KH Blog HeaderWhat I am about to share is certainly nothing new. In fact, there have been plenty of blog posts, challenges and even blueprints used to create recipe cards.

At a recent birthday party we were talking about recipes and how we save them. Some people write them out, some photo copy magazines and some people save files from recipe sites online. And we have all bought countless recipe books. I buy recipe books to decorate my shelves! 😉 I have also been known to take a photo of a recipe and at the supermarket look at my photo to read the ingredients to buy.

Swapping family recipes is an age old tradition that I am sure has become lost with many current lifestyles and technology. We get too busy to write or type out a recipe to share. Even my mum ‘googles’ recipes, and prints them out!

I have created some recipe cards using a 6 x 4 project and then I print my own photos. I am able to save the recipe for myself, or give it away as a gift.

Taking photos of food has become the norm. (All you have to do is check a few p2P pages to see that!!) If you have photos, you are halfway there in making a recipe card.

If you are already taking photos of the food, especially if it is your recipe, why not create a quick recipe card. Even if you don’t keep it for yourself, add it to a Birthday or Christmas card and post to a friend.

Post a recipe card or two to our Facebook page to start your recipe exchange!

CONTENT: Walnut Brownies – Cottage Arts Nature’s Sketchbook Fonts – Annoying Kettle, Asenine Thin  Christmas Cake –  Creative Memories Recipe Kit Fonts –  Reisling, Goodfish  Honey Snaps – Creative Memories Family Digital Kit, Fall 2011 Customer Appreciation Kit Font – KG Falling Slowly Chicken & Quinoa Salad – Creative Memories Dream Digital Kit Fonts – Guess What, Goodfish

6x4 Recipes - Page 001

6x4 Recipes - Page 0036x4 Recipes - Page 0026x4 Recipes - Page 004


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9 Responses to Blog: Recipe Cards

  1. Michele Barr says:

    What is the best way to set up the text boxes for typing in the recipe ingredients and instruction box? I’ve tried this before and haven’t had much success. Your samples look so good. Thanks.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Michele, I usually set up 4 different text boxes. One for the title, two for ingredients(if two columns of ingredients needed) and one for the instructions for the card. Theres a kit in the Forever Store that has Blueprint cards already set up for use. There are 50 recipe card Blueprints in the kit to make designing your recipes a breeze.×4-recipes-for-life-blueprint-cards

    • Alison says:

      Michele, you might also find the line spacing option in Artisan helpful for getting the text on recipe cards to fit the space, especially if you have lines on your card. With the text selected, move the line spacing slider until it lines up as you want.

  2. Maria Wilder says:

    Yum! I hope someone has recipes that are done in a mug using the microwave!! I had several and they went MIA, external hard drive failed ;-( Crossing fingers that some of those quick & yummy ideas appear.
    Thanks for starting this Kerrianne !!

  3. Robin Lane says:

    Just wondering if there are templates for these recipe cards?

    • Kerrianne says:

      Robin, there are no templates for the recipe cards I made, but you could just use any predesigned journal mat in a 6×4 project if you want some extra things on it!

  4. adakallen adakallen says:

    Kerrianne, did you do this just for me, just when I needed it? or did you already have it scheduled? Either way it is just what I need! Thanks for the ideas–papers, fonts, embelishments, etc.

  5. Alison says:

    Yum! They all sound delish. Might have to go shopping for ingredients in the morning…

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