Have you clicked on the pixels2Pages section of the Panstoria Store lately?

We now have 3 different Blueprint Books, each in two  sizes (12×12 and 11×8.5), and one new Blueprint Book in portrait orientation. Blueprint Books are a great way to add to your Blueprint Collection. You can use them as a stand alone project, or add any page to any project in the corresponding size. We love Blueprints, and we think you can never have too many!

Brand New Product – 8.5×11 Yearbook Blueprint Book

Here at pixels2Pages we love branching out and trying new things, and we love creating blueprints to make getting books done quickly that much easier. When you put those things together, you get our latest Blueprint Book, designed by our newest Pixie, Alison, which we think you’re going to love. The 8.5×11 Yearbook Blueprint Book is a new direction for us in blueprint books. As the name suggests, it is a portrait orientation book designed specifically for school or home school yearbooks, but of course, it is versatile enough for many other projects too. Think graduation books, business portfolios, community group annual reports, school projects and so much more. With 31 pages and 2 covers to choose from, you’ll be able to whip up a book in no time, using these easy to fill, no-fuss templates. There’s plenty of room for journaling, space for scans of certificates or documents, official portrait photos, group photos and lots of collage pages. Keep them simple to focus on the stories, or jazz them up as much as you like. And just in case you were wondering, the Panstoria Print Shop prints both hard and soft cover books in this size.

Clean and Classic Blueprint Book

This book features 21 unique page layouts, and a cover design, all in a clean, classic style. This project is ideal for any project, and and entire album could easily be finished in a very short time using these timeless designs.

This popular book was an exclusive gift from to those who were p2P members in October 2012, and it is now available for everyone. If you had a membership in October 2012, you may already have this book. Please check your current Blueprints before purchasing.

Mali Blueprint Book

With these new blueprints, your photos are the main attraction. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or remembering every day candid shots, your photos will stand out among the rest. This blueprint book comes with a cover template and 21 template pages that offer new and beautiful ways to really showcase those awesome photos.

All the blueprints included in the Mali book are exclusive to this book. They have never been part of our regular Blueprint membership offerings, nor will they be in the future.

Day2Day Daily Files 2014 Kit

These Blueprint (template) pages and embellishments are a great start for any layout. This book features 37 unique page layouts, 2 cover designs, and co-ordinating collections of calendar embellishments. All the pages in this kit are designed with 7 photo openings, perfect kit for a Day2Day (Photo a Day) project. But the designs are so versatile, these pages can be used for any project at all.
All the blueprints included in the Day2Day Daily Files 2014 Kit are exclusive to this book. They have never been part of our regular Blueprint membership offerings, nor will they be in the future.

How to purchase

To purchase these kits (or any other digital content from the Panstoria Store), we would love it if you would click on our affiliate link. By clicking these links, pixels2Pages will receive a commission when you make a purchase, but it will not cost you anything extra.  Your support allows us to enhance pixels2Pages and helps us remain a viable company. You’ll find the links in the box on the right side of every page on this web site, or click HERE to go straight to the store.

Instructions for use

The pixels2Pages Blueprint Books are in .pakit format. This means that Artisan (and SBC) will recognize them as commercial art kits. After purchasing a Blueprint Book, download it and save it somewhere on your computer. Then open Artisan (or SBC), open the Content Manager, and click on Import Content. If you are still using SBC you will need to run the update provided by Panstoria, in order to use pakits in your program.


To use a page from a Blueprint Book in any in a project, click either Add Page or Change Template on the Home Ribbon, and choose “Using a Template Page from an Art Kit”


To create a new project using a Blueprint Book, click File > New > New Project. Choose the type of project and the size, and at step 3, when asked to select a template, you will see the Blueprint Books listed. Click the one you want to select it, click Next and continue to follow the on screen instructions.




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4 Responses to News: p2P in the Panstoria Store

  1. Korey says:

    Dear Pixies, Thank you for the portrait style blueprints! I create yearbooks for my music students and the format is great. I usually have to take a 12×12 and ‘fix’ it in order to make it work. Will you be doing more portrait style blue prints in the future? I hope so!!!

  2. Patricia Lewis says:

    Thankyou Shelley.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Dear Pixies, Peace & joy. I have LOVED BPBs since the very first one came out during the Beta Test Period of the Website, I look forward to future releases, they often are my ‘go-to’ starting place for a project. *U* Kathleen who will admit that they hardly look like the original BP when I am done but that’s more than half the fun… getting to make them ‘my own’.

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