KH Blog Header My friend was going to a “Psychic Expo” and asked me to come along. I was hesitant as I am not completely ‘into’ all that sort of stuff, but thought I should be open to new experiences and go along to see what it was all about. She is very ‘into’ that sort of stuff and was very excited to have her palm and tarot cards read and couldn’t stop talking about the last time she had been … the day before!! This was her second day in a row, so she really is VERY ‘INTO’ that sort of thing!

We arrived and wandered around all the the tables of Psychics, Palm Readers, Tarot Card Analysts, Healers, Gem Dealers, Massage Therapists, Mystics and Spiritual Guides. By about now my head was spinning and I wanted to run (very quickly) back to sit in the car and wait! She explained what the person at each table did and that I had to make eye contact as I went around to feel a ‘connection’ before I made a choice to have someone read my palm and cards. Or I could choose to have a ‘spirit guidance’ session.

I am not totally skeptical, and as I already said, I was very open to see what it was all about. I finally found ‘my person’ and sat down at her table to begin my $40 20 minute readings. After the introductions she asked what sort of ‘answers’ I was seeking (my witty sense of humour really wanted to say “the lotto numbers please”) and we got to chatting about the sort of person she was sensing I was.

Warm. (It was hot in there) but she also said caring and loving for a lot of children. (Tick! I am a primary school teacher, so I pretty well do care for other children)

Creative. (So I wore a few artsy jewels that day) but she knew how much I loved to design and create and that I was really artistic. (Tick! Ok, yes, it sums me up!)

Dedicated. She was really right about how dedicated I am to my family, the commitment to my job(s) and how much I enjoy a good challenge. When I do something, I follow through and get it done. (Tick! I like to think it’s because I like my family and I am a motivated person, but I kept listening)

Open. She said I seemed like the sort of person who adapts well to changes and takes things lightheartedly. I seemed very relaxed and did things in my own time. (If only the p2P team could have seen my face!! Of course I get things done in my own time – always LATE!! LOL  Always done, just on my own schedule)

This was still our introduction and we were only about 5 minutes in! Then she asked  me to choose multiple sets of cards 5 or 6 times. Each time she turned them she told me a little of what they meant to me. The cards were gorgeous. I actually wanted to take them home! A lot of them had woodland creatures and whimsical characters that I could relate to. Her explanations of each one and how they related to me, my life and my family were quite fascinating. Not life changing, but interesting.

With about 10 minutes to go, she read my palm. Looking for a long time at my ‘life line’ and how it is split in half and then goes on. (Of course in my head I am having some major catastrophe and surviving to live a long and fulfilling life!!) But she explained it a little differently and just said it was a lifestyle change. (Must be when the kids move out and I don’t have to do their laundry any more!)

Then came the ‘pearler’. On the side of my hand are the lines that represent my children. She looked at me in a bit of a strange way as we had already spoken about my boys prior to this point, then she said that according to my palm …. I have 3 daughters.

Obviously my palm isn’t lying, but my two sons might have some questions about where their sisters are!!

She was at a bit of a loss for words, and I thought it was pretty funny. We both laughed about it and that was pretty much the end of our 20 minutes together.

I came away from the experience feeling happy that I had now had the experience and it wasn’t really so bad. I don’t think I will be getting ‘into’ this sort of thing in the future as I pretty much follow a few of my own beliefs – that the universe gives when you need it most and that things really do happen for a reason. So maybe my chance meeting with my psychic was meant to happen and my palm just means that the daughters are going to arrive in the next generation …  Yay!! So looking forward to 3 charming grand-daughters in at least 10 – 15 years from now 🙂

I guess it doesn’t matter whether you believe in this sort of thing or not, it’s that you accept that some people really do and that’s ok.

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3 Responses to Blog: Psychic maybe?

  1. Jenny says:

    Yep, verything happens for a reason. Sometimes though that reason is just not so forthcoming! Glad you enjoyed your tarot reading. Time I redid mine 😉

  2. Jan says:

    Maybe your three daughters are all of the p2P women in your life! Sounds like a fun day – good for you for being open!

  3. donna says:

    great story and beautiful page! maybe those daughters will be your daughter in laws!!

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