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We have arrived in Texas and have settled into our new home at the Mercy Ships campus in East Texas.  We will be here now for a total of five weeks, training and preparing to head to the ship at the beginning of August.

It has been a busy time and we are feeling that we are just starting to get over our jetlag!

Dave’s and my days are filled with classroom time from 8:00 each morning until 4:00 in the afternoon.  Annabelle and Charlotte spend that time in a kids’ programme covering similar training as us (just for kids!) except they have the additional bonus of a weekly field trip each Wednesday and more craft!  They just had a great outing last week to the local zoo which looked like heaps of fun!

There are lots of other adjustments that we are making, too – the weather is much warmer here and we are getting used to having another summer so close to our Australian summer that we have just come out of.  The kids are enjoying this, especially now that the pool has opened and they get to spend most afternoons in the water.  The kids are also loving another summer holiday 🙂 and have until the beginning of August before they start their new school year.

Home at the moment is a large family dorm that is housing two other families with kids, one couple and a large group of singles from all over the world!  We all get our own breakfast in our smallish communal kitchen (that’s fun each morning!) and eat lunch and dinner together in a large dining room.  As I sit in the lounge room now typing this blog, a group of six have gathered for a game of Banana-grams around the coffee table and there is some other fun, world map related, activity happening around the dining table – never a dull moment!

We have had a few fun activities after our daily training, including a Wednesday night Wal-Mart run, a trip to Dairy Queen, a barbeque dinner out on a farm, and our family had a great night out in Tyler at a fabulous barbeque restaurant for dinner with Jan and her sister, Kim as they road-tripped home after daughter-Kim’s wedding.

Life at the moment is very busy, we are learning lots and we are having a great time!

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12 Responses to Blog: Our New Home

  1. Kaye Rhodes says:

    I hope you enjoyed a good old fashioned 4th of July celebration!

  2. Viv says:

    You are going to have a few photo books after this adventure!! Gods blessings on you all

  3. Tameka says:

    Busy is better when it’s fun.

  4. Mikki says:

    A big Howdy to you from a current Texas resident! I hope you enjoy your stay here. We moved here in 1991 and never want to leave!

  5. Bonnie says:

    What you and your family is doing is so Awesome. I pray that God will bless your journey as you have taken such a step of faith to leave everything that is familiar to walk, or should I sail, this path. Much success to you all and what a great adventure for your kids.

  6. shirley shingara says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! An amazing journey awaits you all and I am happy to have your posts.
    Great page and the blending of te lower edge of the large photo is just the right touch.

  7. barbara dejmal barbara dejmal says:

    I’ve lived in Texas all my life. Welcome to a wonderful and friendly state. You won’t find a more friendly state. God bless you and your family. Howdy you’ll….

  8. Deanna Emmert says:

    What an adventure! Blessings to you and your family on this first “leg” of your new journey.

  9. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Texas is known for longhorn cattle, wide open spaces, Tex-Mex and barbeque! Hope you get to enjoy more of this great state before you leave in August! You are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, and you will be an inspiration to so many people that you will meet along the way! God speed to you and your family, Juzzie!

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