tag” things in my home. I have several label-makers and I like nothing better than labelling my files, my drawers, my spice jars – you name it, if I have more than one, I reckon it needs a label. I tell myself that tagging helps me to be a more organised person. But I have come to realise it is actually the other way around. I tag things because I am so disorganised, that if I didn’t label everything, I’d have no hope of ever finding anything!

As part of the IT team for pixels2Pages, you won’t be surprised that I also love to tag our posts on this website. We currently have 1753 posts and 83 pages on this site. We try very hard to organise them into a logical system, but with all that information, it can be a challenge to find what you are looking for! I know, because even though I designed the site, I have trouble sometimes! I have previously written a blog post on Top 10 Tips for getting around, which describes 11 (yes, I had to add in an extra one) different tools to help people find their way around the website. Today I wanted to talk specifically about tags. Website tags are really just a way of labelling posts to make them easier to find.


On the right sidebar of almost every page of this site you’ll find our “tag cloud”. Lots of websites use tags and tag clouds. The tag cloud is a collection of the most popular tags on our site. Popularity in this case being a measure of how often we use the tags, not how much we or our members like them! The more often we use a tag, the more likely it is to be in the tag cloud, and the bigger the text, the more frequently that tag is used. So just like real clouds, the tag cloud is constantly changing. With new tips, videos and challenges every week, we keep adding and using tags, so the winner of  the most popular tag competition can change from day to day.

But the most fun I have with tags is using them to follow from topic to topic. At the bottom of every post, you’ll see the tags that were used in that post (not this post, because we don’t tag the blogs, but pretty much every other post!).

Tags Example

When I find a post that’s of interest on any website, it’s fun to click one of the tags, which will bring up a list of all the posts tagged with that same tag. It’s likely I’ll find something else of interest there, and when I’ve read that I can click on a new tag and happily browse the next list that comes up. In preparation for our upcoming move to Doha, Qatar, I have been reading lots of blogs written by other ex-pats who live there. I often play the tag game, and I’ve learned so much about Doha and the ex-pat experience there by doing that. You can always read posts chronologically, but if a site has been going for a while it is likely you’d never get back to the earlier posts, and you miss out on all sorts of good stuff. Also by using tags I can just skip the posts that are less interesting or relevant to me, and read the bits I really want to read.

The pixels2Pages website is no different. As you know, we just had our 4th birthday, so we have been going for quite a while and there is an enormous amount of content on the website. Since most of our members have joined at some time since we first started, there are probably lots of posts you have never read. And even if you’ve been here from the beginning (and we love you for that!!), I would be very surprised and impressed if you could remember every single thing on the site.

So I want to encourage you to play the tag game. Browse the site, look for things you might not have seen before. Or maybe you saw it but it wasn’t what you needed back then; maybe it’s just the right thing now. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt. Keep looking, turning corners, lifting the rug until you find that gem you were searching for. And when you find it, post a comment so we know you were there. I can’t wait to see where you end up!

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6 Responses to Blog: Tags, Tags, Tags

  1. Shelley, Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to create tags for this site! We are grateful!

  2. Sandy says:

    is there a way to enter a keyword into the website to find something? One of my old customers was looking for something to do with a puzzle the other day and we couldn’t figure out how to just search for the word “puzzle”. Is there anything you cna remember that we should look at?

  3. Patricia Lewis says:

    Thankyou Shelley for this information. I have never used these tags before but wow how easy it makes finding things. I clicked organized in Artisan and all the information came up. So easy when you have been told how. Thanks again.

  4. sistersunshine says:

    Dear Shelley, Peace & joy. I have to say that I LOVE the tags, I too am extremely disorganized, I remember that I saw it, but am NEVER quite sure where…. so tags help me a lot. During this Birthday Bash Crop… I was trying to credit some technique that I learned at p2P, but even with the tags I couldn’t find the EXACT post… (I do remember it had to do with creating a Canny Edge, and it was of the Sydney Opera House/Harbor … I THINK! lol) While trying to find the exact post, I fell down a ‘rabbit hole’ and 3 hours later surfaced back at the crop LOL! Lots of fun but NOT real productive… but hey… all work and no play makes me a dull digi doll. *U* Kathleen

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