SA_Blog_Apr14What a fun weekend we all had. The pixels2Pages virtual crop was like a weekend long party! I loved seeing all the pages posted, and hearing about projects getting completed. We had over 450 pages posted by our members  on our Facebook page (actually a lot more than that, because many of those were double page spreads which only got counted as one). I’ve heard about many more pages that were completed but not posted too. I’ve lost count of the number of Panstoria 10% discount vouchers I’ve sent out. It was great to see so many people participating, and to hear about people setting aside as much time as they could to join in. We saw pages from peeps we haven’t seen in a while – welcome back if that was you! We so enjoyed cropping together with you – after all, the love of digi-scrapping is what got us all into this business in the first place!

I loved sending out those voucher codes. All those vouchers represent printed photo books, page prints, mugs, calendars, and more. That’s what gets us pixies out of bed in the mornings – the knowledge that we are doing our small part in helping so many photos come to life, escaping from computers and memory cards and turning into real, durable items to love and share.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could bottle all the fun of a crop so we could taste some every day?  In the business of life it is sometimes hard to find the space to set aside time to stay up to date on our photos, let alone to catch up for those of us who are a bit (or a lot) behind. Of course, one of the best things about digital compared to paper scrapbooking is that there’s no set up time, and no clean up. So even if you have a spare half hour, you can create a page, or do some journaling, or sort some photos.

I won’t pretend I’m up to date with my albums, but I’m working on it. I enjoy the process, and I don’t stress about finishing books in a hurry, but I do love having those completed printed photo books on my coffee table. I thought I’d share a few strategies that I have found helpful. If I only cropped every few months when there’s a crop happening, I can’t imagine how far behind I would be!

Personally I find that what slows me down the most is choosing which photos to use next. I take too many photos, and I doubt that is going to change in a hurry, so I need to be selective in choosing which photos will go into my albums. It is essential for me, unless I want to lose control completely, to upload my photos into Historian at the end of every day (every day that I’ve taken photos, that is), and then I tag them. I find that way my photos are always at my fingertips and I don’t waste time searching. I tag by events, people or places, NEVER by date, because Historian does that for me. If I keep up to date with uploading and tagging, I don’t get overwhelmed by the task, and there’s much less likelihood of losing the photos than if they stayed on my memory cards.

The next step is choosing which photos will make it to the album. I have blogged about my workflow before, and I still stick to that general plan. I am learning that less really is more, and that the story is the important thing. If a photo helps tell the story of my page, it might make the cut even if it is not a great photo. On the other hand one or two great photos can be all that’s needed to tell the story, even if I have 20 more that I’d like to include.

Another strategy is to try to create a page for every new challenge and blueprint from pixels2Pages, at least. I treat Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays as my personal mini crop days – although there are no badges, I try to create my own tally of completed challenges. By doing that, even if I did no other pages, at the end of a year I’d have 160 completed pages – which is 160 more than none! I also try to make pages using techniques learned in the videos or tips, and I make sure I file away the pixie dust to use whenever the theme suits my pages. By doing that I make slow but steady progress with my books, but I also keep my motivation high to continue to work on my pages, and I often end up creating 2 or 3 more pages in a sitting.

Most Wednesdays and Saturdays we feature a different Blueprint on our Facebook page, and every other Friday it is the new Pixie Dust that gets featured. So even though I can download them all at once, I plan to use the featured Blueprint or Pixie Dust on those days. It helps keep the fun in trying out new Blueprints, and spreads excitement throughout the month.

We’ve recently started a new feature on Facebook called “Blast from the Past”. Every other Friday we pick something from the p2P vaults to feature. It’s a great trip down memory lane, and a wonderful reminder of techniques you may have forgotten all about (or missed, if you haven’t been a member for long). During crops we always do the same, so those Blast from the Past Fridays are mini crop days too.

So my challenge to you is this: Don’t wait till October for our next p2P crop – have your own crop days every week!! Challenge yourself to use each new offering from pixels2Pages as it is released. Let’s bottle that crop excitement and make it crop day every day! You don’t even have to join Facebook if you don’t want to – if you go to our Facebook Page, you can’t post or comment if you’re not a Facebook member, but you can see what we are posting, so you can follow along at home.

Here are the pages I created for this crop (click any of the images to see the larger versions). I know that many of you created a lot more than pages, and I take my hat off to you, but I’m excited to have these completed pages, and I’m ready to make some more:

2014-07-25_2357 Title Overlap Serendipity2





Serendipity rubber stampGhost Frames Gardens_and_Window_Boxes





Dubai - hotel view2 details





Details of the above pages:


  • Blueprint: Shopping
  • Content: Katie Pertiet kit “Almost There”
  • Fonts: ClementePDae, VNI-HL Thuphap


  • Title Overlap Challenge
  • Blueprint: Poppykettle #p2PPoppyKettleBP
  • Content Used: Katie Pertiet Almost There Kit, Title alphaset – Down on the Farm (CottageArts),
  • Font – Sorry …We’re closed

San Giorgio Maggiore

  • Blueprint :Serendipity Squares #p2PSerendipityBP
  • Content: Almost There Kit by Katie Pertiet


  • Serendipity Squares challenge #p2PSerendipityBP
    Content used:Little Feet Digital Designs King of my Heart
    Font: Tempus Sans ITC

Gardens and Window Boxes

  • Blueprint: Theme Park Fun (crop special)
  • #p2PThemeParkFunBP
  • Content Used: CottageArts Nature’s Sketchbook 11 Paper Pak, Jane Austen Scrapwords
  • Fonts: KG I Still Know, KG Strawberry Limeade

5 star View

  • Content: “Almost There” byKatie Pertiet
  • Challenge 214 Mosaic Madness#p2PMosaicMadnessC214
  • Font: KG Lego House

Venice from the Lagoon

  • Content used
  • Little Feet Digital Designs Cornucopia of Blessings Kit
  • CottageArts Get it Framed 4 Danglies
  • Fonts: Jane Austen, KG Lego House


  • Ghost Frames VT
  • Content Used:
  • CottageArts Travelling Soul Mini Page Pak
  • Little Feet Digital Designs Uplifting Frames and Overlays Series 1


  • Decorated Monograms Video #p2PDecoratedMonogramsVT
  • Blueprint: Do What You Love
  • CottageArts Thankful Page Pak
  • Creative Memories Tattered Skirts Digital Overlays
  • Fonts: Highland Perk, Architects Daughter, Tipo Capital



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7 Responses to Blog: Every Day is Crop Day

  1. pamela smith says:

    love the idea. i have been trying to do every challenge and it does help me get at least some pages done. now i will try using your blue prints the same way. Thanks!!!

  2. gayneal says:

    Great idea! For 2 years I consistently did my day2day pages every Sunday morning. As soon as I stopped doing them regularly I got so far behind I quit. I think at least one evening of Gay’s Crop would be a good thing!

  3. moemc says:

    I love your pages. I received an email saying I was to get a coupon but have not received it yet. Just wondering cause there is lots I want to purchase but will wait til I have a discount. Thank you again for the great crop and yes, I would crop everyday, all day, if I could….

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