You might think I misspelled my title.  But, I am not talking about cricket.  Where there is a bat and ball.  A game played between two teams of 11 players each.  Not the kind where you might hear the terms field, pitch, run, innings, or bowler.

As you might suspect, coming from a “crafty” person, I am talking about the Cricut cutting machine.  Where the terms you might hear me say are sticky mat, blade, score tool, cutting file or cardstock.  I recently purchased the newest machine, the Explore.  There were a couple enhancements that attracted me to the new machine.  I can cut & score at the same time!  And, I can use cutting files from anywhere – they just have to be .svg files.  Our partner at Poppy Hill Designs (creator of Dazzling Reflections) also makes cutting files.  I purchased one of their card cutting files and it turned out great.  I can also turn a picture into a cutting file.  There are many more great features!  I guess Cricut could be considered a team sport.  Cricut crafters could gather together and enjoy each other’s company while creating paper masterpieces.

I was just at my mom’s house to show her my new machine.  She invited a few friends over and I gave a little demonstration on how the machine could be used.  I think there will be several ladies joining in playing Cricut!

While I LOVE digital scrapbooking, I still love to paper craft too.  I suspect there are quite a few p2P paper crafters too – I can’t be the only one!Blog_PlayingCricut_SamplePageKasiercraft:  Peachy Keen Kit

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9 Responses to Blog: I love to play Cricut!

  1. April Sims says:

    Kim, it is so nice to hear that you do traditional scrapbooking along w/ digital – I thought I was the only one. I have a Silhouette and Cricut Impression. I just order a cartridge this week for the Cricut, my friends were shocked. My style of scrapbooking both ways is to use images that match my pictures (charcters, animals, etc.) When downloading images I like the sites where they come in PNG and SVG that way I can use them for either method I use. However, I am doing more digi now days and love what I learn from p2p.

  2. JaneenK says:

    the cricuts intrigue me but i am not ready to purchase one. seems to techy for me. glad you are having fun with yours. i know lots of people who love them. then there are lots of my on line friends, it’s kind of like a treadmill, it gets used a lot the first few weeks and then just sits there. i know myself well, i don’t need another ‘treadmill”. lol Have fun. I am sure it was great fun to show the ladies.

  3. Carolyn says:

    I know that Lauren has always appreciated her “Aunt Kimmy” cards! All of this is SO lovely, Kim!

  4. Kaye Rhodes says:

    If I didn’t already have so much invested in my Sizzix……

  5. Oh, Kim, you are killing me here! I see all those pretty jars filled with all kinds of fun things and you just make me want to add more chaos to my life with new toys!!! I love making cards for all kinds of occasions, but I always find myself trying to beg, borrow, and steal time from somewhere in my crazy, busy life to do this! I guess I will just have to find a way to dust of my Cricut and see if I can’t manage to fit this in to my day somewhere! Maybe the Pixies could expand the P2P site and add the Cricut to your site?!!! I just keep digging that hole a little deeper for myself, don’t I?!!!

    • Kim says:

      The Cricut is sooo… much fun. My Cricut sits right next to my computer. So, if I have a desire to cut something, it is ready to go. If it was put away on a shelf, it would be used a lot less. Just like having your camera out and ready to go. Looking forward to seeing you in September!

  6. Jan says:

    You’ve almost got me with the birdcage, Kim. Not that I could (or would) do that, but it does sound cool!!

    • Kim says:

      You never know, if we were hanging out cutting with the Cricut, I can be pretty convincing it would be a good purchase for you 🙂 I could show you some simple projects 🙂

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