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This has been a fun and busy spring.  Like many of you, I have kids who have finished up another year of school.  Mine have jobs for the summer so this will be the first summer in 28 years I have not had any children at home.  While I miss them it also makes me smile to see them grow up and explore new opportunities in their lives. While alone at home I have two personalities.  The keep the house neat personality and the dig into my office and create no matter what personality!

pixels2Pages keeps me busy as most of our careers do.  I find sometime I just need to push away from the computer and schedule a little downtime. In my “Downtime” I like to create using real, touchy/feely stuff! Since I don’t make traditional scrapbooks anymore I make cards.  These usually end up being for other people because I make way too many to use up myself.  As you can see in the images below, I’m quite a messy creator! The rest of my house does not look like this (Thank goodness) Although I am organized creator and know where all my “goodies” are stashed, that organizations goes by the wayside once I start pulling them out. The work table gets this layered look!  Believe it or not I do find this whole process relaxing.  It’s kind of ironic though that while the rest of my house stays neat and tidy it doesn’t bother me if this room is cluttered!  In fact I’m guessing this small office has more stuff in it than the rest of the rooms in the house combined.  I also love the fact that my work space for crafts is close enough to just slide my desk chair over from my computer and work on a project.

I like the entire process of making cards.  I like hunting or coming up with the idea. I like cutting, trimming, punching, stamping and gluing. I like stamping and writing titles. I like adding glitter and rhinestones and anything sparkly. I like the stacks of papers and even scraps of paper to choose from. I like playing with different color combinations and then really like the joy I feel when a card gets finished and I really, really like it enough to give it away!  I also love the fact that when I’ve made a few cards and am ready for another digital project I can slide right back to my computer desk and work there! Its my small but cozy world and I love spending both my work time and my downtime there.

I’d love to know what you do in your “downtime”? Do you craft? Do you read? Do you garden?  Am I the  only one who has a cluttered craft table or are there others like me? My inquiring mind would love to know!



p2P_Blog_2014_06_11_MBArt Journal Fresco 2 Paper Pak – Cottage Arts, Evergreen Dreams Scrap.Words – Cottage Arts, Faded Memories Border Bits – Cottage Arts,  Faded Memories Element ScrapFrame Pak – Cottage Arts

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13 Responses to Blog: Downtime

  1. Janice says:

    I just want to come and play in your craft room – I’ll bring my messy stash (well some of it) and create right alongside you! Loving the photo – and I can see some stamp sets I’d love to use 😉

  2. With everything that happened with CM and now AZ by CM, I have found myself turning to digital more and more. I have found that I LOVE the ease of digital and the fact that I can do digital just about anywhere. But I do love all the pretty papers and embellishments, pens, foam squares, etc., that came with the traditional side of scrapbooking. I actually love to make cards, too, which is why I hung on to a lot of my CM inventory and chose not to part with it. My craft space at home is in the process of going from a scrapbooking space to a craft space where I can make cards or whatever else I choose to do. I have my work cut out for me, too!

    • Mary says:

      Well Debbie we can share ideas on cards! I actually like to combine digital and traditional when making cards too> (Pixie Kim inspired me to do this!). Enjoy the journey!

  3. Karen says:

    Mary your scraping room looks quite organized compared to my room as I go from one project to the next and back again. In my eyes its organized but in others its a place to keep out of! I don’t think to can be too creative in too much organization.

  4. Kay says:

    I would guess there might be more of us out here like you than you think, Mary! Does it have to do with the little voice that says “work before play!” So I whip around my house some days doing what needs to be done so I can have another day to play in my room. Yes, it is messier than the other places, but most of the time I know right where things are, unless I’ve done a major clean up and put something in a very “logical” or tidy place and then I may have to look for a while. I was a
    CM consultant for a few years so still have lots if beautiful papers and things that I haven’t been able to part with, so I’ll sometimes turn to cards from “scratch” or a hybrid card that I design on the computer using photos or just some of the amazing digital art that is available now. I love all the things that can be done and am so grateful to have the ideas and tips from P2p to keep me moving along in this creative and fun adventure! Thanks for your part in all of it!

  5. barbara dejmal barbara dejmal says:

    I love it. I have a pool table upstairs and it is my craft table and it looks like that. The guys aren’t too happy when they come and want to shoot pool. Oh Well, what make momma happy!!!!

  6. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I can’t wait to move into our new home, so that I can unpack all of my cropping tools and digital scrapbook paraphernalia! It has been a long year of planning and construction, and I desperately need to have my cozy creativity space again!

    • Mary says:

      Linda, It was so nice to unpack this time knowing this was our last home! It took awhile to get organized but me, Container Store and IKEA became good friends!Still a work in progress on some small things but most things are right where I can locate them. So much easier to work on projects! Can’t wait to see pictures after you’re settled!

  7. adakallen adakallen says:

    My work space is really interesting…I have stacks of stuff that I work on occasionally. It can get messy, but when the kids and grand kids come I start organizing it so that I don’t loose something when they take over the big work table for their projects.

    When I really want to CHILL I grab a book and a bowl of popcorn and head for my big Lazy Boy chair that the kids gave for Christmas the past year.

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