Happy Talk Blog Header_JanA couple of months ago, my blog post was about my daughter’s upcoming wedding and all of the things I wanted to make sure she knew before taking that big step. I’m happy to report that the wedding was perfect!!  The bride was beautiful and calm, the dress gorgeous and perfectly fitted, the groom handsome and smiling, the weather marvelous (okay, maybe a little warmish, but sunny!), the venue breath-taking, the hacienda stunning, the guests exuberant, the family well-represented, the bridesmaids cute, bubbly, and fun, the groomsmen sober and good-looking, the parents beaming, the string music lovely, the minister (from our church in NC) present and ‘legal’, the vows confidently stated, the kiss(es) passionate, the cowboy hats and boots in abundance, the flowers exquisite, the food plentiful and delicious, the toasts sentimental and heartfelt, the DJ lively and talented, the dancing fun and lasting until midnight, the Hokey Pokey flawlessly executed (no McCallum family gathering is complete without the Hokey Pokey), the beer and wine flowing, the pies yummy, the sparklers sparkling – truly, every detail was just right!  It was a magical evening!

Of course, we had a fantastic photographer who captured all of the important moments and many of the whimsical ones, too.  We got a sneak peek of a few images on Facebook, and friends shared the photos they took, so we were able to wait patiently for the professional photos to arrive.  Then we got to see a few more images when Jennifer (the photographer) featured Kim and Blake in her blog.   And now we have them!  All 924 of them….  When I first watched the slideshow, it took an hour and a half!  Naturally, I watched it again, but made it go a bit faster the second time.  But now what?  What’s a mom to do with all of those photos?  Well, first, SHE has to get them…and I’m still waiting for my copies to load into Historian and play with in Artisan.  In the mean time…

My mind is full of possibilities!  Of course, a digital scrapbook (at least one) will be created.  But why stop there?  Here are a few things on my list so far:

  • a poster, perhaps a stylized photo of the bride and groom, with their names, the date, and the place on it
  • at least one photo panel
  • ornaments
  • a calendar featuring some of my favorite shots
  • coasters
  • other gift items – mugs and playing cards, maybe?
  • I’ll probably even swing for a special canvas print!

So many projects, so little time!  Thankfully, most of the projects listed above can be created quickly in Artisan and ordered straight from the Panstoria Print Shop, so I’ll be able to check off lots of those in short order.  At least, as soon as I get the digital images (hint, hint, Kim!!) so that I can get to work!  Here are a couple of pages that I made using images from the sneak peek.  I can promise you’ll be seeing more once I have those images on my computer!

Kim and Blake wedding 1Kim and Blake wedding 2#p2PArabianCamelBP

Content used: Cottage Arts Fresco 2 PP, Becoming You, and Beautiful You

Fonts used: LD Double Line and KG Love You Through It






Here’s another page I made using some of the photos my friend Dana took at the wedding:

Kim and Blake - Page 038
Content used on this page: Cottage Arts: Linens and Lace, Nature’s Sketchbook, Crop Freebie, Becoming You, Birds Bees Scrap Words, Birthday Cake, and Nature’s Sketchbook Linen
Fonts: Sorry…we’re closed and KG Ten Thousand Reasons

Oh, and one last thing, completely unrelated to the wedding.  I just wanted to thank Melissa Shanhun of Digital Scrapbooking HQ for inviting me to be a guest blogger on her blog today.  Thanks, Melissa, for helping spread the pixels2Pages digi love in Australia and beyond!


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14 Responses to Blog: You May Kiss the Bride

  1. Beverly Goodrich says:

    So pretty. I look forward to seeing more. <3

  2. Lindie says:

    Our photographer for our daughter’s wedding had almost 1000 pictures. However, he did not give us the digital copy that I had requested and I had to scan each picture into MM, with his permission of course. I did make a digital album, a traditional album, a Picfolio album and a photocard present for family. We had a wonderful time also with a 5 bagpipers and three drummers, and a sword arch with our Highland Regiment re-enactors and the Royal Guard from our local Renaissance Festival. Glad your daughter’s day went well and you will have many great memories for years to come. Love your pages and look forward to seeing the rest.

  3. gemofjules says:

    What a fabulous day. Loved seeing the pictures. Sorry I didn’t take the whole hour to slide show them, but scrolling through was a treat. Loved all the special words you used to describe the day. At least in writing a blog means your journaling is started for the album.

  4. Such a special time for you! These pages are stunning and I can’t wait to you fulfil the visions for the keepsakes turn out just perfectly.

    🙂 Melissa

  5. Leslie says:

    Congratulations proud Mama! I was so happy to see the day turn out perfect, and can completely relate to the excitement of what to do with all those photos – it prolongs the joy!

  6. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    awesome pictures!! good luck picking the ones for the album!!

  7. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    Loved your detailed journaling in your blog!!

  8. Sandy says:

    It looks like it was a glorious day. I love your enthusiasm and can’t wait to see more of the pictures now.

  9. pamela smith says:


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