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A recent conversation in our p2P team made me start thinking about all the great locations in the world that I might have on a ‘Bucket List’ of places I’d like to visit. It’s not an ordinary list of really, really, really fabulous places, but more a list that has been inspired by movies I have seen, and of the scenes and locations that I think would be particularly nice to visit one day. There are actually a few places I can happily tick off my list!

Think about all the many movies you have seen. They are set in some of the most magnificent locations on Earth (and outer space!!) Have you ever thought that you’d like to go to one of those places one day?

What was the movie? What was the scene?

These are some of my “Movie Location Bucket List” places:

MOVIE: Lord of the Rings – Set in Hobbiton in the North Island of New Zealand. I can happily say that I have sat in Bilbo Baggin’s house and looked out over the Shire at the “Party Tree”

MOVIE: Priscilla Queen of the Desert – I slept in an underground hotel in Cooper Pedy. I have also been to Kings Canyon and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory Australia

MOVIE: P.S. I Love You – There is this laneway in a scene in the movie. Set along side a cobble stone fence. I want to go there! Somewhere in Ireland! Not sure where, but, I’d find it 🙂

MOVIE: Under the Tuscan Sun – As soon as I started watching this movie, I knew I was a goner! Yep, Tuscany has to be on my list.

MOVIE: Harry Potter (all of them!) The Great Dining Hall to be precise. It’s in Durham Castle in the UK. Actually loads of scenes from the movie were shot there.

MOVIE: Hook – Robin Williams played Peter Pan in this movie which gave it extra appeal to me anyway! But when he woke up right next to the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens London I gave out a little squeal that I had been there!!

MOVIE: The Sound of Music – I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I’d swirl around at the top of a hillside in Satlzburg, Austria singing my lungs out given half a chance!!!

MOVIE: Notting Hill – Notting Hill, London. Visited way before the movie came out, and quite possibly the same day as going to the Kensington Gardens nearby. I would go back … the lure of running into Hugh Grant strikes me as a good reason to go back! LOL

MOVIE: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Petra, The Canyon of the Crescent Moon. It’s the ancient ruins that draw me in. I remember as a teenager watching “The Mummies Curse” with my mum and we both swore we would visit Egypt and ancient ruins and temples one day. One day we will.

MOVIE: The Lost Boys –  Santa Cruz Boulevard. Way back when I was madly in love with Keiffer Sutherland I think I watched “The Lost Boys” a dozen times over. I have seen it a few times more recently too and I still think Keiffer is pretty easy on the eyes. BUT, it’s the location. Santa Cruz and the boulevard and the amusement park and roller coaster.

This brings me to the conversation that started my blog topic today. (Actually, I was not even going to write about this at all – but I will save that one for next month!!) You see, Kim Mannino and Justine Forrest from the p2P team are meeting in Santa Cruz TODAY!!!!! They just ate corn dogs and rode the roller coaster (hopefully they ate after the ride!) but they got to tick off one of my bucket list movie locations for me! No, I think I still want to go and see it all for myself!

Did you know you can Google movie locations and find all sorts of wonderful information.  Try this one …

If you have not written a bucket list for some exotic location, try one. Use your favourite scenes from movies for inspiration.

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11 Responses to Blog: Let’s go to the movies

  1. kayleigh higgins says:

    Great blog! Wish I could also visit some movie locations soon. I must add that there are also good movie locations at And like the places you’ve been, some of the filming locations here are on my bucket list this year.

  2. Nanette Shipman says:

    What a fun idea! I love it!
    At this point in my life it seems unlikely I would be able to get to some of the places I would like to, but there are probably some that would be more attainable. I think it’s a great idea and maybe making of page or two of the bucket list would help to set my sights on some great goals! I know I have some “get-in-shape-to-do” goals and those would be a good idea too.

  3. tverd76 says:

    So how did you get such clear pictures of the movie posters? I did a similar page of the Broadway plays I have been to and some of them were a little blurry?

    I love the idea and the page is adorable!

    • Kerrianne says:

      I have changed my initial design a little to be displayed on our website to protect any copyright issues. But I have listed the website where the Movie Posters are available. You could also go to your local dvd / video store and take some shots of movie covers I guess.

  4. Anita Albritton says:

    So great, Kerrianne! I share your love for movie locations!! Some of my dream spots are on your list (Notting Hill, Sound of Music, Under the Tuscan Sun and that exact spot you mentioned in PS I Love You), and I would add Calendar Girls for the gorgeous English countryside! Wonderful blog!!

    • Kerrianne says:

      We must be twins Anita! It is amazing that you know the exact spot in PS I Love You!! And yes, I’d have to say some of those beautiful village and English countryside from Calendar Girls could be added to my list!

  5. Anne says:

    Loving this blog!!! Never thought about this – so glad you did! Can I go with you on your movie journey?? I’ll bring the popcorn and M&Ms!

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