As much I might groan about being a busy Mum, running children here and there for sport, appointments, parties, school and school events – there are some fringe benefits that happen along the way. Some of my most important conversations with my children are in the car. There’s something about the car that brings out all sorts of topics that just need discussing – whether the radio brings them up and they are world events, or something that is close to them and what is happening in their lives. It seems to be the best time to find out exactly what is going on with them!

Right now my son is getting his hours up driving the car on his “L Plates” (learners licence) in preparation for sitting his Driver’s Test. I get to take photos either along the way now that I am more comfortable with his driving as he becomes more and more competent, or I get to take photos at our destination. Since footy season started he likes heading to the beach for recovery – no matter the weather! 10 – 15 minutes in the freezing cold water in the bay is just what he tells me he needs the day after a match or training- (yes, we are in full on winter mode now where I live). I don’t know how he can do it, standing and walking through the water till his legs go numb! But … the fringe benefit for me is that I either get to go for a walk if the weather is not too horrid and take photos, or, I sit in the car and read, snapping just a couple of photos as I brave the cold air, before I retreat back into the car. I’m enjoying the one on one time I get with him, and love that he is so appreciative of the extra time it takes for me to provide something that benefits him – while secretly it benefits me too!



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7 Responses to Blog: Fringe Benefits

  1. Cheryl says:

    I too loved the time in the car with my boys. I’m sure my son wished he lived as close to the ocean. After a hard mountain bike workout or race he fills the tub with ice and takes an ice bath! I have no idea how he can do it but it is supposed to be good for your muscles and recovery.

  2. Anita Albritton says:

    Oh Janice!! I just loved reading your blog, and your pages are fantastic!! When Alex and Andrew started driving themselves (here it’s at 16!!) I really missed that time with them in the car, so I completely understand what you were talking about!! Thanks for sharing your story!!

  3. Justine says:

    Great way to focus on the positives Janice! Love your pages too 🙂

  4. adakallen adakallen says:

    Where is the like button? LOL!

    I remember those days…now I keep telling my children to keep a project or a book in the car at all times, it makes the wait much more pleasant!

    You are in winter and we are in summer (getting hotter by the day)!

    • Janice says:

      Thanks Ada 🙂
      It’s so much easier with a smart phone now to just snap off a few photos, read a book, play some solitaire, and pass short periods of time while waiting in the car when I forget my “real old fashioned” book. And yes – winter has hit here in force the last couple of days – but I can’t complain, we don’t get snow where I live!

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